Wholesome Homemade Fruit Roll Up Recipe for Hungry Kids

America is the nation of snackers. We crunch, dip, dunk and miniaturize any tasty morsel we can get our hands on. Now, it’s in the genes — we’ve created generations full of kids who are snack-loving, on-the-go eaters.

A national survey of moms conducted by California Raisins found that half of their children enjoy at least one to two snacks daily, with another 44 percent saying snacks are the norm for their kids three to four times each day. Participating moms said there are two deciding factors that determine what snacks make it into the shopping cart. First, is it healthy? Second, does it receive a thumbs up or down from the peanut gallery of picky eaters?

Stop After-School Hunger by Reaching for California Raisins

A new study from the University of Toronto suggests that not all snacks are created equal when it comes to filling up kids’ rumbling tummies. The new research found that California raisins, when compared with other snacks such as grapes and potato chips, helped kids feel more full off of fewer calories.

“We found eating raisins as a snack prevented excessive calorie intake, increased the feeling of fullness and thereby may help contribute to the maintenance of a healthy weight in school-age children,” said lead researcher G. Harvey Anderson, a professor of nutritional sciences and physiology at the University of Toronto.

Get Your Grill on With California Raisin Chipotle Grilling Sauce

It’s that time of the year again – time to dust off the barbecue and gather the family together to celebrate summer! As happy as you are to kick off the grilling season, that same old barbecue sauce is eventually going to wear out its welcome.

If you’re tired of traditional sauces every summer, try looking for new inspiration. Add a twist to your grilling favorites with an unlikely recipe helper: California Raisins. Raisins add a deliciously sweet zip to savory relishes and homemade sauces, and as an added bonus, all the flavor that California Raisins bring to your recipe is even better because the fruit is fat- and cholesterol-free, as well as naturally low in sodium. This grilling sauce recipe is sure to add refreshing flavor to any summer favorite: