Fall in Love with Greater Fort Lauderdale

(NewsUSA) – Travelers may think of summer and beach activities when they think of Florida, but Greater Fort Lauderdale takes its relaxing vibe into the fall season.With options for off-season savings, visitors can enjoy a VIP experience for less and make the most of a fall visit to the destination, including deals on fine dining, outdoor activities, and indulgent spa experiences, just before heading into winter.-Food: Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month is back by popular demand with a new name and improved dining deals. "Crave GFL," Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month, is back by popular demand with a new name and improved dining deals. "Crave GFL," which runs through the month of September with many restaurants extending until October 15, celebrates the distinctive fusion of flavors that Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer. The promotion includes a series of tasting events, and more than 45 area restaurants offer specially created three course meals priced at $37. celebrates the area’s distinctive fusion of flavors that Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer. The promotion includes a series of tasting events, and more than 45 area restaurants offer specially- created three-course meals priced at $37."The natural beauty of our seaside community inspires chefs to create meals that are fresh and palate-pleasing," says Stacy Ritter, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau."Our restaurants and cafes are taking their rightful place not only on the global-cuisine stage, but also among our abundance of visitor attractions," she adds. For more information, visit sunny.org/cravegfl for more details.-Fun: The Vacation Like A VIP program, offering packages at a number of upscale hotels through October 15, allows visitors to Greater Fort Lauderdale to enjoy a buy-one-get-one free deal on activities, including Everglades airboat rides, visits to Sawgrass Recreation Park and Everglades Holiday Park, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing the FlowRider at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, along with other water-sport activities and water-taxi tours.Visit sunny.org/vip for additional information.-Feeling good: Greater Fort Lauderdale’s popular spa promotion is back through October 15.During "Spatember," the promotion includes specialty services for $99 at select spas in the area, with many extending to October 15. Treatments range from organic facials and eye treatments to therapeutic manicures and pedicures, as well as unique hot stone massage sessions.The Spatember deals may be a welcome opportunity "to find some much deserved ‘me time’ to restore the mind, body, and soul without breaking the bank," Ms. Ritter says.Visit sunny.org/spatember for more information. 

Five Tips You Need To Know Now To Avoid Getting Scammed By Roofing Contractors

(Sponsored by GAF) The Better Business Bureau says it is one of the biggest scams being perpetrated on homeowners, according to its new Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report.

A man knocks on your door and claims to have leftover roofing materials from another job nearby. He then offers to fix yours for nothing.

If this sounds too good to be true, it is.

The scammer — who loves to show up in those neighborhoods ravaged by storms — takes your money without doing the promised work — or very little of it.

Real Talk — When Was The Last Time You Enjoyed Your Business Trip?

(NewsUSA) -It’s hard to believe that 2017 is more than halfway over and that fall is in the air.With that, life starts to speed up as kids head back to school, holidays loom just around the corner, and you may find yourself traveling for work a bit more in the coming months as companies try to wrap up end-of-the-year projects.Welcome to real travel.What does that mean exactly?While we would all like to plan trips to exotic locations for weeks at a time, the truth is that people travel for life reasons, such as visiting relatives, meeting with clients, and for children’s sports.Just because these types of trips are practical does not mean they can’t also be enjoyable. And one travel blogger has some ideas on how to inject some fun into your real life trips.Danielle Smith, wife, mother, and creator of the Pretty Extraordinary website, "A place where you can ditch perfection, embrace the juggle and come away celebrating the small victories," believes there are some simple ways to get the best out of real travel.* Make Practical Trips Fun and Fun Trips Practical: Whether you are obligated to visit a family member or simply travel for business, seek out a few opportunities to enjoy the time away. Find a new restaurant that serves your favorite type of food, take in a show or visit a local treasure. Alternatively, if you have the opportunity to steal away for vacation, take the time to do a college tour with your kids: even if they aren’t looking yet, you never know what doors you may open.* Seek the Perks: For any type of travel, always look for hotels that offer the amenities that will make your stay both more comfortable and affordable. When traveling for business, chances are you’re visiting clients in various cities, so it’s important to find a hotel brand that consistently offers what you need. Hampton by Hilton, for instance, has more than 2,240 properties around the world and offers free amenities to make your stay more pleasurable. To help fuel up for those long days on the road or endless meetings, the hotel provides On the Run breakfast bags as a perk. Need to stay up late working into the evening? There’s free Wi-Fi for that.* Plan for Disruption: We all know that real travel involves real life moments — lost luggage, delayed flights, rainstorms when you were planning on a sunny day. So take the time to monitor the weather before you head to your destination, and keep a few extra items in your carry-on or purse (such as a rain hat, sweater or umbrella).While travel can be stressful, if you are prepared and plan ahead, it doesn’t have to be. You may even be able to enjoy a few moments.So don’t forget to book your next getaway at Hampton.com, where Hilton Honors members get a guaranteed discount.  

