Poppy Day Honors Military Past and Present

(NewsUSA) -Memorial Day is approaching, and this year there is something simple that everyone can do to honor past and present military personnel — wear or display a red poppy.The simple red poppy flower has symbolized military sacrifice since World War I, but National Poppy Day (the Friday before Memorial Day) got its start in 2017 by an act of Congress.The choice of the poppy was inspired by the poem, "In Flanders Fields," written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, M.D. while serving on the front line in World War I in Europe. Since then, the poppy has become a symbol to raise awareness and recognize the sacrifices of military personnel and their families.The American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans service organization that includes nearly 2 million members worldwide, adopted the poppy as the official memorial flower in 1920, and began a national poppy distribution program associated with Memorial Day in 1924."National Poppy Day is a time to honor every member of the Armed Forces who died in the name of liberty, freedom and democracy," says James W. Oxford, national commander of The American Legion."Wearing this symbolic red flower shows your support of veterans for generations to come."Everyone can participate in National Poppy Day. Wear a poppy or a poppy-themed item, such as a pin, t-shirt, bracelet or a poppy sticker, and tell people what it means. Share poppies with friends, family and colleagues. Accept a poppy and make a donation if you see members of The American Legion Family distributing poppies."Each year, members of the American Legion Family, led by the American Legion Auxiliary, distribute poppies with a request for a donation," says Nicole Clapp, national president of The American Legion Auxiliary."All donations received are then used by The American Legion Family to support the future of local veterans, active-duty military personnel and their families with medical and financial needs."This year, National Poppy Day takes place on Friday, May 28.For those on social media, share your military stories or poppy photos, and use the hashtag, #PoppyDay #LegionFamily.Visit poppydayusa.org for more information about National Poppy Day, to purchase poppy-themed items, or to donate to The American Legion. 

From COVID to Migraines, FDA Cleared Device Provides Non-Drug Safe Pain Relief

(NewsUSA) – Persistent migraines and cluster headaches disrupt the lives, careers, and families of many people who struggle to find relief from debilitating pain. Migraine is one of the world’s most common health conditions, affects roughly 39 million people in the United States, making it the sixth most prevalent illness in the world according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Burden of Disease study. In addition, recent studies on symptoms of "long-haul" Covid-19 states that migraine is a common long-term effect of the illness.Common symptoms of migraines include a throbbing pain or pulsing sensation on one side of the head, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound, according to the Mayo Clinic.Medications can provide some relief, but many come with side effects that can be as bad as the headaches themselves, and invasive procedures carry additional risks for complicationsFew effective options are available for migraine and cluster headache sufferers. Some patients try non-traditional therapies such as biofeedback, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, and herbal remedies, but success is limited, according to research.However, evidence suggests that stimulation of the vagus nerve, a large nerve that helps the body regulate pain, can provide relief from migraines and cluster headaches.The benefits of vagus nerve stimulation are especially notable for populations seeking safe, simple, drug-free treatments, such as adolescents and veterans."Over time, we have learned about the incredible power of the vagus nerve," says Peter Staats, MD, chief medical officer at the National Spine and Pain Centers and chief medical officer of electroCore, the makers of the gammaCore device."We achieved a technical breakthrough in 2010 when we developed the ability to administer vagus nerve stimulation non-invasively by delivering a proprietary signal through the skin to either the right or the left branches of the vagus nerve in the neck," he says.Kerrie Smyres began using gammaCore in June 2016. With it, she went from getting a migraine attack every time she ate to being able to eat anything she wanted without an attack. "I was also able to go from barely working to working full-time and have been able to stop taking all my preventive migraine medications and rarely use abortive medications."The gammaCore Sapphire™is a handheld, non-invasive device that uses gentle electrical stimulation to activate the vagus nerve. The device, which has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment and prevention of migraines and cluster headaches, is available with a doctor’s prescription.Using the device is a simple, three-step process that patients can do at home or on the go. First, find the spot on your neck near your pulse to activate the vagus nerve. Next, apply the accompanying gel to the stimulation surfaces, turn it on, and place it on the neck. Finally, adjust the intensity to a comfortable level, holding in place for a 2-minute stimulation.For more details, please visit gammaCore.com. A Headache Discussion Guide may be helpful to share with your healthcare provider.gammaCore Sapphire™ (nVNS) is indicated for use in adult patients for the preventive treatment of cluster headache, the acute treatment of pain associated with episodic cluster headache, and the acute and preventive treatment of migraine in adolescent (age 12 and older) and adult patients.Important Safety Information

