Fuel Your Adventures with Great Coffee on The Road

(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News -Whether you are in a hotel room, at your desk, in an RV, or by a campfire, it can be difficult to get a good cup of coffee away from home. With the holiday travel season in full swing, travelers are wondering how best to enjoy their morning java while on the go.Most away-from-home coffee options have major drawbacks. Hotel room coffee makers are convenient and cheap, but the coffee they brew means a major compromise on taste. Local cafes often offer good coffee, but the cost of all those to-go cups can really add up. Existing travel coffee presses offer a way to brew while on the go, but they typically brew slowly and therefore brew a bitter and very acidic cup.Travelers benefit from being able to brew delicious coffee quickly and easily wherever they are. Luckily there is a perfect way to do just that. The AeroPress Go travel coffee press brews up to three cups of delicious hot or cold brew coffee that is richer, smoother, and lower in acidity than coffee brewed by other travel presses. Simply add ground coffee and water, stir briskly, press, and enjoy a cup of hot or cold brew coffee in just a minute or two.The AeroPress Go travels self- contained in its own mug with a lid, making it easy to fit in a suitcase, in a desk, with camping gear, in an RV or in a backpack. It is compact, lightweight, and durable, making it easy to transport. And it cleans up in just a few seconds with a quick rinse.The AeroPress Go’s ability to make cold brew coffee is a big additional advantage because it can be used where there is no access to hot water. Wherever you go, there is almost always a source of water, but often no way to heat it. Use the AeroPress Go to join the hot new trend of drinking coffee that’s an amazingly smooth, rich cold brew. With the AeroPress Go, it’s easy to brew a cup of cold brew using unheated water in about two minutes.Visit https://aeropress.com/ for more information about how to brew great coffee on the road. 

Taking Time to Reflect on The Needs of The Family Caregiver

(NewsUSA) – As loved ones begin to age, many will take on the honorable role of becoming a caregiver. However, caring for an older adult can be time-consuming, reducing the ability to address your own needs. In fact, Home Instead Senior Care found that 63 percent of family caregivers said caring for their aging loved ones made it more difficult to care for themselves.With this in mind, Home Instead encourages caregivers to take a minute to recognize and embrace their own feelings and needs. It can be difficult to watch your aging parent or loved one go through the trials of getting older without it taking a toll on your own health. It’s natural to feel anxious, guilty or sad as a family caregiver. In fact, 53 percent of family caregivers admit to feelings of major depression.That is why it’s critical to find a balance between your caregiving responsibilities and your personal needs. When you’re on a plane, flight attendants always emphasize that, in the case of an emergency, adults should secure their own oxygen masks before helping children. This is because the adult won’t be able to help if they do not have the strength themselves.Taking care of an older adult is similar: it’s not selfish to take care of yourself first so you are well enough to take care of them.If you or someone you know is feeling the pressure of being a family caregiver, here are some tips from Lakelyn Hogan, Home Instead Senior Care gerontologist and caregiver advocate, to help overcome the feelings that can get in the way of enjoying time spent with family.* Identify and accept feelings of guilt. Recognize that feelings of guilt are common – so common, in fact, that 85 percent of caregivers have reported such feelings have taken a toll on their mental health.* Find support. Go to supportive family and friends to talk about your emotions. There are also many types of professional support groups available. Discussing your emotions is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of self-care and awareness. According to a 2015 study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, approximately 34.2 million Americans had provided unpaid care to an adult 50 or older in the last year, making it likely that someone else you know is going through the same things you are.* Be kind to yourself. Remember that you are doing the best you can and be proud of that. For humans, guilt is a natural emotion that can make it harder to see the bigger picture. Like clouds on a rainy day, the feelings you are experiencing will pass. * Create an action plan. Take a moment to reflect on why you might be having feelings of guilt. Is caregiving preventing you from doing something you want to do or coming between you and something you value? Create a plan and set a realistic goal for yourself to accomplish these things and relieve yourself of some of your guilt.* Make time for yourself. While caregiving can be time-consuming, you should never lose sight of what makes you, you. Carve out time to take a long walk, meet with a friend for coffee, or cross off steps in your action plan. In the long run, having just 30 minutes a day to yourself will benefit your physical and mental health.Remember, you are not in this alone. Try to set aside time for yourself and lean on others for support.For additional caregiving tips and resources, visit www.caregiverstress.com or, contact your local Home Instead Senior Care office or www.homeinstead.com.

