New Mission for Ex-Navy SEAL

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – If you saw the movie “Black Hawk Down,” you already know what happened to the soldiers on that mission-gone-bad to capture Somali warlords. Eighteen of them died that day in 1993, and more than 70 others were injured.
One of those hurt — then-Navy SEAL Howard Wasdin — was in such pain, for so long after retiring, that he sought the kind of medical help only now becoming increasingly available in the military.
“After being shot in the Battle of Mogadishu, a friend advised me to go to a chiropractor,” says Wasdin, author of the NY Times best-seller “SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper.” “Three adjustments later, I was sleeping through the night with no neck pain and walking without a limp.”
Ready for the neat twist to his story? So inspired was Wasdin by his own care that today he, himself, is a chiropractor — as well as an avid supporter of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.
“It took a chiropractor to give me back my quality of life,” he says. “Today, my mission is to share the importance of chiropractic with the public, so more patients are able to get the care they need.”
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New Movement Picks Up Where Occupy Wall Street Trails Off

Occupy Wall Street’s most recent push, “May Day,” exemplifies the crux of the protest: it’s a great forum to express widespread discontent about financial issues, but less adept at affecting bona fide change between giant corporations and average consumers.

Critics of the movement tend to call it politically dangerous and radical, like pollster Doug Schoen in the Wall Street Journal. On the other hand, President Obama is embracing a 2012 platform crusading for the 99 percent against the presumptive GOP nominee.

Brighten Your Kitchen With a Few New Fixtures and Dimmers

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – The high “price tag” on groceries and gas do not have to put a damper on your plans to remodel your kitchen this year. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), just merely changing out the decorative lighting fixtures over the breakfast nook or center island can have a big visual impact, creating a fresher, more up-to-date look — and it is considerably less expensive than replacing the cabinets or countertops.
If your kitchen’s only source of lighting is from recessed cans, consider adding a few fixtures to serve as aesthetic and functional focal points in the room over the casual eating area and/or the island. To make all your lighting as efficient, effective and attractive as possible, dimmers are a must-have update.
“The greatest benefit of installing dimmers in an existing kitchen is that the quality of the resulting light will inevitably appear much more comfortable and flexible than what you had before,” explains Joe Rey-Barreau, education consultant for the ALA and an associate professor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Interior Design.
Todd Phillips of Quoizel, a leading lighting manufacturer, keeps track of the latest trends in kitchen design. “Transitional is still the operative word,” says Phillips. “What’s popular right now is what I would describe as Cleaned Up Americana. This is representative of the classic, familiar shapes and elements we all recognize, but with a bit sleeker appearance and on-trend finishes such as bronze and brushed nickel.”
“Handcrafted, hand-forged designs are also gaining in popularity,” Phillips continues. “The key word is clean. Finishes are still neutral, simple and clean. Along with beige, white, bronze and brushed chrome, I’m starting to see more polished chrome. I also find the more custom designs are a bit bolder in their use of color in the kitchen and in the lighting,” he adds.
For help selecting the most appropriate, efficient and economical decorative lighting for your décor, visit an ALA-member lighting showroom. To find your closest showroom and to learn more about the latest lighting styles, visit or call 800-BRIGHT IDEAS (800-274-4484).

A New Three-Letter Killer: HAI

Contrary to what Hollywood blockbusters lead you to expect, Americans should focus less on the remote possibility of a civilization-destroying viral epidemic and worry a whole lot more about the real-life army of deadly superbugs lurking beneath hospital beds, re-colonizing improperly sterilized surgical equipment, and running rampant in ER waiting rooms and hospital wards throughout the country.

Hospital-associated infections (HAIs) now affect a staggering one in twenty patients in the US, and are estimated to cause more than 100,000 deaths each year. The World Health Organization reports that at any given time, 1.4 million people are battling infections or complications resulting from hospitalization.

New Comedy Zeroes In on Soaring Tuition Rates

(NewsUSA) – Tuition rates have been on an upward climb since the late 1980s, but neither average income nor the amount of financial aid available can keep up. As a result, lower- and middle-class families are having a tougher time forking out the cash for tuition rates.The increasing disparity between income levels and the price of higher learning has led to incredible amounts of student debt. Families are encouraging students to look at two-year degrees and community colleges to cut costs. According to the Department of Education, enrollment in two-year colleges has risen over the past decade and dropped in four-year institutions.Soaring tuition rates and massive student debt are attracting much discussion in the public forum. While the film industry loves college movies, it hasn’t really broached this somewhat tender subject -; until now. From the creators of “American Pie” comes a new adult-rated comedy called “The Pool Boys.”In a desperate attempt to earn a scholarship to pay for his elite Harvard education, one character (Brett Davern) joins his pool boy, drop-out cousin (Matthew Lillard) to start an escort service. An exquisite mansion happens to fall into their hands, and the pair find the perfect location to create an upscale brothel.Complete with dominatrices, scantily clad “escorts” and cameos from Tom Arnold, “The Pool Boys” is a recipe for adventure. The smart comedy explores the lengths people travel to pay for college when financial aid is cut despite rising tuition. Davern’s character must exploit women to afford his Ivy League degree and become a successful adult. The irony is certainly not lost, it’s potently rich.The film opened as a special engagement on Sept. 30 followed by a second special engagement on Oct. 7, a nudge that pushes the issue of climbing tuition rates onto the national agenda even more. The film is available to watch instantly on 43 million remote controls in North America, on Cable Teleco and Satellite “On Demand” channels.Employers are demanding post-secondary education, but since many middle-class adults can’t afford college rates, unemployment numbers remain dangerously high. See the trailer and all “now playing” locations at

