Tips to Keep Fido From Feasting on Your Stuff

Pet owners love being greeted at the door by their furry companions – but coming home to see the sofa in chunks on the floor amid the smiling jowls of our pet isn’t the welcome we hope for.

“We all love spending time with our dogs, but we need to leave them at home alone sometimes,” says certified dog trainer Laura Roach from the nationally trusted pet care franchise Camp Bow Wow. “Nobody wants to come home to chewed-up shoes or ripped furniture. A tired dog is a good dog, so it’s important to get them out for exercise and socialization.”

Is Your Dog the Worst Behaved Dog in America?

Is your dog bad to the bone? Does your sweet Jack Russel guard all doors from intruders – friends and family included? Or is it your Boxer puppy that won’t stop shredding socks and underwear? Some of the cutest pooches have the worst manners. Whether you’re at work or just in another room, their mischievous play may lead to anything from home repairs to staggering vet bills.

Pets and owners alike can relate to this common problem, but getting the magical, behavioral transformation you’ve always dreamt of is closer than you think.