Ways to Stay Connected (And Check On Seniors) While Social Distancing

(NewsUSA) – You know we’re all going a tad stir-crazy when a parody of the title song from Broadway’s "Oklahoma!" ("Oh, Corona!") gets almost 1.7 million views on YouTube. But it’s far worse for seniors: Not only can’t even their kids and grandkids visit them, but there’s the extra stress that comes with the nagging suspicion that they’ll be advised to remain on lockdown long after younger people begin trickling back to work.Whenever that is.In fact, the AARP Foundation has even come up with this dire comparison: Prolonged social isolation, for those aged 50 and older, "is the health equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day." Fortuitously, some of the niftiest technology offers solutions both to keep us connected and protect against some of the miscreants taking advantage of the situation.* Health Checks. If you are worried that all the anxiety is harming your loved ones’ overall well-being, the machine-learning algorithms that analyze activity data as part of Alarm.com’s Wellness solution can provide you with the very details you’ve suddenly found yourself obsessing about.Did they open their medicine cabinet when they should to take their prescription? Have their sleeping, eating, and (yes) bathroom patterns changed? Are they up and about during the day?All that and more is done by connecting their home to yours via smart-home technology, with real-time smartphone alerts to let you know if something’s amiss. "You don’t even know it’s there, but it’s here to protect you and let someone know if something does go wrong," said Margarete Pullen of Dallas, Texas, whose son had the system installed by an authorized service provider for her and her husband along with a Wellcam video camera with two-way voice capability.* Movie meet-ups. Most of us are just trying to find novel ways to cope with a situation that Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist and physician at Yale University, told Science magazine "calls on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionary hard-wired impulses for connection."Google’s new Netflix Party extension lets friends and family watch – and video chat their way through – a movie together on their computers. You’ll need a NetFlix subscription, but then you’re free to debate whether all the hype about Martin Scorsese’s "The Irishman," say, was justified. Plus, unlike in real theatres, not many people (if any) are physically there to complain if you’re making too much noise eating popcorn.* Apps! Apps! Apps! No NetFlix subscription? With apps like FaceTime, Skype, Houseparty and Zoom comes more proof that social distancing needn’t mean social disconnecting. Mass virtual dinner parties. Mass virtual "happy hours." Mass virtual gym classes. They’ve all become quite the rage, with one Vermont couple in their eighties even touchingly using Apple’s FaceTime to see and talk to each other after the husband had to be put in a nursing home that bars visitors during the pandemic.And, oh, you say you want to be a hero in your neighborhood? Use an app like Instagram to share a video of someone that Alarm.com’s doorbell cameras caught swiping one of the many, many packages you’ve been having delivered. 

Beauty Product Fans Embrace Power Serums

Five words or less(NewsUSA) -Anyone shopping for quality, natural skin care has many options, but customized serums are becoming the product of choice for those seeking fast, effective and individualized treatments for a range of skin health and beauty concerns.
The BABOR skin care product line, developed in 1956 in Germany by biochemist Dr. Michael Babor, has an established reputation of science-based skin care. Each item in the company’s latest line of Power Serum Ampoules is designed with advanced-strength active ingredients to address specific skin issues quickly and effectively with precision single doses of targeted ingredients.
“At BABOR, our highly innovative active formulations are carefully combined with our exclusive treatment methods to provide outstanding results and a uniquely indulgent experience,” according to the company website.
The new DOCTOR BABOR Power Serum Ampoule collection launched in January 2020 and features six products: Ceramides, Ferulic Acid, Growth Factor Concentrate, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, and Vitamin C. The collection continues the high standards and precision use of clinical ingredients for individualized skin care.
The Growth Factor serum is of particular interest to individuals seeking treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as maintaining the skins elasticity and firmness and preserve the cell’s optimal metabolic efficiency.
The serum contains two active ingredients, cyclopeptide and oligopeptide, that stimulate the skin’s natural growth factors and promote collagen and elastic production.
The Vitamin C serum is targeted to brighten the skin and protect against the development of age-related skin damage. The Hyaluronic Acid serum is formulated to help promote skin hydration, and the Retinol serum focuses on resurfacing, improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of pores.
The Ferulic Acid serum promotes skin regeneration and is engineered to support the skin’s natural defenses, and the Ceramides serum contains a blend of three skin ceramides that combine with the skin’s natural lipids to protect against moisture loss and promote skin barrier repair.
All BABOR products comply with the European Cosmetic Safety Standards. In addition, the Power Serum Ampoules contain no artificial colors, fragrances, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or gluten.
For more information about precision, targeted skin care and the BABOR skin care product line, visit BABOR.com.