Five Simple Ways to Jump Start Your New Year

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Five Simple Ways to Jump Start Your New Year

(NewsUSA) – Set yourself up for success, and you’ll ensure that your New Year’s resolutions don’t become end-of-year regrets. The …

Have Fun, Get Fit With the Whole Family This New Year

Gone are the days when being indoors meant sitting around watching television or playing board games. The video game revolution known as “motion gaming” is proving to be a great way for the whole family to boost physical activity levels while spending quality time with one another – all from the inside of the home. This New Year, get the whole family moving with “motion video gaming”.

Also known as “exergaming,” video games that require body movement allow children to dance or swing their arms in order to win the games. The newest example of the genre is SingStar Dance, which adds dancing to the traditional vocal gameplay, so gamers can sing along to the hottest new hits and learn how to shake and groove alongside favorite pop stars.

2011 New Year’s Resolution: Start Taking Better Care of Your Vehicle

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – While we might slip up on our New Year’s resolutions at times, this year you can resolve to take better care of your car all year. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers the following tips for winter vehicle maintenance to get you started!
* Be proactive. Winter only magnifies existing problems like pings, hard starts, sluggish performance or rough idling. Make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound before the temperature dips and the streets get icy. Make certain the engine is in peak condition. Also check the cooling system. Coolant should be replaced per the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.
* Be on schedule. Have your motor oil changed regularly. Use the specified weight and grade of oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Also make sure to check that the heating/defrosting system is working properly.
* Be prepared. Prepare for potential winter emergencies by using your trunk as a storage place for emergency items. Important items to have on hand include: a properly inflated spare tire; ice scraper; windshield de-icer; flashlight; blanket; extra clothes; bottled water; cell phone car charger and non-perishable snacks.
* Be on the defensive. Take a defensive position against winter driving conditions, and take care of your tires. Once it gets cold, tire tread and pressure should be checked weekly. A tire’s PSI measurement can drop one pound for every 10-degree drop in temperature. If snow and ice are a problem in your area, consider installing winter tires, which are specially designed to grip slick roads.
* Be diligent. Use common sense during adverse road conditions. Reduce your driving speed, and increase your following distance in hazardous winter weather. If you get stuck in the snow, don’t spin your tires — this can overheat them and possibly cause damage. Use sand, gravel, kitty litter, an asphalt shingle or other gritty items to help your tires gain traction when stuck.

"Storm Warning" Poised To Find New Audience

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Billy Graham, an iconic spiritual advisor who has preached to more people around the world than any other religious leader in history, sees warning signs in current events.
“Depression today not only describes the hard economic state of affairs sweeping our world but the human state of mind,” writes Graham. “I see this unfolding phenomenon as one of the many storm clouds hovering over a lost and dying world.”
To help people weather today’s economic and cultural climate, Graham has completely revised his book “Storm Warning” which was originally written and published in 1992, in response to the fall of Communism and the Gulf War.
“Trouble brewing in the Middle East especially heightened interest in what the Bible had to say about the end days,” Graham writes. “People began to wonder if there might really be something to the ancient prophecies spoken by God’s prophets, and confirmed by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”
This new edition of “Storm Warning” offers Graham’s perspective on the post-9/11 world. “We felt that in light of recent developments since 9/11 it might be helpful to reprint the book, bringing it up to date since the turn of the century,” writes Graham’s son, Franklin, in the book’s foreword.
The book looks at current events and how they relate to Biblical prophecy, especially a small part of the book of Revelations. “Scripture speaks of earthquakes, wars, and rumors of wars, and warns us with urgency to prepare for the storms to come,” writes Graham.
God may bring storms, Graham posits, but He also offers shelter. “Just as a laser pen helps focus attention on vital aspects of a business presentation, in this book, I hope to use God’s Word -; His laser beam — to shed light on His revealed plan to save the human race from the explosive clouds rumbling through our world.”
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Ordinary Products Go High-Tech

Lightbulbs, televisions, toaster ovens – all three inventions changed the way that Americans live and work. Today, scientists still use technologies to improve home products. Appliances have become increasingly efficient. New smart homes will even allow people to lock their house or adjust their thermostat with their cell phones.

But the products that use advanced technology don’t always seem like science fiction. For example, painters tape doesn’t usually cause excitement. But Frog Tape, which won a Best of What’s New award in Popular Science’s Home Tech category in 2007, does exactly what old tapes failed to do – create clean edges around paint jobs.