The Hidden Side of Hemophilia: So Much More Than A Bleeding Disorder

(NewsUSA) – Almost everyone has heard of hemophilia, a rare disease in which the blood fails to clot properly. But most people only think of bleeding when it comes to naming its symptoms.In fact, at any given time, many people who have hemophilia or a bleeding disorder may struggle with a combination of dozens of symptoms, including daily pain, joint and mobility issues, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms represent the hidden side of hemophilia.But symptoms aren’t the only misunderstood aspect of hemophilia. Common misconceptions include that it’s contagious and that it can be outgrown. In fact, hemophilia is a genetic disorder that requires lifelong management of all symptoms – the mental as well as the physical.In a survey conducted by (a website dedicated to social networking, education, and online support for hemophilia patients and those who know them and care for them), approximately two-thirds (65 percent) of bleeding-disorder patients said they suffer from depression. The survey also found that more than half (56 percent) of patients regularly experience pain related to their condition. However, only 38 percent of those who reported pain said they feel their pain symptoms are being addressed. Chronic, untreated pain can promote depression and anxiety in hemophilia and bleeding-disorder patients.Because of the complex nature of hemophilia and bleeding disorders, patients stand to benefit from choosing service providers that understand their unique challenges, such as National Cornerstone Healthcare Services (NCHS), a wholesaler and specialty pharmacy that specializes in hemophilia and bleeding disorders.Specialty pharmacies go beyond the services provided by a traditional pharmacy, functioning as a valued member of a patient’s care team by providing a comprehensive suite of services and expertise while allowing patients to experience the comfort, convenience, and independence that home infusion offers. In addition to providing discreet delivery of medications for the treatment of hemophilia, specialty pharmacies may provide reimbursement expertise, extensive patient resources, education, and support to help patients manage all their symptoms more effectively.Since there’s a lot to know when it comes to hemophilia and bleeding disorders, it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to service providers. Working with a qualified specialty pharmacy can help provide services designed to treat the whole patient, including resources to help with anxiety, pain management, and mental health.For more information about managing hemophilia and bleeding disorders, and to find out how NCHS can function as an extension of a hemophilia patient’s health care team, visit

Wine Pairing Tips for Summer Fun

(NewsUSA) – The thought of pairing a wine with food can intimidate a lot of people. How do you decide what food to pair with a wine? What flavors are you looking for? Why does wine pairing even matter?"Wine and food pairings don’t have to be complicated," says Riana Mondavi, a member of the fourth generation of the Mondavi wine family from Napa and an ambassador for her family’s CK Mondavi and Family wines. "It’s really about what you taste and smell in the wine and how you feel the wine brings out and compliments the food you are eating."If done correctly, a proper pairing can enhance the flavors of both the food and your chosen bottle of wine. The intensity of a specific food or wine depends on a lot of things such as sugar, acid, salt and spice. The food should not overpower the wine (and vice versa). By matching a light wine with light fare or a heavy dish with a heavier wine, the food and wine balance each other out and their intensities line up for a perfect pairing.For example, if you have a dish that has a lot of citrus in it, it’s great to pair with a Chardonnay, as it also has hints of citrus in it. The two enhance each other and balance out the flavors. A lighter white wine, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, pairs well with summer vegetables, as it brings out the crisp, light flavor profiles. Red wines typically pair best with richer food such as steak and sweets, but there’s no set rule. Many people pair a Merlot with seafood.CK Mondavi and Family has made wine pairing easy for everyone, and this summer they invite you to play around with pairings. They’ve created a downloadable "Wine pairing made simple" guide on their website: They also added flavor descriptors to each bottle of CK Mondavi and Family. With descriptors such as "Rich & Velvety" for Cabernet Sauvignon and "Bright & Fresh" for Chardonnay, anyone can quickly decide on a wine.Riana Mondavi also recommends impromptu wine pairings with friends. "It’s fun to get together with a group to see what everyone tastes or smells in the wine," she adds. "Everyone has a different opinion and it’s fun to see what we all come up with."So, this summer, have some fun pairing wines with your favorite foods. And while doing it, enter CK Mondavi and Family’s monthly #pairNpost drawing, where you can enter to win a prize. Just snap a photo of your favorite pairing and tag it with #pairNpost on Twitter or Instagram.It’s all part of a new, fun approach to wine. After all, summer is about enjoying yourself and what better way to enjoy life than at the table with friends and family?