Discover the Potential Immune-System Benefits of Vitamin D

(NewsUSA) – A healthy immune system is important at all times, but especially so in these days of the novel coronavirus and heightened awareness about the spread of germs.You can support a healthy immune system by eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising. Supplements with vitamins that support the immune system, such as vitamin D, may help, too. Sunlight remains a key source of vitamin D, but supplements may be increasingly beneficial as people are less able to get outside. This is especially true for those who live in the northern hemisphere.Vitamin D has the science to back up its potential as an immune- system support. In 2017, the British Medical Journal published a meta-analysis of 25 studies in which vitamin D showed the potential to protect against acute respiratory tract infections, especially among individuals who were also deficient in vitamin D.In addition, Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview with Fox News in March that taking a multivitamin containing vitamin D or a vitamin D supplement was good practice for overall health, and it certainly couldn’t hurt when it comes to helping to boost immune resistance to infection.However, not all vitamin D supplements are created equal. A vitamin D supplement must be easily absorbed by the body in order to provide much value. Many vitamin D supplements offer poorly absorbed forms of vitamin D in doses far too low to replenish a vitamin D deficit, much less offer therapeutic benefits for the immune system.It’s best to choose a supplement that includes vitamin D3, which is the most easily absorbed form of vitamin D, as well as Vitamin K2, such as the supplement produced by Lively Vitamin Co. Their product, Solar Power, combines vitamins D3 and K2 to provide the body with maximum therapeutic value. This combination improves total absorption rates and utilization in the body.A blend of these two vitamins is engineered to help promote a healthy immune system and cardiovascular health. But the benefits don’t stop there. Vitamin D3 supplements like Solar Power can also help the body absorb calcium and build stronger bones to help prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D even plays a role in regulating mood and helping to reduce seasonal depression.However, be sure to check for possible drug interactions with any prescription medications you are taking before you take vitamin D or other supplements.For more information about vitamin D and other ways to improve your health and boost your immunity, visit findyourhealthyplace.com.

Companies and Community Seek to Help Furloughed Workers

(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – The coronavirus has spread throughout the United States like wildfire. Workers are being furloughed, resulting in almost 17 million unemployment claims between March 15th and April 4th.To make matters worse, tornadoes are pummeling parts of the south leaving dozens dead, half a million people without power, and survivors with nowhere to go. In addition, fires have sprung up in seven different states, winter storms are raging from coast to coast, and severe rains are causing extensive flooding in Hawaii.It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful when it seems as if the whole world is imploding. But there is always a light in the darkness. People are coming together, supporting one another, and doing what they can to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.Nonprofits, charities, businesses, and organizations all over the United States have created emergency COVID-19 funds to support those who are struggling. During times of tragedy and strife, such as this pandemic, people are supporting each other in a way that is refreshing and welcomed during these stressful times.Recently, wealthy social media gurus, entrepreneurs, and moguls have taken to Twitter and Instagram to offer cash to their fans who are in need. For instance, Fashion company, Fashion Nova, has teamed up with Cardi B, pop and hip-hop sensation, to give away $1000 every hour to those who apply on the Fashion Nova website until May 20th.Celebrities are creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the #ALLINCHALLENGE, raffling experiences to those who buy entry, or auctioning off their priceless possessions, all in the name of charity. Mark Cuban is raffling a one-day contract to play in the NBA.The United States federal government has also provided American taxpayers with a one-time payment of $1,200 to ease the economic strain that COVID-19 has had on the economy. This is just the tip of an iceberg of support that has emerged due to the initial economic downturn caused by COVID-19.The point being that all over the world, people and organizations are looking for ways to help others.To that end, CashForCars.com has consolidated as many resources and lists of resources as possible to help those seeking relief from COVID-19’s impact in a single blog post.CashForCars.com is a car-buying company that wants to aid the nearly 200 communities that it serves with one of their largest debt obligations – their car payments.The #CashForCarPayments sweepstakes will provide financial relief for those who are struggling to pay their car loan payments on time due to the impact of COVID-19.Anyone can enter to win $400 cash that they can use towards their next car payment. The only requirement is to submit a photo from social media of your car with a short comment using the specific hashtag #CashForCarPayments.More information on how to enter can be found at cashforcars.com/cashforcarpayments.

