Take a Bow With This Hearty Pork Tenderloin

It’s not often you get the chance to whip up a dish containing two – count ‘em, two – key ingredients food critics just went ga-ga over. Fortuitously, given the dip in temperatures outside, there also happens to be no better time than now to enjoy a hot, juicy pork tenderloin made with both of them.

“Nice and fruity” and “unusually pleasant” are how AOL Kitchen Daily tasters described the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – used to flavor the pork – in naming it “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. And Cooking Light magazine was no less glowing in naming the same company’s Balsamic Vinegar a Taste Test Award Winner as part of its second annual selection of the best-tasting and healthiest grocery store products and stand-out artisanal treats from across the country.

A Refreshing Twist on Traditional Guacamole

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – In America, the most typical way to use avocados is in guacamole, which is frequently eaten as an appetizer and served with tortilla chips.
Mexican Chef Roberto Santibanez explains that guacamole is rarely served like that in his home country, and encourages people to explore other usages, such as adding guacamole to soups, eating with rice, serving it alongside grilled meats or on top of tacos. Not only is guacamole versatile, but a one-ounce serving of avocado contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals as well as mono- and polyunsaturated fats — the “good” fats.
For a refreshing twist on this traditional Mexican dish, Santibanez recommends jazzing up the classic guacamole with pineapple and cucumbers. He describes that “the soft crunch of cucumber, the sweet-tart flavor of pineapple and the creaminess of the avocado give each bite a flavorful punch perfect for pairing with grilled salmon, shrimp, steak and more.”

American Catfish Goes South of the Border

Put together a fiesta or a simple, delicious supper with Catfish Enchiladas with Goat Cheese and Chipotle Cream. A welcome departure from your typical chicken or beef, U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish has a uniquely mild flavor that will take your taste buds south of the border. This dish is the ideal combination of elegance and ease, a perfect crowd-pleaser or quick weeknight meal. And while the catfish alone will make your mouth water, creamy goat cheese and a spicy chipotle cream will have you shouting, “Olé!”

Catfish Enchiladas with Goat Cheese and Chipotle Cream

How to Eat Thai and Enjoy It

div img class=”category-img” src=”http://ftper.newsusa.com/Thumbnail/EnjoyThai.jpg” alt=”Five words or less” width=”180″ //divdiv class=”category-listcontent”div class=”category-body” id=”ArticleBody” style=”display: block” (a href=”http://www.newsusa.com”NewsUSA/a) – Do you love to eat at Thai restaurants but always order the same dish, such as Pad Thai, because, although everything sounds delicious, you’re …/div/div

Seeing Static? You Have Options To Restore Your TV

<b>Seeing Static? You Have Options To Restore Your TV</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Americans still using rabbit ears on their analog television sets got a rude awakening June 12 when their favorite shows were replaced by a screen full of static. That’s because the long-awaited digital transition — where all full-power stations stop broadcasting their analog signals and switch to all-digital signals — finally arrived. If you or someone you know lost one or more channels, don’t worry, you have several options to restore your TV that are easy to do and easy on your wallet.

An inexpensive way to get over 120 top channels, including locals, is to try a satellite TV system like DISH Network, which you can subscribe to for the first six months for only $14.99 per month.

If you prefer to watch only the local channels, invest in a TV set with a digital tuner, or purchase a converter box for your existing TV set. Many HDTVs, 32 inches and smaller, can cost less than $300, and with a government coupon, DISH Network’s DTVPal Plus converter box (www.dtvpal.com) costs only $19.99. The converter box includes an enhanced tuner built for weak signal areas, analog pass-through, timer settings and an onscreen program guide, all in a package the size of a paperback novel.

Most digital tuner TVs and converter boxes can be found at retailers like Sears or Kmart. To subscribe to DISH Network’s digital service, visit www.dishnetwork.com.

“Staycations” Help Beat Economic Doldrums

<b>“Staycations” Help Beat Economic Doldrums</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – The down economy has forced many Americans to forgo vacations, but working without breaks can create undue stress and related heath issues. If you want to save some money, there are plenty of ways to get creative and have a fun, affordable “staycation” without leaving your hometown.

– Get crafty. There are many Web sites devoted to crafting activities. From scrapbooking to creating personalized home décor, find a project that the whole family can contribute to and enjoy. When you finish, you’ll have a lasting memory of something the family accomplished together.

– Get out by staying in. While destination vacations may be a little out of reach for budgets right now, you can “get away” with your family or closest friends from the comfort of the couch. Have everyone bring their favorite dish and enjoy a potluck meal while you watch movies set in your favorite exotic, tropical locations. Better yet, take the opportunity to enjoy foreign films from destinations you hope to visit.

– Explore your hometown cultural scene. You can live in a city for years and never take advantage of all it has to offer. This year, take the family out on the town to local museums and art galleries. You’ll be sure to find something everyone can enjoy while gaining a deeper appreciation for your hometown. Check out Web sites for your state and city’s convention and visitors’ bureau for additional information.

– Finding new favorites and playing catch-up. When money is tight, snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite shows, or catch up on movies on your “to watch” list. DISH Network, for example, offers high-quality programming and technology, such as TurboHD, a 100 percent all-HD package, as well as 1080p movies on demand in quality comparable to Blu-Ray disc. DISH Network also offers top-rated and award-winning HD DVRs to record all of your favorites, old and new, and watch whenever you like — especially if you do decide to take a trip.

– Get active. You don’t need a beachfront to go for a long walk or to start a game of backyard volleyball. Go online and search for local hiking trails and picnic spots, or head to a local swimming pool or bowling alley. You’ll get a break without having to purchase plane tickets or plan hotel and car rentals.

For more staycation ideas, head online, and to find out more about DISH Network, go to www.dishnetwork.com.