Having Trouble Saving? Finding the Right Strategy Is Easier Than You Think

Saving money is hard. In fact, it has proven so difficult that a June 2011 Bankrate.com poll revealed that only 24 percent of Americans have a six-month emergency savings cushion.

However, making a few small adjustments to your spending, beginning with creating a reasonable and modest budget, can help you put good saving habits into practice.

Take action on your budgeting

Everyone says you need a budget, but how do you create one that someone can stick to?

Back-to-School List Should Include an Eye Exam

As parents cross backpacks and notebooks off of back-to-school lists, many neglect to consider the most important learning tool children have – their eyes.

Many classroom activities, including reading, writing and computer work, require vision, so children with vision problems may fall behind their peers. Worse, they can have trouble concentrating and develop behavioral problems, which are often mistaken for attention deficit or learning disorders. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 60 percent of the children described as “problem learners” have vision problems.