Screen Time App Sets Safe Boundaries

(NewsUSA) – A consequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is that children are spending more time with screens than ever before. Schools request online class meetings, while working parents find themselves turning to other educational sites and games to keep kids entertained during extended time at home.Although the increase in screen time is expected, and in many ways necessary, the risks of excessive device use remain, and experts remind parents to monitor the nature of children’s screen time and use of digital devices.The OurPact app offers a family screen time management solution that is now available for free to help families manage technology use during the coronavirus crisis.OurPact provides web filters, device usage schedules, screen time "allowances," and the ability to whitelist educational apps during designated "school hours." Parents set management preferences for each child, and OurPact controls the devices. The app also allows parents to remotely block or grant access to the internet or apps on devices their children are using, which provides an added level of convenience for busy families."We recognize that parents need our solution now, more than ever," says Amir Moussavian, the founder and CEO of OurPact."Digital devices will be critical to navigating through this crisis, but so too will be routine, structure, and boundaries – especially for younger kids. This is our way of helping families maintain some balance and stability over the coming months," he emphasizes.The OurPact app is designed for parents with children 3 to 13 years of age, and allows parents to help their children understand the safe use of technology and establish healthy online habits.The app is engineered for easy use, and customer support is available seven days a week.OurPact is offering its premium subscription service at no charge for three months, and its cross-platform and cross-network design is compatible with iOS and Android devices.Other features of OurPact include blocking texting through preset schedules to avoid distractions during homework or meal times, and a family locator that allows users to find a lost device or keep tabs on children’s safety.Visit OurPact.com for a demo and to sign up for the OurPact app, or search for OurPact on the Apple store or Google play

What to Do if You Have A Vaccine Injury

(NewsUSA) – Currently, 16 vaccines are covered under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) in the United States: influenza, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, rubella, human papillomavirus, meningitis, diphtheria, chicken pox, polio, rotavirus, haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and the pneumonia conjugate vaccine.Some of the more common injuries associated with vaccination are anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction), vasovagal syncope (fainting), and SIRVA (shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration).To be eligible for compensation through the VICP, injuries must be deemed severe, defined as symptoms lasting for at least six months or that have caused you to go to a hospital for surgery, or have resulted in death.Vaccine injuries are defined as developing a new illness or aggravating an illness or condition that you already have as a result of receiving a vaccine.Individuals can file VICP claims on behalf of themselves, a dependent child, or on behalf of the estate of someone whose death was determined to have been associated with a vaccine injury.Potential types of compensation the VICP offers for vaccine-related injuries include medical or habilitative expenses not otherwise covered by your health insurance or another program; pain and suffering; and compensation for lost wages if you are unable to work or earn as much as before the injury.Individuals who want to pursue a case of vaccine injury should team up with an experienced attorney advocate to file a claim. Specialized legal teams such as those at Sands Anderson can guide you through the process of filing a claim with the VICP and navigating through the process.Approximately 80 percent of VICP claims are resolved through negotiated settlements, although some cases do proceed to a formal trial.If you or a loved one might have experienced an injury associated with vaccination, visit vaccineinjurylegalteam.com for more information.

Phyto-C Skin Care Serum Helps Restore Damaged Skin

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – It’s common knowledge that excessive skin exposure, not only to the sun but also to environmental pollutants, can promote inflammation and lead to skin damage.
But Phyto-C Skin Care, a scientifically-based skin care company, combines the latest pharmaceutical science with natural antioxidants to develop skin care products that help restore and protect the skin.
Phyto-C Selenium in C Serum is engineered to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin health, and protect the skin against future damage.
The serum includes a blend of clinically-tested antioxidants, notably selenium and vitamin C, both of which have demonstrated skin care benefits.
Selenium works in part by neutralizing free radicals and other compounds that can damage the skin, which can help prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin C component of the serum helps improve skin discoloration caused by environmental exposure and promotes an even skin tone. Additional key ingredients in the serum include vitamin A to encourage the production of new, healthy skin cells, and vitamin E for its hydrating and antioxidant properties.
In addition to improving the appearance of photodamaged skin, the serum is formulated to help brighten the skin and can be used to treat areas of scarring and stretch marks.
The Selenium in Vitamin C Serum formula is supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute for the prevention of ultraviolet-induced skin cancer. The product is lightweight and designed for quick and easy skin absorption.
Phyto-C Skin Care was founded by Dr. Mostafa Omar, who pioneered the development of the form of topical vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) that can be used in skin care products.
“It’s not how many products we’ve sold, it’s how many people we’ve helped,” Dr. Omar says on the company website.
The website also reflects the company’s customer vision “to empower, restore, and instill confidence in all those who have lost it due to their embarrassing skin imperfections.”
Phyto-C products are available in more than 21 countries and are appropriate for all skin types. Each product has undergone testing in clinical studies.
For more information on Phyto-C and skin care, visit phyto-c.com.

