Wholesome Homemade Fruit Roll Up Recipe for Hungry Kids

America is the nation of snackers. We crunch, dip, dunk and miniaturize any tasty morsel we can get our hands on. Now, it’s in the genes — we’ve created generations full of kids who are snack-loving, on-the-go eaters.

A national survey of moms conducted by California Raisins found that half of their children enjoy at least one to two snacks daily, with another 44 percent saying snacks are the norm for their kids three to four times each day. Participating moms said there are two deciding factors that determine what snacks make it into the shopping cart. First, is it healthy? Second, does it receive a thumbs up or down from the peanut gallery of picky eaters?

A Holiday Recipe Made for Budgets, Families and Taste Buds

Let’s face it. When the holidays come around, budgets can get tight. So feeding an entire family a festive meal requires knowing how to stretch a dime. One key: inexpensive side dishes. This California Raisin Bacon Brussels Sprouts recipe is a money-wise example. At less than a dollar per serving, it’s a traditional side that won’t break the bank. California Raisins provide a delicious burst of sweetness to the savory Brussels sprouts and salty bacon.

Cookie Cuties for Fall Harvest Fun

If you’re looking for a fun treat for Halloween or any time this fall, you can’t go wrong with these “No Eek, No Squeak Cookie Cuties.”

Full of nutrients and energy, California Raisins provide a delicious burst of flavor to these cookies. All-natural and dried-by-the-sun, California Raisins (www.loveyourraisins.com) deliver fiber, potassium and antioxidants, and just a quarter cup of raisins provides a serving of fruit.

No Eek, No Squeak Cookie Cuties

Makes 36 cookies