New Resources Critical for Stroke Recovery

(NewsUSA) – The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA), the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke has developed new stroke rehabilitation tools for healthcare professionals and clinical providers, to help stroke patients achieve the best recovery outcomes and quality of life possible.The tools, which are developed through the AHA/ASA’s Together to End Stroke initiative, leverage recommendations from the first-ever, AHA/ASA issued Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Guidelines for healthcare providers, and call for intensive, multidisciplinary treatment.The Healthcare Provider tool-kit includes recommendations in the following areas (and more):* The Rehab Program* Prevention and Medical Management of Comorbidities* Transition in Care and Community InterventionsThe Patient and Caregiver toolkit is also available and includes:* Patient guide to making good rehab decisions, such as what to expect in medical rehab and how to choose the right rehab facility.* Patient quick sheet to rehab planning to ask the right questions at the hospital, before discharge, for rehab providers and questions family members should be asking.Together to End Stroke, which is nationally sponsored by Kindred Rehabilitation Services, elevates awareness that stroke is largely beatable through high-quality rehabilitation, patient support and implementation of the AHA/ASA’s Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Guidelines."The science of stroke rehabilitation is advancing rapidly, due to the development of new technology, and stroke outcomes are improving as a result," says Dr. Mitchell Elkind, chair of the American Stroke Association and professor of Neurology and Epidemiology at Columbia University.Stroke is a leading cause of serious disability. But there’s increasing evidence that rehabilitation can have a big impact on a survivors’ quality of life. In many cases, survivors regain skills and return to independent living. However, many survivors do not receive the appropriate level and amount of rehabilitation services needed to maximize recovery."Stroke is largely preventable, increasingly treatable, and, now more than ever, beatable. With the AHA/ASA and its alliances putting more strategic efforts in place, all of us can provide better care, which can translate into fewer stroke recurrences and less disability in stroke survivors," says Elkind.For more information and to access the free rehabilitation and recovery resources for healthcare providers and patients, visit StrokeAssociation.org/recovery

Los Voluntarios Se Ofrecen con Valor Para Proteger A Su Comunidad

(NewsUSA) -Cuando ocurre una emergencia, las comunidades en todo Estados Unidos dependen de la estación de bomberos de su localidad para atender la situación. Lo que muchas personas no saben es que hay gran posibilidad de que las personas que responden a su llamada sean voluntarios. Los voluntarios forman alrededor de 70 por ciento de los servicios de bomberos del país y dedican su tiempo y esfuerzo para ayudar a sus comunidades de una forma extraordinaria y llena de satisfacciones para ellos. Los voluntarios atienden toda clase de emergencias, como incendios, emergencias médicas, labores de búsqueda y rescate, desastres naturales y más. No obstante, muchas estaciones de bomberos no tienen el personal suficiente y las llamadas de emergencia siguen en incremento. Estos servicios de emergencia están buscando a integrantes de la comunidad que se unan a su personal. “Cualquier persona puede ser bombero. Somos personas de todas las edades, sexos, razas, etnicidades y profesiones”, declaró el jefe de bomberos Juan Bonilla, integrante de la junta directiva del National Volunteer Fire Council. “La estación de bomberos proporciona la capacitación: todo lo que necesitas es el deseo y el compromiso de servir a los demás”. Ser bombero voluntario es una forma única de apoyar a la comunidad, aprender nuevas habilidades y trabajar con un equipo de personas de todo tipo, que quieren hacer la diferencia. Casi un millón de personas protegen a sus comunidades como bomberos voluntarios. Para saber más y buscar oportunidades en su localidad: www.MakeMeAFirefighter.org.