Five Facts: Contact Lenses, Glasses & COVID-19

(NewsUSA) – It’s a common question: can I wear my contact lenses during the COVID-19 pandemic? New research led by the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) is helping the billions of people who rely on contact lenses or glasses take care of their eyes, dispelling coronavirus myths.Dr. Lyndon Jones, CORE’s director and the world’s most-published expert in contact lens research, offers these valuable tips for healthy vision.1. You Can Keep Wearing Contact Lenses.There is currently no scientific evidence that contact lens wearers have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 compared with glasses wearers. As always, you should consult your own eye doctor with any specific questions.2. Good Hygiene Habits are Critical.Thorough handwashing and drying are essential. Properly wear and care for your contact lenses, making sure you practice good contact-lens-case hygiene. Also, regularly clean your glasses with soap and water. These habits can help you stay healthy and out of your doctor’s office or the hospital.3. Regular Eyeglasses Do Not Provide Protection.There is no scientific evidence to support rumors that everyday glasses offer protection against COVID-19.4. Keep Unwashed Hands Away from Your Face.Whether you wear contact lenses, glasses or require no vision correction at all, you should avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes with unwashed hands. This is consistent with World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.5. If You Are Sick, Temporarily Stop Wearing Contact Lenses.If you are ill, temporarily stop wearing your contacts and use your glasses instead. Once you return to full health and have spoken with your eye doctor, you can start again. Make sure to use new contact lenses and a new lens case.The five facts are now available with other eye- health recommendations at COVIDEyeFacts.org. They are central to a new peer-reviewed paper authored by Dr. Jones and four other prominent eye scientists, published in the research journal Contact Lens & Anterior Eye.”Our findings indicate that contact lenses remain a perfectly acceptable form of vision correction during the coronavirus pandemic. People need to remember to practice good hand hygiene and follow appropriate wear-and-care directions, as instructed by their eye doctor,” says Dr. Jones. “There has been considerable misinformation circulating about wearing contact lenses and glasses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to make sure that science-backed truths are understood and shared, replacing fear with fact.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidance on contact lens wear during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting key findings from the CORE-led research. The CDC also points out that personal eyeglasses and contact lenses do not qualify as personal protective equipment.The Centre for Ocular Research & Education was established in 1988 at the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry & Vision Science in Ontario, Canada. Since then, CORE has been at the heart of many prominent advances in eye health, including medical devices, ocular pharmaceuticals, and digital technologies.

If You’re Holding Out for A Hero, INSP’s John Wayne Movie Marathon May Help

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – These days, everyone is looking for, and finding heroes in our communities and our world. General entertainment television network INSP, whose tagline is “Heroes Live Here,” may have what you need with their Duke Days of May, a special programming event which features the films of John Wayne, aka “The Duke.”
“In times of uncertainty, people gravitate towards heroic characters who overcome adversity. For some, there is no one who embodies this more than the iconic John Wayne,” says Doug Butts, SVP of Programming for INSP, a network with a focus on action, adventure, and heroic characters.
“This May will mark the sixth year that we have devoted a month of weekends to a mix of The Duke’s most popular and beloved films, which has become an extremely popular and successful event for our network,” according to Butts.
The INSP network regularly features a reliable lineup of exclusive and original series, along with timeless Western films and action-filled dramas. Original series include the popular reality show, “The Cowboy Way,” which follows the adventures of three modern-day cowboys and their families, and “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown,” a competition series in which modern-day cowboys, men and women, put their real-world skills to the test in a range of events. The series is hosted by country music icon Trace Adkins.
In addition, the network airs classic Western-themed fare, including “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza,” as well as the family-friendly Depression-era drama, “The Waltons.”
The Duke Days of May playlist includes: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” “Big Jake,” “Hondo,” “3 Godfathers,” “Rio Lobo, ” “The War Wagon,” “The Undefeated,” “McLintock!,” “The Quiet Man,” “North to Alaska,” “The Fighting Kentuckian,” and “Angel and the Badman.”
Themes of honor, courage, and loyalty in these classic and action-packed films can provide a great opportunity to escape and unwind with the Duke and famous co-stars, including Jimmy Stewart (“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”), Kurt Russell (“The War Wagon”). and Maureen O’Hara (“The Quiet Man.”)
The Duke Days of May event kicks off on Friday, May 1, at 8:00 p.m. EST. Visit insp.com for more information on how to find the INSP network in your area.

