Looking for Chef-Inspired Recipes in Your Kitchen? Start With Breakfast

Restaurant owners spend countless hours fretting over food stock and prices, catering to customers, negotiating with suppliers and supervising staff.  How does a super-busy food entrepreneur stay on top of business and make time for a healthy meal? We asked Megan Walhood and Jeremy Daniels, co-owners of the popular, Portland, Oregon-based Viking Soul Food, and the answer was: Plan ahead and eat a good breakfast!

“One of the things we try to do as busy business owners is plan ahead when it comes to our food,” says Walhood. “Making big batches of soup can sustain a family throughout the week. Even a big batch of beans combined with different veggies, cheese, chicken, fish, etc., will create a variety of healthy, satisfying meals.”

American Catfish Goes South of the Border

Put together a fiesta or a simple, delicious supper with Catfish Enchiladas with Goat Cheese and Chipotle Cream. A welcome departure from your typical chicken or beef, U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish has a uniquely mild flavor that will take your taste buds south of the border. This dish is the ideal combination of elegance and ease, a perfect crowd-pleaser or quick weeknight meal. And while the catfish alone will make your mouth water, creamy goat cheese and a spicy chipotle cream will have you shouting, “Olé!”

Catfish Enchiladas with Goat Cheese and Chipotle Cream

Lose Weight With American Farm-Raised Catfish

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – While the term “healthy fats” may seem like a catch-22, they may be the backstop your willpower needs to lose weight as warmer weather rounds the corner. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in U.S. Catfish, include reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension. And while any fat is damaging to your waistline when consumed in large quantities, U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is a low-fat, high-protein food that benefits your heart and keeps you satisfied.
Federal dietary guidelines recommend up to two servings of fish a week, a goal easily attained with delicious recipes like Catfish Florentine. Lightly breaded and nestled on a bed of spinach, weight loss never tasted so good.

Spice Up Dinner With American Catfish and Peppercorns

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Tired of the same boring dinner, night in and night out? Don’t let dull, tasteless meals become the norm. Instead, try this catfish recipe that is sure to spice up your night.
Catfish with Peppercorns on a bed of Sautéed Spinach and Matchstick Vegetables subjects taste buds to flavors that are sure to entice any lover of spice. The U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish has a pleasing, mild taste that blends flawlessly with the pepper and vegetable flavors.
This simple catfish recipe boasts a long name with a simple preparation:

Six 7-ounce catfish fillets

A Recipe for Longevity

<b>A Recipe for Longevity</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – When Oprah Winfrey recently visited me as part of a show devoted to longevity, she asked how I stay healthy and energetic at 86 years old. My secret: a fish-vegetarian diet that includes large quantities of fruits and vegetables, plus an hour of daily exercise.

Even though I am Chairman and Owner of Dole Food Company, I do most of my own grocery shopping, loading up on the 30 to 40 different kinds of fruit and vegetables I eat each week — just a few of which are listed on the chart.

This chart is the kind of information we publish through the Dole Nutrition Institute. To join the 2.5 million subscribers who enjoy the Dole Nutrition News, sign up at www.dolenutrition.com. We report on the latest academic findings, particularly those coming out of our new North Carolina Research Campus.

This is the only campus in the world encompassing eight universities all working together for the benefit of health and longevity. We’ve gathered a comprehensive array of famous scientists and scientific equipment under one roof, including a two-story, 8-ton superconducting magnet that is the only one of its kind in the world.

We are studying all the compounds of every fruit and vegetable as well as the causes of disease in order to help feed the world with knowledge on how to lead healthier, more vital lives.


The Healthiest Foods on Earth

* Banana – Increases fat burning; lowers risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, leukemia; reduces asthma symptoms in children.

* Pineapple – Speeds post-surgery healing; promotes joint health; supports colon health.

* Blueberries – Restore antioxidant levels; reverse
age-related brain decline; prevent urinary tract infection.

* Spinach – Helps maintain mental sharpness; reduces the risk of cancers of the liver, ovaries, colon and prostate; top nutrient density.

* Red Bell Pepper – Reduces risk of lung, prostate, ovarian and cervical cancer; protects against sunburn; promotes heart health.

* Broccoli – Reduces diabetic damage; lowers risk of
prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancer; protects the brain in event of injury

* Apple – Supports immunity; fights lung and prostate cancer; lowers Alzheimer’s risk.

* Butternut Squash – Supports night vision; combats wrinkles; promotes heart health.

* Carrot – Antioxidants defend DNA; fights cataracts;
protects against some cancers.

* Cauliflower – Stimulates detoxification; suppresses breast cancer cell growth; defends against prostate cancer.

* Cabbage – Promotes healthy blood clotting; reduces risk of prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancers; activates the body’s natural detoxification systems.

* Kale – Counters harmful estrogens that can feed cancer; protects eyes against sun damage and cataracts; increases bone density.

* Kiwi – Combats wrinkles; lowers blood clot risk and
reduces blood lipids; counters constipation.

* Mushrooms – Promote natural detoxification; reduce
the risk of colon and prostate cancer; lower blood pressure.

* Strawberries – Protect against Alzheimer’s; reduce “bad” cholesterol; suppress growth of colon, prostate and
oral cancer.

* Sweet Potato – Reduces stroke risk; lowers cancer risk; protects against blindness.