In Homes, Burglars See Windows of Opportunity

<b>In Homes, Burglars See Windows of Opportunity</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Most people believe that their homes are secure, but the statistics suggest that many homes are not. In 2008, over 2 million homes were burglarized, resulting in nearly $4.6 billion in total losses. The average burglary victim lost about $2,097 in property.

Burglars, for the most part, like easy targets. The good news? Criminals do not want to be seen, so a well-lit home and yard could deter would-be burglars. Motion detector lights illuminate yards and driveways without wasting energy, because they don’t turn on until they sense movement.

Precision Plus Doppler Radar, by Cooper Lighting, combines the range and accuracy of Doppler Radar with Passive Infrared technology (PIR), plus a built-in processor for one of the most advanced motion sensor lighting systems available. Precision Plus Doppler Radar protects your home with improved reliability, more dependable area coverage and stable performance.

PIR technology detects heat from moving objects and also side-to-side movement. Doppler radar technology reacts to actual motion — not heat changes. Plus, it detects movement toward and away from the home — straight-on coverage. Precision Plus Doppler Radar combines traditional PIR with the advantages of Doppler Radar to produce an outdoor security lighting system with more coverage and fewer false triggers.

For the past two decades, motion sensor lighting has relied on PIR, which detects heat from moving objects, such as people, animals, and cars. Unfortunately, these sensors can be triggered by changes in the wind and temperature, as well as stray objects like branches or leaves. A well-bundled burglar, for example, approaching a traditional motion sensor or product might not be detected on a cold night.

Precision Plus Doppler Radar revolutionizes the traditional PIR system using highly sensitive Doppler microwave technology. First, the system transmits microwave signals into the coverage area. Once a person enters the area and interrupts the signal, a return signal reaches the micro-chip processor which interprets the interruption as motion and activates the lamps.

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A Clear Alternative to Thick, Milky Nutrition Drinks

<b>A Clear Alternative to Thick, Milky Nutrition Drinks</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – A new line of fruit-flavored protein-based drinks hopes to help seniors and those with dietary challenges meet their nutrition goals.

The makers of Isopure, a whey protein drink marketed to athletes and bodybuilders, realized that seniors, weight-loss surgery patients, and people receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy were seeking out their products at health and nutrition stores. Recognizing that these customers’ nutritional goals were different from those of fitness enthusiasts, the company created Isopure Plus — a line of clear, fruit-flavored,vitamin-fortified, protein-based nutrition and zero-carb drinks to help them meet these goals.

Under-nutrition or malnutrition is common among seniors and is often due to one or more factors, which include inadequate food intake; food choices that lead to dietary deficiencies; and illness that can cause increased nutrient requirements, increased nutrient loss, and poor nutrient absorption. Similarly, people receiving chemo, radiation, or anti-retroviral therapy may experience under- or malnutrition due to increased body stress from their illness and side effects of treatment. Nutritional drinks such as Isopure Plus can help these people get the protein, vitamins and calories they need to maintain proper nutrition.

In the past, nutritional drinks meant thick, gloppy milkshake-like formulations, usually in chocolate- or vanilla-based flavors. Many of these drinks contain ingredients that prove difficult for the lactose-intolerant and people with sensitive stomachs to drink regularly. By contrast, Isopure Plus is easy to drink, fruit-flavored and free from fat, gluten and lactose. It delivers 15 grams of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids plus vitamins in a single eight-ounce serving.

Another growing group, weight-loss surgery patients, are having difficulty getting proper nutrition as well, but need to avoid sugars and carbohydrates. Weight-loss surgery patients face a unique dietary challenge immediately following their procedure and must follow a strictly regimented liquid diet during their recovery. Getting adequate protein can be problematic for these people as many protein-rich foods can be difficult to digest during the early stages of recovery. Isopure Plus Zero Carb Protein Drink can provide these patients with the same benefits as Isopure Plus Nutritional Drink but without the calorie-packed sugars and carbohydrates.

The Isopure Plus line of drinks currently comes in two flavors — Alpine Punch and Grape Frost — and is available online and at GNC stores.