Arousing Admiration: The Charm of Hummingbirds

(NewsUSA) – Well, actually, it’s both … the charm of hummingbirds is most certainly apropos and "a charm" of hummingbirds is actually factual! Yep, that’s right, the collective noun for these unique creatures – just like a gaggle of geese or a flock of birds, is a charm of hummingbirds. Since the definition of the noun ‘charm’ is "the power of giving delight or arousing admiration," one doesn’t need to be a wordsmith to see how right that is. Hummingbirds are charming. And there are over 330 varieties of the species, Trochilidae, which is their biological family name and they’re found in the Western Hemisphere. When one sees a hummingbird, it’s a stunning, stop-in-your-tracks sight. Their brilliant throat color is actually a result of the iridescence in the arrangement of their feathers, not color pigment. Light level, moisture, angle of viewing and other factors all influence just how bright and colorful their throats may appear. Perhaps you’ve heard them, too – the name hummingbird comes from the buzzing sound of their fast-flapping wings.Hummers are migrant birds, so although many stay close to the Equator, lots of varieties travel this time of year, so there may be a ‘charm’ coming to your backyard soon. If you have the desire to see one up close or are curious about how to attract them to your yard, the folks at Cole’s Wild Bird Feed Co have got you covered. First, they figured out the engineering of an elegant, deceptively simple, easy-to-use (and easy-to-clean!) feeder. The patented Hummer High Rise has a clever design that offers a stress-free position for your charming guests to get their fill, a fantastic 360-degree vista, all the while keeping other unwanted creatures at bay.For example there’s an ant moat that stops the armies of industrious workers who’d love to get some sweet nectar, from beating a path to the liquid food. The genius is, it’s an actual moat, with nothing but H2O keeping the ants at bay, so while it does its job, it doesn’t do harm. Nice! A charm magnet. The second definition for the noun ‘charm’ is a small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet. Hummingbirds weigh on average the same as a nickel, so while you’ll want to wear a replica from the jewelers, Hummers can be your own garden’s jewelry all season long.And in return for their arousing your admiration, they’ll feed on those annoying garden insects and pests. For their small size, hummers eat a lot. They are voracious eaters, feeding on mosquitos, gnats, spiders, aphids and other six-legged creepy crawlers. But, besides pests for protein, their primary ‘food group’ is nectar, which they get in by flitting from flower to flower and using their long beaks and equally long tongues to get their fill. All that flitting is exhausting!Since hummingbirds drink up to half their body weight a day of nectar you can help them out by keeping your High Rise fully stocked, for a one-stop fill of their favorite nectar treat.Let’s not leave out the definition of the verb, "charm," which is to "delight greatly." If you want these Disney-esque caricatures to delight you on a regular basis with their wonder – and bring their distinctive song to your yard – there is something you can buy: the creme-de la creme of what these charmers crave: Nature’s Garden from Cole’s.By identifying and harnessing the nutrients of the hummer’s favorite wildflowers, and tapping their vast store of wild bird knowhow, Cole’s has created the next-best-thing to actual flower nectar – a proprietary formula that’s far and away a cut above your ‘garden-variety’ sugar water. Nature’s Garden is a healthy, all-natural alternative to homemade syrup, no mixing and no boiling required. It comes in an eco-friendly soft pouch; just shake and pour. You’ll be delighted with how easy it is to keep your hummer feeder filled and overjoyed at seeing hummers frequent your yard. Your neighborhood hummingbirds will love it, so they’ll keep coming back.A brief postscript: a natural predator to the hummingbird is the praying mantis. Despite their equally small size and saintly appearance, they feed on our fascinating feathered friends and are a real threat (and a protected species), so if you find a mantis hanging around your High Rise, take care to evict it gently, to a lower piece of real estate and keep hummers safe.For more product information, watch this.