Evolving Approaches to Elective Surgery After COVID-19

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – COVID-19 has changed the way Americans approach elective surgery, sometimes in unexpected ways.
For example, a 16-year-old, dedicated sousaphone player, had two flat feet that made marching painful. But a hectic high school schedule didn’t leave time for the corrective orthopedic surgery needed since birth.
“Both of our children love being musicians, but my child’s feet created a real struggle,” says the 16-year-old’s father.
“When COVID-19 created flexible time, we knew it was a blessing in disguise.”
“COVID-19 has increased my practice significantly, because people have time and flexibility to take care of non-critical health issues,” says Dr. Elizabeth Hewitt, the orthopedic surgeon who performed the procedure.
However, the pandemic has shifted many elective surgeries from hospitals to smaller surgery centers that are perfect for patients such the high school muscian.
“Many of my patients are also concerned about being exposed to the virus in crowded hospitals,” says Dr. Hewitt.
To keep patients safe and keep their practices efficient, smaller surgery centers have begun to outsource sterility and supply management to external suppliers. This strategy lets surgeons stay focused on providing specific procedures and the positive outcomes that all patients deserve.
For many of her patients, Dr. Hewitt has relied on Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics (GEO) to provide sterile instruments that were precisely what she needed.
Companies such as GEO are enabling hospitals and surgery centers to maintain high standards and control costs with outsourced surgical support such as the GEO CART®.
The GEO cart is a self-contained system that provides orthopedic surgeons with pre-sterilized packs of single-use instruments and implantable devices custom-ordered for each patient and procedure. The system is ready to use and designed for surgeons’ needs, reducing or eliminating the need for company representatives in the operating room. The GEO cart also tracks supplies with an exclusive computerized radio frequency identification system, so the surgeons are never scrambling for substitute items.
“GEO works very closely with surgeons who understand how to provide their patients with the care and safety they deserve,” says Scott Day, Chief Operating Officer at GEO.
“We offer the latest technology and can help eliminate many steps in the complicated surgical process where human error or inefficiencies can sneak in,” he explains.
“Staff at hospitals and surgery centers are working to maintain the highest safety and efficiency standards at all times; they deserve the latest technology and process support to streamline surgery so they can focus on what really matters — patients.”
The high schooler’s parents agree.
“Dr. Hewitt and the surgery center made my son’s first surgery a terrific experience. We got phone updates every step of the way and never worried about safety,” says the father.
Visit gramercyortho.com for more information.

Homestyle Recipes Take the Cake for Gifts, Fundraising

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As the holiday season approaches, so does the dilemma of holiday and year-end gift-giving. Whether you are seeking something for a friend, family member, or long-absent colleague, edible gifts are a can’t-miss choice, and the range of tasty treats goes far beyond a prepacked gift basket.
Like many big ideas, Hahn’s Old Fashioned Cake Company started small.
“All our cakes are baked fresh daily, and feature extra-large handmade crumbs,” says owner Andrew Hahn, whose mother and father started Hahn’s Old-Fashioned Cake Company in her kitchen.
The current selection of crumb cakes was inspired by an old family recipe that Mr. and Mrs. Hahn often made for friends and neighbors.
Word got out, and an expanding circle of crumb-cake fans began requesting cakes. A business was born, and it has been family-owned and operated for more than 35 years.
Key features that set Hahn’s crumb cakes apart include:
– Quality. Hahn’s crumb cakes are made fresh daily, with fresh eggs to create a moist base with optimum texture. They are popular not only as individual sales, but sell well in delis, coffee shops, and gourmet food markets.
– Convenience. Hahn’s cakes are packed to ship or enjoy right away. For those lucky enough to live locally, curbside pickup and delivery are available in a limited radius through DoorDash and GrubHub.
– Crumbs. Crumbs and more crumbs. For those who can’t resist picking the crumbs off a crumb cake, Hahn’s has you covered.
The company recognizes the crumb-obsessed, and fills that niche with a Can of Crumbs or a Bucket of Crumbs. These ready-to-eat crumb treats are considered by many to be the best part of a crumb cake, and the bucket lends itself to easy shipping and gift-giving as well.
Crumb cake flavors include the original plain crumb cake (with plenty of crumbs), raspberry walnut, apple, and chocolate. There’s something for brownie lovers, too; the company bakes a classic, fudgy chocolate brownie of the same caliber as its cakes.
Hahn’s Old-Fashioned Cakes also offers fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, and non-profit organizations.
Visit crumbcake.com for more information.