Summertime Boating Safety Tips for Families

(NewsUSA) – As summer approaches, many families look forward to more time on the water together.The fun might include boating and other watersports, such as tubing, skiing, or wakeboarding. Preparation and education are the keys to a safe and successful day on the water. So get the summer off to a great start by making sure passengers of all ages have well-fitted lifejackets and understand safety procedures.When fitting a child’s lifejacket, be sure to select the current size. Don’t put a child in an adult lifejacket or buy one in a larger size for a child to grow into. Rather, put the jacket on the child and buckle and secure all straps. Then lift the child’s arm up over his or her head and pull up on the jacket. If it slips off, it’s too big.BoatUS offers a helpful video to show correct fit on their website, you don’t own a lifejacket and aren’t prepared to buy one, borrow one from a friend or neighbor, or borrow one for free through the BoatUS Foundation Kids Life Jacket Loaner program. Find information about their 550 locations at sure a child or anyone else riding behind a boat not only wears a lifejacket, but also knows the hand signals to communicate with the boat driver while being towed.The following hand signals and rules of the water will ensure that everyone has fun and stays safe:* If the speed is right, use an OK sign with your thumb and first finger.* If you want the driver to go faster, use a thumbs up; to slow down, use a thumbs down; and use a slashing motion across your neck to stop.* If you fall off, raise both arms above your head and clasp your hands as soon as possible to let the boat driver know you are okay.Find more signals at* While waiting in the water, ready to be pulled or towed again, be patient and allow the boat captain a little time to safely deliver the towline or tube to you.* If you decide to come back aboard, the driver will allow the boat to drift to you with the engine off. When reboarding, use a step, deck, or boarding ladder only after the boat driver has signaled that it is safe to get back in the boat.* Never swim near a boat while the engine is on.Visit for more information about staying safe on the water this summer. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and have fun! 

Summer Boating Tips for Safe Fun in The Sun

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Summer weather is finally here, and with it comes more time spent on the water. For boaters in particular, warmer temperatures and sunny skies mean more opportunities to bring family and friends along for the ride.
Before inviting loved ones onto your boat, however, it’s important to review some safety procedures to help ensure a relaxing experience for everyone.
Check out the tips below to ensure safe and enjoyable boating all summer long:
1) Watch the weather – Summer weather can turn nasty in an instant, and a boat can be a dangerous place to get caught in a storm. Before hitting the water, check the weather forecast and make note of any chance of precipitation or storms. If you see lightning while you’re out on the water and cannot get to shore, crouch down in the middle of the boat or go below deck, if possible.
2) Boat maintenance – A well-maintained engine is key to enjoying your time on the water. So be sure to check your oil levels before heading out on the water, or invest in an engine that doesn’t require oil changes, such as the E-TEC G2 by Evinrude. With an E-TEC, there’s no need to remove any engine components to check oil levels before every use as with other engines, so you can get out on the water faster.
3) Life jacket required – Although warmer weather may make swimming irresistible, safety stillcomes first. It’s important to always wear a life jacket while in the water, and to have access to one while in the boat. According to a 2014 study by the United States Coast Guard, 84 percent of victims who drowned during a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident. While they may seem like a hassle, life jackets really do save lives.
4) Don’t drink and boat – An ice-cold beverage and boating can go hand-in-hand. However, just as with driving a car, it is illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated across the United States and Canada. In fact, being intoxicated on the water can be even more dangerous than being intoxicated on land. Unsteady footing, sun, wind, and even engine noise accelerates a drinker’s impairment.
Keeping in mind a few simple safety tips can make all the difference for boat owners everywhere. So, before your next outing, make sure you, your boat and your passengers are all ready to go – and enjoy the ride!