Explore the Next Generation of Immune System Support

(NewsUSA) – A healthy immune system has always been important, but now more than ever, the best products for immune system support are those that boost both respiratory health and heart health.Consumers looking to make their immune system as strong as possible need to know about several key ingredients that support immune system function at both the heart and respiratory levels.Most products have been designed to support the immune system by providing the recommended amounts of daily vitamins and minerals to help protect against colds and the flu. Only a few manufacturers have formulated products to meet today’s challenging environment. These unique products are engineered to promote respiratory and heart health, to help protect against viruses, and to support the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and speed recovery."It’s like upgrading a black and white TV to a high-definition flat screen color TV," says Dr. James Rouse, a naturopathic family doctor and consultant to BergaMet North America, a manufacturer of exclusive natural supplements.The Clinical IMMUNE™ supplement product is revolutionizing the immune industry by combining 11 key ingredients including BetaVia™ Complete and Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ that focus directly on respiratory and heart heath. BetaVia™ is a patented proprietary form of beta glucans that has been clinically proven to lower respiratory symptoms up to 80%, and Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™ has more than 17 clinical trials that confirm a unique ability to support healthy cardiovascular systems including but not limited to cholesterol and blood sugar."We know from the clinical trials that Clinical IMMUNE works. It offers three levels of support: the three P’s, Protection, Prevention and Propel," says Dr. Rouse. "With the three P’s, the immune system recovers faster and stronger," Dr. Rouse explains. "I speak with so many people who are exhausted and stressed with today’s overwhelming challenges. My recommendation is to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones by strengthening your immune system."Mique, a mother, wife and entrepreur from Colorado says, "I decided to try Clinical IMMUNE for my family and myself. Within days, we noticed that our sinuses and lungs felt clearer. She adds, "I checked with my doctor and I am told that the combination of ingredients in Clinical IMMUNE can be effective immediately," she adds.Clinical IMMUNE also contains other key ingredients to promote a strong immune system including vitamins C, D, E, and B, as well as zinc and selenium. The addition of natural immune-system boosters alpha lipoic acid, L-glutamine, and olive leaf extract also help defend the body against free radicals and support a healthy metabolism.Clinical IMMUNE is free of wheat, gluten, fish, egg, dairy, and lactose, and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.Visit tryclinicalimmune.com for more information about the supplement or call 1-855-556-2131 for more details. The BergaMet North America stock symbol is HYEX.

New Book, “NO SUGAR IN ME,” Takes on Sugar and Targets Better Health

Five words or less(NewsUSA) People across the globe are consuming more sugar than ever. The fallout of this worldwide added, processed, and refined sugar addiction comes at a very high price — our health. Brad Woodgate, self-made serial entrepreneur and nutrition industry expert, is taking on sugar with his first book: “No Sugar in Me,” which was just published earlier this month.
“Sugar consumption is out of control and has become a health concern for everyone — it’s addictive and completely detrimental to our health,” says Woodgate, CEO and Founder of No Sugar Company. “This book is my effort to help people struggling with their sugar dependency. In my 21 years in the health and nutrition industry, I’ve never seen anything worse than refined sugar.”
Over the years, the author has turned a $30,000 investment into over $1 billion in sales. Having launched several successful companies over the past 21 years in the health and wellness space, he has managed over 500 employees, launched over 700 products, and distributed to more than 50 countries.