Take Care of Your Tools and Tackle Winter Weather

(NewsUSA) – Winter is coming. It may not seem that way on a nice autumn day, but some parts of the country are already starting to feel a chill in the air, and those who live in snowy areas are thinking ahead.The increased opportunities for remote work prompted many people to relocate to other states, and some of them may be looking at their first experiences with snowy winters.Whether you are new to northern climates or a seasoned veteran of many blizzards, having the right tools can be the difference between getting around and getting stuck.To that end, a snow blower may become your new best friend.To help keep your snow blower in top shape, Cub Cadet, an American manufacturer of outdoor equipment including lawn mowers, yard tractors, and snow blowers, recommends six simple strategies to keep your snow blower working at its best.

Data Science: The Smart Technology You Don’t See

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Data and analytics touch our lives every day. Sometimes, it is in ways you see, such as when you log on to a video call, pay for your bus ticket or order your latte using your phone. Or view spending trends on your bank account using an app or website. Data analytics are also at work in ways you don’t see — ways that make your life easier, safer, more convenient, and more fun — especially when it comes to getting where you want to go. Indeed, data analytics are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help you reduce your travel time, make getting from point A to point B easier, manage traffic congestion, and create safer and more accessible ways to use public transit.
When you’re waiting to catch the bus to work, your phone app may tell you whether your ride is on schedule — and exactly how many minutes until the next buses arrive at your stop. Did you ever wonder how the apps know all this? When you visit a new city, do you use apps to figure out how to get from one landmark to the next — or your lunch stop along the way? Data analytics and smart apps make all this possible. Similarly, when winter weather hits and roads need to be cleared, data and analytics can help cities send extra drivers to harder hit areas needing to be cleared using real-time data, so you know when your street will be plowed.
And it’s not all about logistics. Smart technology helps improve many aspects of your daily life: your job, school, community center, parks, and all kinds of entertainment. Check out these examples of the hidden technology from EastBanc Technologies that facilitates daily tasks and activities — making your life just a bit easier.
TRANSITiQ: People want to have a clear view of all available travel options and predicted travel time, and cities want to increase accessibility and use of public transit. With TRANSITiQ and the power of data, users can see stations, routes, service alerts and even enable location-based push notifications. Notably, TRANSITiQ technology enables accurate prediction of arrival times to stops along transit routes. And by integrating Bluetooth Beacons, cities can help visually impaired users to safely navigate the transportation system. TRANSITiQ also gathers crucial business intelligence for municipalities, including performance reports and other relevant statistics.
CABiQ: Trying to hail a cab during rush hour, or after that night out, can be really frustrating. But with phone apps and other new smart tools at their disposal, operators and drivers can pinpoint hotspots and easily determine where and when to place their cars — thus optimizing services and helping passengers find their rides quicker. These tools leverage CABiQ technology to analyze historical and near-real-time data about vehicle locations and ride demand, enabling them to map underserved areas as well as popular destinations and pickup points. CABiQ not only benefits cab drivers and their customers; it also provides crucial information to cities to help them with regulation of local taxi services: A central feature of CABiQ is the ability to gather and report timely and accurate information about every trip to the municipality for analysis and enforcement.
SNOWiQ: Today’s unpredictable, and often extreme, winter weather demands a rapid response from busy cities whose residents expect roads to be plowed quickly and efficiently. Simply put, cities need to minimize the impact of inclement weather on daily commutes and doings. We’ve seen how Uber and Lyft have changed ride sharing. What if it were possible for cities to also be responsive to peak times and use contractors to shore up their fleet? With SNOWiQ, cities can optimize snow removal to reduce truck idling time and save money — and residents can know which routes have been cleared, which ones are next on the schedule, and when it’s safe to travel again.
FoodTruckIQ: Food trucks are all the rage. And for good reason. Many of the morsels concocted by these mobile eateries are innovative and positively delectable. So, when you hanker for your favorite food truck fare, how do you find it when its location moves? An app, of course. Behind the scenes, tech is working hard to help you make it easy to find your next lunch — whether it’s trekking cross-town to devour your favorite burrito or seeing what new trucks are parked by your work today. Tech can even help cities avoid turf wars that can happen over prime locations. How do such food truck apps come to be?
Food truck vendors submit logistical information to data scientists, who analyze the information and then share the processed data with developers who build and manage the apps. FoodTruckIQ is the brains behind your next mobile meal.
So the next time you head out to meet a friend at your favorite food truck, need to hail a cab or jump on a city bus, or need a plow to clear your snow-blanketed street, rest assured that data analytics will help make it happen. Smart technology is already everywhere, making daily life just a little bit more enjoyable.

BookTrib’s Bites: Political Thriller, TrumpU, Sound Advice, Academic Debate

(NewsUSA)Final Table"Final Table"
by Dan SchorrA political thriller about sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era, one victim’s battle to survive and overcome trauma and the cable news machine that feeds off the titillating scandal coverage and inflammatory confrontation. The author brings firsthand experience as a New York City sex crimes prosecutor and sexual misconduct investigator to tackle the world of political and media dysfunction.Former White House staffer Maggie Raster’s chaotic attempt to promote her new business as a television political analyst brings her to the broke poker champion Kyler Dawson’s attention and convinces him that she can provide the help he needs to enter a controversial poker tournament. To succeed, she will have to confront numerous challenges including pressure to publicly address the sexual misconduct of her former boss. Kyler also has his own obstacles. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3uPVuYU.Trump You: Promises, Lies, and Corruption: My Battle with Donald Trump's Fake University"Trump You: Promises, Lies, and Corruption: My Battle with Donald Trump’s Fake University"
by Art CohenTrump University was the most expensive legal defeat of Donald Trump’s career, but even though he settled for $25 million, he still got off too easy. Years before his White House run, he launched a for-profit education initiative called Trump University in which he promised to share his real estate secrets at seminars held in hotel ballrooms. As it turned out, Trump University wasn’t an actual university and didn’t feature Trump’s secrets. The scam suckered thousands of unsuspecting victims.This book recounts the inside story of the TrumpU legal saga through the eyes of Art Cohen, a student/victim who personally sued Donald Trump in federal court in 2013 an had a private view of Trump during the height of his presidential campaign. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3ywAdnr.
The 180"The 180"
by George Calisto and Kate CalistoAn unexpected and provocative question drives a 180-minute argument that prompts a central question: Would the term "meritocracy" ever have been invented if society had gleaned the fact that variables beyond our control forge our personhood, paths and outcomes? The 180 tells the fictional story of a three-hour meeting where eight college administrators and two researchers engage in a philosophical and academic debate over the matter of luck in our lives.The administrators and faculty members are unexpectedly thrown into a cauldron of psychological, neurophysiological and metaphysical speculations over what choreographs or drives our ambitions and achievements throughout the lifespan. Learn more and read a free sample at https://bit.ly/3jnAhS5.The Frugal Real Estate Investor: Buy Your First Rental Property"The Frugal Real Estate Investor: Buy Your First Rental Property"
by Aki SuzukiA modern, practical guide to buying your first rental property without losing your shirt! If you are looking for a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for investing in rental properties, start with this book.The book shares important lessons learned from a real estate investor’s true experience of buying a rental income property for the first time and being successfully profitable from day one. It is full of practical advice from an active real estate investor with his own skin in the game, minus the unnecessary real estate hype or sales talk. Regardless of your vantage point, this book will help build more stability, resilience and peace of mind into your personal and professional finances. Purchase at https://amzn.to/38sOFC9.NOTE: BookBites is presented by BookTrib.com.

BookTrib’s Bites: Books for All Ages and Tastes

Five words or less(NewsUSA)

“The Sorting Room”
by Michael Rose

In Prohibition-era New York City, 10-year-old Eunice Ritter finds work in an industrial laundry sweat shop. When the diminutive girl first enters the sorting room, she encounters Gussie, the largest human being she has ever seen.

Gussie, a powerful, hard-working woman, soon becomes Eunice’s sole friend as she finds herself entrapped in the laundry’s sorting room by the Great Depression, sentenced to bring her low wages home to her alcoholic parents. Then, on her 16th birthday, Eunice becomes pregnant and her drunken father demands that the culprit marry his daughter, trapping her anew. Within a couple of years, Eunice settles into a lonely life of drudgery and spends decades in virtual solitude before her secret history is revealed to those from whom she has withheld her love. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3litJFc.

What Women Should Know Before Starting Their Own Business

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – The number of women starting their own businesses continues to rise. According to data from American Express, women create more than 1,800 new businesses in the United States each day. As people reassess their careers and goals in the wake of the pandemic, more women are making the decision to start their own businesses and be their own bosses.
However, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that approximately 20 percent of new small businesses fail in their first year. The most common reasons that small businesses fail include: a lack of capital or funding, inadequate management and/or a bad business model.
Fortunately, smart financial planning can help avoid these common pitfalls.
Based on interviews with successful women entrepreneurs, Scott Ward, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, proposes creating a financial plan that incorporates three sequential stages of the entrepreneurial journey: the launch phase, the lead phase and the letting-go phase.
Launch. Ward advises women starting a business to transition into it, and not quit their day jobs just yet. This can be an effective way to manage cash flow. They should also pay themselves for their work and take a paycheck, maintain good credit and keep a close eye on their capital.
Lead. The lead phase is when business owners need to assess how to be leaders in their industries. Women who inherit existing businesses may need to innovate and invest in employees with fresh ideas. Expanding businesses must also be aware of legal and financial hurdles.
Let go (or don’t). Don’t forget about succession planning. Even as you enjoy the success of your business, a financial plan can be especially helpful on all areas affected by succession — including business transition, tax planning, investment strategies and estate planning.
When choosing a CFP® professional to guide the launch of a startup business, Lynn Ballou, CFP® reminds women to ask questions and make an informed decision. In addition to asking financial advisors the typical questions, women entrepreneurs may also want to ask them to share:
* A sample financial plan for a startup business,
* How privacy and cyber security are handled, and
* How to create a team of advisors (if needed) to address various elements of business, such as insurance or tax.
“You can ask these questions at your first meeting or send them in advance, so the planner is ready to address them when you meet,” Ballou says. “You might also find some of this information on the advisor’s website.”
If you are a female entrepreneur (or are interested in becoming one) and would like to collaborate further on a specific planning strategy, connect with a CFP® professional today. More resources and articles on small business planning and financial topics relevant for women can be found at LetsMakeAPlan.org.

High-Powered Blender Makes Soups and More a Breeze

(NewsUSA) – – A surge in home cooking was a ripple effect of more time spent at home last year. However, even with more emerging options for carryout and delivery, many people continue to embrace the fun and challenge of making more of their own food at home, and they want the right tools to match their culinary ambitions.A deluxe blender can be a true workhorse in the home kitchen. The best models are powerful, versatile, and capable of making everything from smoothies to soups, hummus, and even frozen treats and peanut butter.The Braun TriForce Power Blender is a powerhouse that does the heavy lifting for meal prep. With 1600 watts of power that performs at four times the speed of previous blenders, the TriForce Power Blender brings extra ease and convenience to fit the bill for home cooks who are still juggling working from home with food prep and are unmotivated by the idea of leftovers for lunch to take to newly reopened schools and offices.Customization also sets the Braun TriForce Power Blender apart. The unique iTexture Control and automated settings include a soup setting that simultaneously heats as it blends, 10 manual speed settings, and multispeed pulse functions that allow for maximum customization and creativity."The seamless intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly master recipes," says Stephanie D’Introno, the Communications Manager for Braun Household. "With the range of settings, you can effortlessly emulsify the toughest ingredients such as hearty root vegetables and dense chunks of ice, ensuring that everything from silky smoothies to savory spreads are equally enjoyable based on your preference."An easy interface lets prospective chefs choose from six food programs (smoothie, soup, chop, ice crush, frozen dessert and spread) and three different textures (smooth, medium, and course), to create 18 possible blends that will suit any palate.Other innovative key features include a triangular jug design to reduce waste by keeping ingredients from getting stuck in corners, and a German-forged Precision Edge blade for durability and performance over years of use.But wait, there’s more: The Braun TriForce Power Blender cleans up after itself with a self-cleaning setting and an easy-to-wipe surface.Visit braunhousehold.com for more information.

BookTrib’s Bites: A Little Bit of Everything

Almost Happy"Almost Happy"
by Dr. Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah KaplanIt’s a proven fact: We are healthier and happier when we are laughing. Not only is laughter good for our body, mind and spirit, but it can also help us face the uncomfortable challenge of dealing with our personal difficulties."Almost Happy: Pushing Your Buttons With Reverse Psychology" provides practical and accessible ways to use humor to effect change. Reverse psychology can provoke us to discover, own and enact authentic solutions to many of our issues. Are you ready to read a book that will gently tease you about your issues? Some 114 original buttons and provocative suggestions are offered with a twinkle in the eye and affection in the heart. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3iQFBf6.
Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun"Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun"
by Andri E. EliaOn the planet Yand lives a species of winged humanoids. Yanara is a very powerful female wizard. She and her two spouses, her wife Mandolen and her husband Frost, fight a very savage enemy that came at them from space. The three of them defend their planet against genocide, while at the same time raising their very special and unconventional family. Their star, Yildun, is the second star on the tail of Ursa minor, below Polaris.The author is a Ph.D. scientist and an astronomy buff. "I love this beautiful planet. Let’s do our best to help it retain its beauty for the generations to come," she says. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3zNXCBY.
How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: post-Covid-19"How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: post-Covid-19"
by Dr. Setrag KhoshafianWe are amid a digital revolution with unprecedented innovations. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the requirements for "Digital Transformation." Organizations need to adapt and transform to survive and hopefully thrive.At the core of digitization, there is an underlying principle of "debt." Technical debt "reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer." If an organization ignores digital transformation for "easy solutions," the debt accumulates and can have disastrous consequences. What does Digital Transformation mean? What are the opportunities? What are the best practices? What are practical recommendations to alleviate the Digital Transformation Debt? Purchase at https://amzn.to/2Wl1j3l. The Quantum Effect: Mission Covid-19"The Quantum Effect: Mission Covid-19"
by Nicklois LeonardWas the COVID-19 virus man-made, or naturally occurring? Was the virus accidentally or intentionally released? Does Area 51 really exist? This engaging action-adventure reveals how the White House, Department of Defense, CIA and Navy SEALs as well as the Chinese Ministry of Health are all caught in an intricate web of clandestine operations based on the discovery of a new highly advanced time-travel technology.The book explores the origin of the Covid-19 virus and how it was unleashed on society. Follow Commander Maxwell as he leads his team on a high-stakes game of cat and mouse to learn the truth behind the virus once and for all. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3n5yvFF.NOTE: BookBites is presented by BookTrib.com.

It’s Always National Manufacturing Day Here

Five words or lessHOME

It’s Always National Manufacturing Day Here

“We invest in you.”

What’s not to like about a company that makes that the theme of this year’s National Manufacturing Day – as the Whirlpool Corporation just did – in honoring its 15,000-strong factory workforce spread across plants in Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Tennessee?

Especially, as in this case, when those words are backed up by a bedrock commitment to provide employees with opportunities that are about as coveted as the last drumstick at Thanksgiving.

1.Employee advancement