This Holiday, Give a Personalized Photo Gift

There’s a reason that photographs are such popular gifts; they preserve a moment forever and remind viewers of good times. But why settle for just a frame? Today, you can transform a memorable photograph into personalized photo gifts of all shapes and colors.

Snappy Photo Gifts, a company that prints photographic images onto a wide variety of items, offers the following suggestions:

•    Customized jigsaw puzzles. If you have puzzle fans in the family, why not allow them to assemble a favorite photograph? They’ll have fun putting it together, and, when they finish the puzzle, they’ll have a unique, framable piece of art.

•    Holiday coasters. Many people give decorations as gifts, but people also need a place to set their drinks during holiday festivities. Instead, shake things up with a personalized gift that combines a useful coaster with the holiday spirit. Snappy Photo Gifts allows customers to create coasters that can be personalized with a wide range of photos – from general to festive.

•    Personalized mugs. Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa or coffee on a cold winter morning or a blustery winter night? Make everyone happy this winter by ordering customized mugs.

•    Luggage tags. Frequent travelers spend a lot of time picking up their luggage. Make their bags easier to spot by giving them luggage tags bearing a picture of their loved ones. You can also print pictures on golf and sport tags for those sport enthusiasts who tend to misplace their bags.

•    Photo sports balls for coaches and players. If you have family members who are involved in sports, commemorate their experiences with a photo ball from their respective sport – whether it be baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse or even hockey! For your little slugger, give a baseball with their photo on it from their past season. For the football coach in the family, give a football with a team shot.

•    Jewelry boxes. Chances are, you know a woman who wears jewelry. Give her an extra-special place to store it with a customized box displaying a beloved picture. Snappy Photo Gifts offers rosewood and cherry heirloom-quality boxes.

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