BookBites: Mike Bond’s Historical Saga “America” Is a Coming-of-Age Masterpiece

(NewsUSA)"A masterful storyteller." -Sacramento Bee"One of the 21st Century’s most exciting authors." -Washington Times"Mike Bond’s books are a national treasure." -Art Zuckerman, WVOXAmericaBestselling author Mike Bond is best known for his thrillers. His "Pono Hawkins" series, along with his novels of international espionage and military action, have garnered him much critical acclaim over the years.Then he surprised us in 2018 with a volume of poetry, "The Drum that Beats Within Us," which spanned a wide range of subjects, from breathtaking studies of wilderness and the natural world, to the intimate corners of the human heart, and outward into life’s biggest existential questions.Mike Bond has done it again, focusing his formidable talents on yet another genre: the historical novel. "America" (Big City Press) is the first of a planned seven-volume series "capturing the transformations and heartbreaks of the last 70 years, and of our nation’s most profound upheavals since the Civil War — a time that defined the end of the 20th Century and where we are today." It’s a wildly ambitious project.FOUR FRIENDS SWEPT INTO TURBULENCE OF THE 1960sMike BondSet in the ’60s around Nyack, NY, four kids from disparate backgrounds grow up together.Troy, an orphan living at the local Boy’s Home, luckily meets Mick, who has a happy home life on a farm with his parents and sister Tara. He is later adopted by Mick’s family. Tara, Mick’s little sister and the girl Troy grows to love, takes off to become a rock star, mostly singing the blues like a young Janis Joplin.Troy eventually joins the service, with his goal to explore the world of flight and outer space, encouraged by an exuberant and idealistic young president aiming to get us to the moon. Mick becomes a rebel who questions the war in Vietnam. His girlfriend Daisy ends up moving away with her abusive father and a mother who is brutalized every day. She escapes to join the Peace Corps and eventually to study the human mind.America brings to mind classic coming-of-age masterpieces such as "Look Homeward, Angel" by Thomas Wolfe. The characters are so vivid and alive, you think you’re reading about old friends and recalling fond memories of youth.These are young people transformed by their times, by the emergence of the pill and sexual liberation, drugs and, of course, rock music. They are both witness and catalyst as America evolves from a post-World War II nation to a place where women’s rights, civil rights, riots, soul searching, burning cities and bra-burning shake the country’s cultural and political foundations to the core.We now wonder if this generation had any impact in changing America for the better in the ’60s, or if its struggles continue today, evolved but not solved. Think Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March on Washington and the environmental movement. We wonder if the youth of today will have to fight the same fights for the same rights all over again. It would behoove them to read this book.BookBites is presented by BookTrib.com.

BookBites: A Potpourri of Help and Support, Fiction and Lessons for Children

(NewsUSA)The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage"The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage"
by Bonnie AddarioThe words "lung cancer" strike fear in all of us. But where is the hope? It can be found in "The Living Room," by Bonnie Addario, a 17-year survivor of stage 3B lung cancer and a determined activist on behalf of patients suffering from the disease. "The Living Room" tells the stories of 20 lung cancer patients who have bravely fought the disease and found ways to thrive, not just to survive.The people you will meet in "The Living Room" will lead you to believe that miracles are all around us, that they’re happening every day, and that they just might happen to the next cancer patient who picks up this book. Purchase at https://amzn.to/2LUl3pTAttachments"Attachments"
by Jeff ArchAt a boarding school in Pennsylvania, a deathbed request from the school’s dean brings three former students back to campus, where secrets and betrayals from the past are brought out into the open — secrets that could have a catastrophic effect on the dean’s 18-year-old son.Told in alternating points of view and time frames, "Attachments" is the story of two best friends and the girl they both love. The book is a puzzle — and the only one who knows how all the pieces fit is in a coma. Revelations come out into the open, and someone is about to learn something he may or may not be able to handle. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3vs8dQG.
Don't Say a Word! A Daughter's Two Cents"Don’t Say a Word! A Daughter’s Two Cents"
by Elizabeth Roper MarcusFor the over 44-million adult children in America whose parents are driving them crazy and for baby boomers who are laughing about it, this is one of the few complete comic narratives that plumb the emotional challenges involved, as we navigate the line between anguish and laughter, rage and love."Don’t Say A Word!" illuminates the maddening challenge of watching our parents’ final decline, a challenge familiar to frazzled adult-children everywhere.A perpetually warring, tyrannical pair in their 80s — a Macy’s dress buyer and a dentist — begin wintering in Mexico.?The surprising ways in which these parents come undone reveal just what they’d spent their lives trying to hide, thereby setting her free. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3pjc7sT.The Magic Pond"The Magic Pond"
by Hélene Schweiger"There is a silver lining to every cloud." That is the motto of author Hélene Schweiger, who presents us with a tale about courage, adventure, and the magic of friendship, geared for children as well as adults. As we all go through difficult experiences and changes in our lives, the message in this story helps see the strength we have in ourselves to become who we truly are.The author loves nature and sees beauty everywhere. She uses storytelling on a daily basis as a perfect way to convey messages to children and adults, helping children become the wonderful adults they have the potential to be. Purchase at https://amzn.to/35wRHVa.BookBites is presented by BookTrib.com.