Mental Health Patients Reap Benefits of Psychoanalysis

(NewsUSA) – Psychoanalysis, often stereotyped in arts and literature as patients reclining on couches and talking about their mothers, is enjoying renewed scientific support. Studies have found that psychoanalytic therapies are evidence-based and lead to significant improvements in mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.According to recent research, psychoanalytic therapies achieve lasting results by exploring underlying causes of one’s mental health issues. This deeper exploration gets to the root of a person’s symptoms and sets psychoanalysis apart from more superficial therapies that only treat symptoms. By looking closely at each person’s life, psychoanalytic therapies help one feel more understood as a unique individual, improve personal relationships, relieve painful emotional symptoms, and change life-long ways of coping.This is not your father’s psychoanalysis. In fact, in a 2019 survey conducted by PsychoanalysisNow, 400 psychoanalysts in the United States highlighted the realities of psychoanalysis and how it works. Almost all the professionals surveyed (96 percent) said they regularly conduct therapy either once or twice per week, which is feasible for most patients’ schedules. The stereotype of lying on a couch during therapy is an option – but only if the patient chooses it for relaxation and comfort. Otherwise, patients and their analysts are seated facing each other in chairs. Roughly, 73 percent of analysts surveyed report that they also conduct therapy sessions remotely, via telephone or through Internet video connections."Psychoanalysis is often indicated when other less intensive therapies have failed to achieve the desired results," according to the website of the American Psychoanalytic Association."It truly offers something different and more comprehensive, and is a good place to turn when symptoms remain or behavioral or relationship patterns continue after one or two attempts at less intensive, shorter term psychotherapy."However, one’s problem need not be too severe to benefit from psychoanalysis. Individuals struggling in the workplace, who have long-term relationship issues with family members, or who simply want a new perspective on their lives can benefit. Through psychoanalysis, one can unlock the past, inform the present, and expand the future to reach their full potential.Children and teens can also benefit as some psychoanalysts specialize in working with children in partnership with parents.For more information and to find a psychoanalyst near you, visit apsa.org.

VR Camera Creates Immersive Experience

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to relive the best moments of your life, and be able to share them with others? Maybe it’s the dance floor at your wedding. Or the birth of your child or his or her first birthday. Maybe it’s that touchdown that led your team to victory in the last seconds of a game. With today’s mobile virtual reality technology, it’s possible to create virtual memories and it has never been easier to get started.

4 Questions to Ask Before The Dec. 7 Medicare Deadline

(NewsUSA) -People with Medicare have until Saturday, Dec. 7 to select their Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan coverage for 2020. To ensure you have the right Medicare plan in place come January 1 of next year, it’s important to focus on these four key questions:* Are my doctors in network? Use online tools to confirm which doctors and hospitals are in a plan’s network. A licensed health insurance agent can also help you see if a specific doctor or hospital is in a plan’s network and taking new patients, and can determine what’s in network if you’re a seasonal resident.* Are my prescription drugs covered? Although Original Medicare does not cover most prescription drugs, many Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, or you can sign up for a Part D Prescription Drug Plan separately. A licensed sales agent can look up the medications you would like covered and help you estimate what the cost of each drug would be on a plan.* What new, innovative benefits are available? Beyond vision, hearing and dental coverage, if you aim to become healthier, look for fitness program benefits as many Medicare Advantage plans offer a gym membership. If you travel or appreciate technology, virtual doctor visits are helpful when you can’t see a doctor right away. Most Medicare Advantage plans now offer transportation to doctor appointments and the gym, when a fitness center membership is offered as a plan benefit.* What if I’m still working? If you or your spouse have health insurance from an employer, you may be able to delay enrolling in Medicare until the employment or the coverage stops. At that point, you would be entitled to a special enrollment period of up to eight months to sign up for Medicare without incurring any late penalties. Talk with your employer to find out how your coverage works with Medicare.While the clock is ticking until the Dec. 7 Medicare annual enrollment deadline, remember that you’re not alone.Take advantage of resources including licensed sales agents and websites such as medicare.gov and www.humana.com/medicare. You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) (or TTY: 1-877-486-2048) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or call Humana at 1-800-213-5286 (TTY: 711) 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time seven days a week. Y0040_GCHKND9EN_C 

Addressing The Health Needs of The Whole Person

(NewsUSA) – Social, economic and environmental factors play a key role in people’s health – where they live, learn work, and play. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of wealth, power and resources at global, national and local levels.Identifying these so-called "social determinants of health" helps doctors determine the root causes of their patients’ medical conditions and is critical to improving whole-person health. The Physicians Foundation found that nearly 90 percent of doctors have patients whose health is affected by these key factors.1Below are some examples to illustrate how social factors can affect you and your health:* Loneliness and social isolation. More than a quarter of the U.S. population live alone. Loneliness and social isolation are associated with increased mortality and poor health outcomes. Identifying individuals at risk for these factors allows doctors to recommend prevention and care strategies to improve their patients’ health.* Food insecurity. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for a healthy life. According to Feeding America, food insecurity exists in every state in the United States. Seniors face challenges that put them at risk of food insecurity, such as being on a fixed income and having to choose between buying food or medicine, or struggling to obtain food without reliable transportation.* Transportation Barriers. A lack of transportation affects an individual’s health and well-being – from accessing health care services and healthy food options to maintaining social connections. Lack of transportation is the leading cause of patient no-shows for medical appointments, and missed appointments are associated with increased medical care costs and increased emergency room visits.2But many Medicare Advantage plans, provided by private health insurers such as Humana, offer their members health and wellness benefits, programs and services to help address social determinants, with rides to medical appointments, meal benefits, social interaction and screening for food insecurity.Humana is working to address social determinants of health through its Bold Goal, by working with Humana care teams, physicians, nonprofit organizations, and business and government leaders to identify, screen and refer members to community resources and long-term support.The Bold Goal is a population health strategy to help improve the health of the communities we serve by 20 percent by 2020 and beyond.For more information, visit populationhealth.humana.com1 https://physiciansfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/physicians-survey-results-final-2018.pdf2 http://www.aha.org/transportation  Y0040_GHHKP2EEN_C

Five-Star Caribbean Resort Caters to Every Taste

(NewsUSA) – Many of today’s travelers seek a sense of community and connection at their destinations. Travelers seeking a Caribbean getaway with a welcoming feel and local flavor need look no further than the Bay Gardens Resorts on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.The Bay Gardens Resorts properties are ideally situated to take advantage of the best restaurants, activities, and events that the community of St. Lucia has to offer. For example, the month of October featured the Saint Lucia Arts & Heritage Festival, and included music, theater, lectures, art exhibitions, and street parties, all conveniently located in nearby Rodney Bay Village for easy access by Bay Gardens guests who booked its Creole Heritage Special.The feeling of community at Bay Gardens Resorts is mirrored in the resort’s local ownership, which conveys a different vibe than a large, international chain resort.Throughout its 25-year existence, the award-winning resort chain has been dedicated to sustainably developing its St. Lucian society. Participating in the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association’s Virtual Agricultural Clearing House (VACH) and its farm-to- table approach when designing menus have fostered better linkages with local farmers.As a Green Globe Gold Member, environmental responsibility plays a vital role in business affairs conducted by the brand. Additionally, the company invests in the growth of its local economies as most of the staff and management are local, highly expert and experienced in fielding questions, planning events, and providing customer service for everyone from business travelers to wedding parties to families with small children.The Bay Gardens Resorts family of properties has something for every taste.Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, for instance, offers an all-inclusive experience that caters to those seeking plenty of sand and surf, as well as spa indulgence. Guests staying seven nights or more who opt for this option not only get the best value with access to the Rodney Bay Dine Around Program and an opportunity to dine at affiliated restaurants, but also significantly assist in contributing to the community.The resort also includes a business center, wedding gazebo, and on-site water park.By contrast, the Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Inn provide luxury and pampering in intimate, boutique-style settings."Cherishing a long tradition of unmatched Caribbean hospitality, our hotel in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, has built a reputation on friendly service, stylish accommodations, and unforgettable scenery," according to the website for the Bay Gardens Hotel, and this combination of service, style, and scenery applies to the other properties.A new addition to the Bay Gardens family is Bay Gardens Marina Haven, a 35-room space located within a botanical garden adjacent to the Rodney Bay Marina.Want to be right on the water? Consider the Waters Edge Villas, a pair of private villas with luxury amenities and marina views.Both the Waters Edge and Marina Haven provide complimentary shuttle service to the other Bay Resorts properties, so guests can take full advantage of the larger community of Rodney Bay, with its nightlife, shops, and restaurants.Visit baygardensresorts.com for more information.

