Product Innovations Make DIY Painting Easy and Convenient

<b>Product Innovations Make DIY Painting Easy and Convenient</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – It’s a DIY world. Whether it’s to save a little money or just a desire to personally express one’s own style, more people are doing it themselves. And nowhere is the DIY trend more apparent than in interior painting. Now, thanks to some innovative product breakthroughs, what once was considered a chore is now a whole lot easier and convenient.

Goodbye to the Painting Season

For a majority of the country, painting projects were scheduled for the “honey-do” list only during months when it was bearable to keep the windows open rather than be fumed out of the house. With the dawn of low- and no-VOC paints, there’s no more putting off what can be painted today.

No-VOC paints, like Olympic Premium or the Freshaire Choice, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are what cause paint to have such a strong and lingering odor. No VOCs. No smell. Feel free to paint whenever inspiration strikes, no matter the temperature or weather outside.

Release Your Inner Designer

If it’s as simple as covering the edges of a chair rail or as complicated as creating intricate stripes, keeping paint only where you want it is the key to professional-looking results. To keep the paint where it belongs, a good painting tape is a must. Look for a tape that adheres well, peels off cleanly and, most importantly, stops paint from bleeding under the tape.

FrogTape brand painter’s tape ( is treated with PaintBlock Technology, which allows the tape to absorb and retain liquid, forming a barrier between the tape and the paint. This technology helps to ensure clean, crisp lines, while limiting the time needed for touching up.

Sometimes It’s Best to Stick With the Classics

Yet, even with the best inventions, there is still no substitute for a good paint and roller to get the paint job done right. For latex paints, use a brush with synthetic nylon or polyester bristles. Natural bristles will absorb the water in latex paints, causing them to droop. Keep the natural bristled brushes for oil-based paint applications.

For larger applications, like walls, a roller is a great time saver, but again choosing the right one will make all the difference. For smooth or lightly textured walls, select a roller cover with a 3/8-inch nap. For rougher walls such as textured plaster or concrete, go with a 3/4-inch nap. Check out Wooster Brush (, which covers all nap lengths and offers most with a plastic core to help the roller remain sturdy throughout the paint project.

So, no matter the reason and no matter the season, if now is the time to DIY, rest assured, painting like a pro has never been easier. From start to finish, tools available today allow DIYers to create a pro look — without the pro.

Tips for Shipping Bulky Items With Ease

<b>Tips for Shipping Bulky Items With Ease</b> (NU) – If you’re planning a move, packing is probably the one thing you’re not looking forward to. So, you rent a truck or call a moving company and the problem is solved.

However, if what you really want to do is ship an overstuffed sofa to your son at college or a priceless oil painting to your mother across country, the solutions aren’t as obvious.

How do you begin to figure out the best way to handle, pack and transport objects that require a little extra care? Since most damage occurs during handling and movement, the best advice would be to leave it to a professional who will carefully consider the needs of the object, as well as the type of move.

Not every packing situation requires the same method. The packing of larger objects, like a bulky couch, is complicated because of size and shape. A valuable painting may need special wrapping to preserve its color and beauty.

If you plan on doing it yourself, here are some common sense suggestions to safeguard your belongings from the rigors of transit.

* Wrap. To prevent scratches, discoloration, water damage and dirt, you should always protect the surface of your valuables. Use bubble wrap, nonacidic paper for artwork or a clean cloth that won’t scrape the surface.

* Absorb. Shock and vibration absorption is important to keep pieces from breaking. Use a cushion material like foam or rubber as the second layer of packaging.

* Protect. The outer layer of the package should be a hard, puncture-resistant surface like plywood.

However, unless you’re a skilled carpenter, building an appropriate plywood crate is likely to be beyond your abilities.

One company makes it easy for people to feel assured their belongings are protected. Pak Mail specializes in large-item packing and shipping – any size, any weight, any configuration.

This full-service mailing and resource center has a network of reliable surface and air carriers from which to choose. Pak Mail will also pick up your items and will customize packing crates to fit your valuables.

Items shipped by Pak Mail stores across the country and overseas include a motorized hand glider, a grandfather clock, a Mercedes Benz roof, an X-ray machine, a life raft and even an original Pablo Picasso painting.

For more information and locations, call 1-800-778-6665.