Time to Rethink Your CV Risk

(NewsUSA) – Are you doing all you can to reduce your risk? Research shows people with elevated #triglycerides have 35% more cardiovascular events compared to people with normal triglyceride levels who are on statins. Fish oil dietary supplements and some commonly used medications, like fibrates, are not recommended or approved to reduce risk and may not offer the protection you are looking for. Talk with your doctor and get the facts about triglycerides. Visit http://bit.ly/NationalTGDay to learn more! See full-sized image here

Yes, You Can Recycle Milk and Other Cartons

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – One of the lingering images of the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States is store shelves stripped clean of paper products — mainly paper towels and toilet paper.
Fortunately, supply chains have rebounded, but consumers can help combat future paper product shortages by recycling not only paper, but cartons used for milk, juice, soup, and other food or beverage products.
Much of the information consumers receive about recycling can be confusing, according to the Carton Council of North America, an organization composed of carton manufacturers such as Elopak, Evergreen Packaging, SIG Combibloc, and Tetra Pak.
A national survey conducted by the Carton Council found that an overwhelming majority of consumers (95 percent) are supportive of recycling and 58 percent say the circumstances of 2020 and the pandemic have made them feel it’s more important to recycle now than it was before.
However, only about a third of consumers say they thought recycling might help with shortages of toilet paper and paper towels. In fact, one ton of paper made from recycled fibers instead of virgin fibers conserves not only 7,000 gallons of water, but also 17 to 31 trees, 4,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and 60 pounds of air pollutants, according to the Carton Council.
“It’s great to see that people are recognizing the importance of recycling, but we need to remain diligent,” says Carla Fantoni, vice president of communications for the Carton Council of North America and for Tetra Pak Americas.
“We need to reinforce the connection between recycling and creating new products to consumers, showing why it’s so important to recycle and the benefits,” Fantoni adds.
For example, a persistent myth about cartons (a multi-layer package) is that they can’t be recycled or are too difficult to recycle.
However, cartons can be recycled and contain the highest quality paper fibers in the recycling stream, and they are used by paper mills to make new materials including paper towels and toilet paper.
Recycling cartons is easy, according to the Carton Council. Just make sure milk, juice or other cartons are empty: no need to spend time washing them. Caps can be left on, and small straws that accompany juice boxes can be pushed inside the carton before dropping it in the recycling bin.
Visit RecycleCartons.com for more information about carton recycling.