Scientist’s Book Warns of Lethal Emerging Pandemic Viruses

(NewsUSA) – In 1918, a mutated, deadly strain of the "Flu" (or Influenza), swept around the world to cause the third deadliest plague in recorded human history. Published research suggests the final global death toll may have arguably been as high as 100 million. Yet, despite two decades of biologic event preparedness at the cost of well over $80 billion, the U.S. remains unprepared to handle a flu pandemic of a similar scale if one should occur, contends Dr. Steven Hatfill, a specialist physician and virologist with training in mass casualty management and emergency response.His view is supported by a National Intelligence Estimate, multiple Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports and testimony, and the recently released new Global Health Security Index by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.After more than a decade of study, Dr. Hatfill and his team have published a comprehensive book, "Three Seconds Until Midnight" which revisits the challenges of the 1918 pandemic and highlights the limitations of the current U.S. public health system while offering some possible solutions. With an introduction written by the famous virus-hunter C.J. Peters, MD, the book also delves into the causes and problems caused by the continuing emergence of new human infectious diseases previously unknown to science."The overwhelming majority of Americans assume that the CDC and public health authorities will rapidly detect a new outbreak of a lethal infectious disease and quickly respond with a vaccine, drugs, and other measures to contain the event. In reality, none of this is guaranteed," Dr. Hatfill emphasizes.The latest Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) documents show that in a 1918-type pandemic Influenza event, a minimum of 123 to 125 million Americans will not receive any anti-viral drugs or vaccine until after the peak period of infections and deaths. As these individuals watch some of their neighbors, co-workers, or family members become ill and some die around them, all there will be is government advice to frequently wash their hands, cough or sneeze into their sleeve, and if sick, to stay home from work.In the book, Dr. Hatfill and his team point out how the U.S. has an insufficient public health workforce and lacks the "surge" medical capacity needed for a lethal pandemic situation and that no programs are currently in place to train volunteers on how to safely work in an infectious disease environment.To decrease hospital overcrowding during a 1918-type pandemic, the DHHS will advise communities to set up Neighborhood Emergency Help Centers to triage which patients can be nursed at home. Yet most adults are uninformed on how to care for ill family members if they contract a contagious and possibly lethal infection, and entire households will become ill, Dr. Hatfill says. Historically, the poor, socially disadvantaged urban communities will have the highest infection, hospitalization, and death rates.The major problems in pandemic preparedness occur with the local city authorities who are largely unprepared to manage an outbreak of a serious lethal infectious disease on a 1918-type scale. This includes developing methods to manage essential worker absenteeism, pre-planning alternate care sites, gross rapid expansion of mortuary capabilities and teaching non-pharmaceutical interventions to the public."There are worse viruses in nature than another 1918-type influenza strain. These viruses are simply waiting for the right conditions to adapt and jump species into man," says Dr. Hatfill. "We are the only large mammal to have ever achieved such a high-density global population level and we have no precedent to indicate if we are nearing a threshold or not." As a consequence, we are all participating in a huge on-going biological experiment."His book outlines the urgent need for a universal flu vaccine and more effective antiviral drugs. It also describes a disaster train concept for improved military support to disadvantaged communities acting in a disaster response mode, similar to the role played by the Armed Forces after Hurricane Katrina in 2005."Three Seconds Until Midnight" is available for purchase online via Amazon or Kindle.For more information, visit www.threesecondsuntilmidnight.com.