Birth Control and Blood Clot Risks

(NewsUSA) – There are more than 60 million women of child-bearing age in the United States, and the majority of them report using some form of birth control. In fact, the birth control pill is their number one choice. While research shows that birth control pills are safe and effective, just like any other medication, they can pose some risks, which is why all women should carefully evaluate their risks when considering birth control options.One risk associated with birth control pills or any form of hormonal birth control that contains estrogen, including the pill, patch, or ring, is a life-threatening blood clot. The use of birth control pills with estrogen increases a woman’s risk for blood clots three-fold, and some of the newer birth control pills women use pose a risk two-times greater than older birth control pills. The use of patches and rings containing estrogen poses a risk double that of birth control pills. Women with a clotting disorder, a previous blood clot, or a family history of blood clots are at an even greater risk.Women considering the use of hormonal birth control should know their risk for blood clots and take these steps to reduce their risk:* Complete the Risk Assessment on the website and discuss their results and birth control options with their doctor* Talk to their doctor about any personal or family history of blood clots, and their existing risk for blood clotsRecognize Blood Clots Signs & SymptomsIt is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of blood clots in the legs or arms. If you can recognize these signs and symptoms, you may be able to help save your life, or the life of a friend or family member:* Swelling* Pain or tenderness not caused by an injury* Skin that is warm to the touch, red, or discoloredBlood clots in the legs or arms that are left untreated, or that break apart and travel to your lung can be deadly. Symptoms of a blood clot in your lung may include:* Difficulty breathing* Chest pain that worsens with a deep breath or cough, coughing up blood* Faster than normal or irregular heartbeatSeek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these signs or symptoms.In recognition of National Women’s Health Week, the National Blood Clot Alliance and the Alexandra L. Rowan Memorial Foundation are providing women with essential information about birth control and blood clot risks by urging them to visit

MovoCash to Sponsor Paul Walker’s Reach Out Worldwide Event

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Many companies place a higher premium on getting than on giving, but MovoCash (MOVO), a payment platform that empowers people to convert their mobile phone into a digital bank in their pocket, is a company centered on compassion.
Giving back to the community has been part of the MovoCash vision since the company’s founding, and its team members at all levels and across all departments recognize that music is something that can unite communities to celebrate, connect, and have fun.
MovoCash’s mission is to bring financial inclusion to individuals who are not able to use traditional banking services, and it seeks to integrate music in particular to the company as a way to bring people together and promote good in the world.
The company is launching this strategy by serving as the music sponsor for a special event – the inaugural In Memory of Paul Car Hangout.
The event is an informal gathering of auto racing enthusiasts, fans of the “Fast & Furious” movies, and family and friends of the late actor Paul Walker, who starred in the films. The event is set to take place at the College of the Canyons in Valencia, California, on Sunday, May 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
“For a guy or girl who loves cars, and loves the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies, this is a dream come true,” says Chris Lee, a Santa Clarita-based entrepreneur and event organizer.
The California-based MovoCash team feels a connection to Walker, who was killed in a car accident in Valencia in 2013. Walker was visiting the area to promote Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW), the nonprofit organization he founded in 2010 to aid first responders to disasters anywhere in the world. All proceeds from admission and sponsorships of the Car Hangout will benefit Reach Out WorldWide, and MOVO’s in-house rock sensation, Tom Solis, will perform at the event.
“Charities like Reach Out WorldWide are making a difference by helping others in need,”?says Solis.
“Likewise, music helps people feel better and has a healing effect. MOVO has the same desire to help people by giving them the financial tools to function in a digital society.”
Solis says that compassion for its community and its customers is what sets MovoCash apart.
To that end, MovoCash believes that, through this charity event, the music will bring people together.
“MOVO, music and Reach Out WorldWide all connect people on an emotional level, allowing individuals to open up to each other. Together we can help connect people globally in a positive way,” says Solis.
In addition to the cars that made him famous in the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise, music was part of Walker’s legacy, and MovoCash is using music and community to help convey the sense of purpose and job satisfaction felt by all of the company’s team members.
“It’s so important to our family and Paul’s legacy for the work of ROWW to continue, and we’re grateful to MOVO and Tom Solis for jumping on board and being a part of it all,” says Cody Walker, brother of Paul Walker and CEO of the foundation.
“This is ROWW’s first “In Memory of Paul” car show in the US and we’re going to have a ton of fun raising money for a great cause.”
The MovoCash compassion remains a core part of the company’s culture that resonates with their customers and vendors.
Learn more about MOVO and to download its app, visit