Women’s Hearts Need Attention

(NewsUSA) – Although COVID-19 continues to grab the health headlines, women in particular should not lose sight of a chronic problem — heart disease.Heart disease is the number one killer of women, but many women, whether they are wives, mothers, CEOs, or all of the above, tend to put others’ health and well-being ahead of their own, and may ignore symptoms. Symptoms of this disease are often different for women than men, so women may not know what to look for.According to the Mayo Clinic, women are more likely than men to report heart attack symptoms that are not related to chest pain, including shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, pain in one or both arms, unusual tiredness, and indigestion. These symptoms are easily missed, as most people associate heart attacks with crushing chest pain.Younger women may be surprised to learn that they are at risk as well.Women younger than 65 years, need to know the risk factors, too, especially those with a family history of heart disease, according to Dr. Neschochi Okeke, MD, a practicing physician in New York City and an expert in women’s health."Being aware of their unique heart disease symptoms is the first step towards prevention," says Dr. Okeke. Once women know the risks, they can continue to reduce them by making healthy lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, managing stress, and taking medications as prescribed.Women also may benefit from supplements designed to support heart health, especially the ingredient citrus bergamot, which has been shown in 17 clinical trials to support heart health. Not all bergamot is the same, so women should be sure they are getting the highest quality bergamot — citrus bergamot — in health products.Grown only in a small valley in Italy, citrus bergamot is different from the bergamot that many people associate with licorice candy or Earl Grey tea. In fact, citrus bergamot can help promote and maintain healthy arteries and healthy cholesterol levels, both of which can reduce a woman’s risk of heart disease."Complementary support is critical these days as part of any woman’s journey to overall health and well-being, especially as people recognize the importance of a strong immune system, " says Dr. James Rouse, a naturopathic family doctor and consultant to BergametNA, a producer of natural supplements featuring citrus bergamot.The HerHeart supplement product for women from BergametNA contains Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™, a unique high-quality citrus bergamot with a 47% BPF (bergamot polyphenol fraction) concentration (the highest available in North America and exclusive to BergametNA), along with other ingredients, damiana and MACA (also known as Peruvian Gold) that have been shown to help support overall health. HerHeart also supports women’s health by promoting balanced hormones, which can help ease a range of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, irregular metabolism, and low energy.Visit tryherheart.com for more information about the supplement, and visit Bergametna.com or call 1-855-556-2131 for more details about other Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™ products for better health. The BergametNA stock symbol is HYEX

Feeling The Burn: Self-Care for Heartburn

(NewsUSA) – After a year like no other, we are beginning to see glimpses of a return to our pre-pandemic lives. Public health guidance and scientific advances mean we are trickling back into our favorite restaurants, joining together to share meals, and toasting to a year of missing family and friends.But these celebrations come with their fair share of greasy foods and bubbly beverages. And unfortunately, our favorite indulgences often bring an all-too-familiar side effect: heartburn.Also known as acid reflux, heartburn can be a miserable experience: the burning sensation in your chest or throat may start after finishing a meal and last for hours afterwards. Other symptoms can include a hot, sour, or acidic fluid feeling in the back of your throat, as well as a lingering cough, sore throat, or hoarse voice. May is Digestive Disease Awareness Month so it’s a great time to learn about self-care for heartburn.If you experience heartburn, you’re not alone: more than one in four adults have occasional heartburn with symptoms occurring at least once a week. And for some people, frequent heartburn is a struggle, with symptoms re-occurring even more often."Stress and unhealthy eating are two major causes of digestive symptoms including heartburn, and right now, my patients are experiencing both" says Dr. Michael Kreines of the Ohio Gastroenterology & Liver Institute. "With so many treatment options available for different types of heartburn, it can be tricky to know which option is best for you."The first step to managing your heartburn is to take a look at your lifestyle choices. "It can be tempting to overindulge since we’ve gone so long without a reason to celebrate. But if you are prone to experiencing heartburn, it’s important to avoid common triggers such as fatty and greasy foods and alcohol," says Kreines.In addition to smart food choices, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can be a safe and effective way to help alleviate heartburn symptoms. For occasional heartburn symptoms, Dr. Kreines recommends OTC antacids (such as Gaviscon, Mylanta, or TUMS) or H2 blockers (such as PEPCID or Tagamet)."If you suffer from heartburn two or more days per week, you may benefit from OTC proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs," says Kreines. "PPIs — which include brand names Nexium 24HR, Prevacid 24HR, Prilosec OTC or Zegrid OTC — are specifically indicated to treat symptoms of frequent heartburn."The right treatment depends on the frequency and cause of your heartburn symptoms. Always talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions, or if you are struggling with more chronic or severe cases of heartburn. They can properly diagnose heartburn and other conditions."Whatever you do, don’t ignore your heartburn symptoms," says Dr. Kreines. "In addition to causing significant pain, if left untreated, the stomach acid that causes heartburn can damage the esophagus — known as GERD."Your return to normal doesn’t have to mean a return to heartburn symptoms. Be aware of your treatment options to keep heartburn at bay. To learn more, visit www.KnowYourOTCs.org. Created by the CHPA Educational Foundation, the site serves as a resource to help you navigate the OTC aisle when treating heartburn or other symptoms.