Create Your Own Virtual Video Memories

(NewsUSA) – How would you like to relive and let others experience the most important moments of your life? The dance floor at your wedding, your child’s first birthday, your team’s victory parade? Now, you cannot only watch these events but feel as if you were actually there, right in the middle of the action. With today’s technology, it’s possible, and it’s never been easier to get started.Humaneyes Technologies, an innovator in camera technology, has developed a consumer-friendly, dual camera that combines 360-degree photography with immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR), all in one simple-to-use solution that costs about the same as a decent DSLR camera."360-degree pictures and video continue to change how we use cameras to capture the world around us," says media expert Jim Malcolm of Humaneyes Technologies, "and the global adoption of VR headsets, combined with 3D cameras is providing even more ways to create virtual content and virtual memories.""We’ve done it with the best; from documenting Mako sharks with The Discovery Channel, to weightless experiences in the International Space Station, floating more than 250 miles above the horizon." Says Malcolm, "we’re now excited to watch, firsthand, as consumers create their own immersive personal stories." The Vuze XR flips easily from a 360-degree camera to a VR180 camera and shoots both virtual video and photos.Whether recording or live streaming, users can create and share virtual experiences at the moment, and then save them to revisit next week or next decade. Special features of the VUZE include built-in image stabilization, filters, and a VR editing suite. Plus, it doesn’t get more portable."Everything can be viewed, controlled and edited, right from your phone, so that you can shoot, create and share virtual videos at a moment’s notice," says Malcolm.But not everything needs to be virtual; therefore, the VUZE also functions as a 5.7K and 4K up to 60fps 2D camera for capturing high-resolution videos and 18-megapixel pictures to fill out your photo album.So think ahead to the holidays and the way the latest in VR technology can help make unforgettable memories and connect far-flung family and friends. The VUZE camera also features live streaming and social sharing features for platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, so that you can bring your social media audience into the scene with you.For more information on the VUZE XR camera and how to create your own virtual experiences and memories, visit humaneyes.com