Study Suggests Today’s US Students Are Less Efficient Readers

(NewsUSA) – Do today’s students perform better than their peers in 1960? Given the advances in education and technology, it would be natural to assume that the answer is a resounding "yes." But, when it comes to reading efficiency, new research suggests that that’s not the case.The research, published by the International Literacy Association, compares the comprehension-based silent reading efficiency of US students (grades 2-12) in 2011 with data collected in 1960.A key finding was that students fall further behind as they advance through the grades, wrote Alexandra Spichtig, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer of Reading Plus, and first author of the study.The study showed that today’s second-grade students are comparable to their peers of 50 years ago, but that by the end of high school, students’ comprehension-based silent reading rates average 19 percent slower than the rates of their 1960 peers."What we know — and the data underscore this — is that for many students, the progression to efficient silent reading does not develop naturally. Many students need structured silent reading instruction," explains Mark Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Plus, a web-based silent reading program for schools.Some of the benefits of implementing silent reading instruction at home or in school are:* Expanded vocabulary* Improved comprehension* Increased efficiency* Enhanced reading enjoyment* Improved writing skillsExperts agree that without extensive silent reading practice in the classroom or at home, students will continue to struggle and literacy rates will continue to fall short or fall behind."Effective reading instruction must integrate fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension practice tailored to meet each student’s unique needs. This study demonstrates that as long as structured silent reading practice is neglected in this country, the literacy problem is likely to continue," Taylor adds.While researchers can’t pinpoint reasons for the decline in silent reading efficiency from that of 50 years ago, it stands to reason that those students who engage in structured silent reading practice become more efficient readers and take with them a love of books that lasts far past their high school graduation.For more information, please visit www.readingplus.com

London Unveils Autumn’s Can’t-Miss Cultural Events

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – London’s Autumn Season remains a highlight of the country’s cultural calendar, and this fall is no exception.
“With a strong dollar making a dream trip to London more affordable, the city is projecting a sharp increase in visitor arrivals up to 2025, including 3.3 million visitors from the United States,” according to London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency.
“But the benefits of visiting London in the fall include smaller crowds and an incredible lineup of events right across the city,” the agency adds.
Highlights of this year’s autumn season include:
-Magical museums. The British Library celebrates the anniversary of the publication of the first book in the Harry Potter series with a special exhibit, Harry Potter: A History of Magic.
Other museum gems include the diving blue whale at the Natural History Museum and an intimate look at Ferraris at the Design Museum.
-Extraordinary events. Broadway arrives at London’s West End with an installment of Hamilton: An American Musical, and the London Symphony Orchestra introduces its new director, Sir Simon Rattle, at the Barbican Theatre.
In addition, Wembley Stadium will play host to the MTV European Music Awards, and the NFL’s London Games brings American football to the city.
-Past, presents, and postage. This fall, Buckingham Palace showcases gifts presented to Queen Elizabeth during the last 65 years.
In addition, tourists can now travel via the Mail Rail — the underground line between Paddington and Whitechapel used to deliver the Royal Mail — and visit London’s new Postal Museum to explore reviews of postal design and technology and the intimacy of personal letters.
-Charm for children. The V&A Museum of Childhood includes an exhibit on the story, War Horse, and other beloved children’s characters in an exhibit saluting author Michael Morpugo.
-Sunset shifts. Visitors and locals with a second wind at the end of the day can take advantage of London’s Museums at Night festival, which allows access to the city’s cultural treasures after hours.
And this year, visitors to London can enhance their stay by consulting video guides for tips on how to experience the city like a local.
Celebrity narrators who share their secrets include Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the musical, Hamilton; vocalist and broadcaster Jumoké Fashola; author and fashion historian Amber Buchart; and Blue Badge Tour Guide David Mildon.
Find more details about cultural highlights of London in autumn at www.visitlondon.com

Now That Summer’s Over, It’s A Perfect Time to Get Financially Organized

If, like many people, you have your important paperwork scattered helter skelter everywhere (think birth certifiate and IRS tax returns), you may want to consider getting financially organized before it’s absolutely imperative you put your hands on it.

While just the thought of getting organized may sound exhausting, it helps to start small. One way is to decide whether you’re ready to enter the 21st century, or go old school and pay for either a bank security box or get a locked fireproof box to keep in your closet.

The 3 Signs of Tech Neck

(NewsUSA) – Headaches? Neck pain? Numbness and tingling in your fingers? Yep, you’ve got all the signs of "tech neck" – courtesy of incessantly staring down at all those mobile devices of yours. Know, though, that given those extra pounds of stress you’ve been putting on your spine, not only can doctors of chiropractic provide you with options for relieving your pain, they can also help correct the overall poor posture that tech neck results in. View the full-sized image here. 

Opioid Crisis Inspires Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

(NewsUSA) – What to do about an opioid crisis that claims 91 American lives every day? While the politicians continue to debate solutions, Ret. Brigadier General Becky Halstead — honorary chair of the 2017 Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month — has an answer based on what she learned following her combat tour of duty in Iraq. You see, the U.S. Army believed the solution for her chronic pain was multiple prescription painkillers. Wrong. Only after she sought out safer, effective alternatives on her own did she discover what she says "saved my life" — chiropractic care. Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/T0LDJBD-kWg