Working Moms Stay Connected to Children Through Messenger Kids

(NewsUSA) – According to research from Working Mother Research Institute and Messenger Kids, 79 percent of working moms find that there is a constant struggle to find the right balance between being at work and being with their kids.They never want to miss a moment with their kids, but also feel the pressure to be present at work.Getting updates throughout the day makes working moms feel more connected to their kids, and Messenger Kids, a new app available in the US for iOS, Android and Fire tablets, is making it easier for working moms and their kids to talk.Messenger Kids puts the power to communicate in the hands of children and lets them reach out to mom whenever they need to."After talking to thousands of moms and working with the Working Mother Research Institute, we’ve found that 84 percent of moms wish they could have a brief look into how their child’s day is going. Most feel there’s a need for apps that let kids connect with people they love, but also have the level of parental control parents want," says Antigone Davis, Facebook Global Head of Safety.Communication apps such as Messenger Kids have many benefits, including:•  Connection. Apps are a great way for children to connect with the people they love. With Messenger Kids, kids can video chat and message with parent-approved contacts once their account is set up by a parent or guardian.•  Creativity. An app should be fun and allow kids to express themselves within the limits set by parents. Messenger Kids features a library of specially chosen GIFs, frames, stickers, masks and drawing tools that let them decorate photos and videos and have more fun with video chats.•  Control. Messenger Kids helps ease parents’ concerns about how children are using devices and whether they are using apps that are age-appropriate. It also gives parents more control. Parents fully control the contact list and kids can’t connect with people that their parent does not approve.•  Convenience. Apps, especially those built for kids, must be easy to set up and use. Once the account is established, the home screen shows kids at a glance whom they are approved to talk to and when those contacts are online. In addition, parents can chat with kids through their regular Messenger account, so it’s convenient for both parent and child.This Mother’s Day, and every day with Messenger Kids, moms never have to miss a moment.

Fiber: Nature’s Way of Making You Feel Your Best

(NewsUSA) – Having enough daily fiber in your diet has become increasingly important because fiber helps support a smoother, more functional digestive system, provides stronger immunity, and promotes overall well-being*.But did you know that even though you make an effort to eat healthy, you may still have trouble reaching your daily fiber requirement?Many Americans average only half of the recommended 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber per day, according to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Yet the current average daily intake of fiber is 15 grams, as the typical diet includes many foods with high calories, such as white bread, doughnuts, sodas, juices and red meat, to name a few.It is impractical, however, to think that you can get your daily fiber requirement from food alone, even though you can find it in edible plants, including many fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. For example, you would need to eat about 10 apples or bananas every day to obtain your daily fiber requirement.It’s a startling statistic that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates only about five percent of Americans reach the recommended level of dietary fiber requirements. An unfortunate result is a substantial burden on the health care system and on the individual health of Americans. This is known as the "fiber gap" as limited fiber intake has been associated with colon cancer and metabolic syndrome.The "fiber gap" exists for two reasons: people think fiber supplements are primarily for maintaining a regular digestive system, and traditional forms of fiber supplements on the market, such as powder or capsules, are inconvenient to take."Dietary fiber is known for keeping our bodies regular," says Michael Epstein, M.D., FACG, AGAF, a leading gastroenterologist and Chief Medical Advisor of IM HealthScience, LLC."Most importantly, it’s essential that you get enough fiber in your diet. One way to do that is to supplement your daily intake of dietary fiber with natural, prebiotic fiber supplements. Many of my patients like the convenience and ease of taking the Fiber Choice line of chewable and gummy products."Fiber Choice – A Convenient, Prebiotic SolutionThe Fiber Choice brand of chewables and gummies is made of inulin [pronounced: in-yoo-lin], a natural fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. Inulin works by helping to build healthy, good bacteria in the colon, while keeping food moving through the digestive system. This action has a beneficial and favorable effect of softening stools and improving bowel function.Research shows that the digestive system does more than digest food; it plays a central role in the immune system. The healthy bacteria that live in the digestive tract promote immune system function, so it’s important to nourish the body with fiber. Inulin has secondary benefits, too, of possibly lowering cholesterol, balancing blood chemistry and regulating appetite, which can help reduce calorie intake and play a supporting role in weight management.But getting enough fiber in one’s diet can be a challenge.So try these tips to increase the amount of fiber in your diet:•  Make your grains whole. Read labels and swap out conventional grains for whole wheat when buying bread and pasta products, and choose brown rice over white.•  Make your veggies green. Green vegetables, including beans, spinach, cabbage, and asparagus are good sources of dietary fiber.•  Go bananas. Many types of fruit are high in fiber, but bananas are an especially rich source. Add mashed bananas to muffins, smoothies, or a bowl of oatmeal as a way to increase fiber intake.•  Add a supplement. Sometimes eating enough fiber-rich foods is a challenge. So choose a dietary fiber supplement with prebiotic effects, such as the fiber found in Fiber Choice, which has been designed to promote the same health benefits as the fiber found naturally in foods. Fiber Choice chewables or gummies are gluten-free, sugar-free, and taste great in several fruity flavors – and they are easy and convenient to take anywhere and anytime. Among all other fiber products on the market, only Fiber Choice gummies contain pectin, which is derived principally from citrus and apples.For more information about the benefits of dietary fiber and how fiber supplements can be part of a healthy eating plan, visit usual adult dosage with Fiber Choice Chewable tablets is two tablets up to three times a day and for Fiber Choice Fiber Gummies is two gummies up to six per day.The product is available in major retailers, such as CVS/pharmacy, Walmart, Target, and many grocery stores, and can also be purchased online at Amazon.*THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.   