Must-See Travel Destinations for 2020

(NewsUSA) -Today’s sophisticated travelers can enjoy once-in-a lifetime experiences in luxurious locations that are off the beaten path. If you crave the ultimate in adventure, eco-conscious settings, and magnificent service, put these unique destinations on your travel bucket list for 2020.1. Hangaroa Eco-Village + Spa, Easter Island, Chile (hangaroa.cl). Located on the mysterious Easter Island in the South Pacific (home to mythical Moai statues), Hangaroa allows adventure-seeking travelers to get an inside look at the Rapa Nui culture and history. Guides lead guests to centuries-old archeological sites to unravel the mystery of how the giant, hand-carved heads came to be. Must-sees include the Rano Raraku volcanic crater (home to the island’s largest statue) and Anakena Beach, where Polynesian culture first came ashore 800 years ago. For those wanting something more adrenaline pumping, opt for an ATV to explore the island.The hotel stays true to its eco-friendly ethos. The 75 oceanfront rooms feature handmade clay tubs, stone showers and lots of natural light. After a day of exploring, head to the spa to be pampered with ancient rituals. A new added bonus: Full Experience guests can choose to dine at one of two local restaurants, including Kana Hau, which has a traditional Rapa Nui dance show!2. The Singular Patagonia, Chile (thesingular.com). Situated in the heart of Southern Patagonia, The Singular is indeed a singular experience.Once a cold storage plant at the epicenter of the sheep farming industry a century ago, the property has been resurrected as a luxury hotel (and a museum)! However, mother nature is the real draw. Just as previous explorers did, guests immediately fall in love with the surrounding awe-inspiring nature, as this bucket list hotel sits on the shores of a Fjord overlooking the snow-capped Andes. Guests feel like pioneers as they explore the area by private boat discovering glaciers and hidden waterfalls. Other once-in-a-lifetime excursions include trekking through Torres del Paine National Park, horseback riding across an “Estancia” with real-life gauchos or kayaking down winding rivers.Any adventure wouldn’t be complete without incredible food. The Singular uses locally sourced ingredients to deliver local favorites with a french flair. Try the hotel’s traditional “Asador” (barbecue), set in a former Blacksmith’s workshop serving a variety of locally raised meats.3. Careyes, Pacific Coast (careyes.com). Careyes is a destination unto itself where the jungle meets the sea, spanning more than 20,000 acres of nature reserve. A vibrant community of international residents and visitors spread across the property’s Ocean Castle villas, Casitas and El Careyes Club & Residences along the cliffside, Careyes is more than just a beautiful resort. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to commune with nature, explore your sense of spirituality and appreciate the beauty of the earth and sea.Rest assured, all of the unique accommodations are bucket-list worthy. The Ocean Castle Villas feature infinity pools, lush gardens and luxurious furnishings. The beachfront El Careyes Club features five infinity pools, the La Duna restaurant and spacious one- to four-bedroom suites perfect for families or groups. Careyes is an ideal location for a winter getaway, especially at one of their annual special events, including ArteCareyes Film Festival, Agua Alta Polo Tournament and the Ondalinda Festival.4. Le Torri di Bagnara, Umbria, Italy (letorridibagnara.it/). If life in a sprawling castle sounds appealing, visit this 1,500-acre Italian estate owned by descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte. This restored medieval castle accommodates groups from 15 to 30 people, who enjoy the privacy of a private home coupled with the safety, security and amenities of a luxury hotel.Le Torri di Bagnara has an official hotel license guaranteeing the highest standards, setting it apart from other Italian villa rentals. The estate boasts an infinity saltwater pool, stone barbeque, and vegetable gardens. Savor locally grown ingredients from the estate’s working farm, including extra virgin olive oil, as well as truffles and mushrooms foraged right on the grounds.Special activities include cooking classes, wine tastings, mountain biking, truffle hunting and photography. For families, a kids’ playground keeps the little ones entertained. A must: soar high above the estate and surrounding countryside in a hot air balloon, followed by a gourmet picnic.5. Costa Rican Vacations, Costa Rica (vacationscostarica.com/). Travelers seeking the ultimate in eco-travel, adventure and luxury can find it all through Costa Rican Vacations, which create complete and customized Costa Rican experiences. A popular place to start is Playa Cativo Lodge on the Osa Peninsula, which fronts a mile of pristine beach offering plenty of wildlife. Use the personal binoculars to catch close-ups of birds and sea turtles, plus a can’t miss, whale-watching tour. Other must-do activities include a private air tour of the Sirena Ranger Station at Corcovado National Park or a visit to Nayara Springs, where the villas have private terraces with private plunge pools overlooking the Arenal volcano.For the ultimate luxury experience, check out Costa Rica’s Four Seasons in Guanacaste, where visitors can expect the ultimate in amenities and service, with offsite adventures, including zip lining, horseback riding and ATV tours.6. Manoir Hovey, Quebec, Canada (manoirhovey.com/). Manoir Hovey, a five-star Relais & Châteaux resort in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, was built in 1900 and inspired by George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.The property is 90 minutes from Montreal and retains its historic charm; most of the 36 luxurious rooms feature wood-burning fireplaces, private balconies, and views of Lake Massawippi.Foodies will have a field day at Manoir Hovey. Le Hatley, the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, is ranked among the best in the world, and chef Alexandre Vachon presents modern and diverse menus that showcase regional ingredients.Guests can enjoy the bucolic country scenery and a range of activities year-round, including kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding in the warmer months, as well as guided speedboat tours and fly fishing.Fall is an excellent time for foliage tours and hiking nearby, while in the winter, guests enjoy ice fishing with a local guide who sets up a sheltered area on the frozen lake, complete with a pizza oven on skis. Complete a bucket- list item with a thrilling dogsledding experience.