Can Capitalism Be Compassionate?

(NewsUSA) – The global economy can be confusing and terrifying. Financial experts, policy makers, and everyday citizens want to know: How will government policies impact our families and what can we do about it?In his recent book, "Broken Capitalism: This is How We Fix it," Ferris Eanfar explains the state of the global economy and its key problems in a straightforward, accessible style."When the 10 largest corporations on Earth have more combined economic power than 92 percent of all countries on Earth combined, the 50 largest financial corporations control wealth equal to 90 percent of Earth’s GDP [gross domestic product], the richest 1 percent of humans have more wealth than 99 percent of the world combined, and the eight richest humans have more wealth than the bottom 50 percent of Earth’s entire population combined . . . it’s safe to say humanity is in trouble," Mr. Eanfar says.Mr. Eanfar’s work is based on over 20 years of unique experience in economics, financial technologies ("FinTech"), blockchain/cryptocurrency development, artificial intelligence, and military and government affairs.Three key points in the book deal with issues of defining value, following a vision, and managing innovation.Value: Mr. Eanfar notes that money is not value itself; it represents value. Rather than focusing on money alone, he advises organizations to focus on theway value flows through their stakeholder ecosystems, which benefits all parties in the long run.Vision: "In business and in life, having ‘vision’ is about accurately assessing current reality, defining steps to achieve specific goals, and building a bridge between vision and reality based on discipline and effective execution," says Eanfar.Innovation: Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and other technological innovations can be used for good or ill. Mr. Eanfar dedicates a chapter of the book to the impact of artificial intelligence [AI] on government and the economy."When lightning-fast A.I. controls the political and economic apparatus of countries through their automated manipulation of social media and web-based information channels, humans won’t be able to easily differentiate between policy outcomes that serve their interests and policy outcomes that serve those who control the A.I. and their political patrons in the government," he says.For more information about the book, visit: https://Eanfar.orgMr. Eanfar is also on Twitter: (@FerrisEanfar)All book sales proceeds support the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation:

If You’re A First Time Home Buyer, This Primer Can Help

Finally ready to own instead of rent? Welcome to the club.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, first-time homebuyers last year made 38 percent of all U.S. single-family home purchases – the biggest share since 2000 – and the 2.07 million new or existing houses they bought ended up being 7 percent more than in 2016, reports.

But the market for house-hunting newbies has changed drastically from that most recent high mark of nearly two decades ago. Read on.