Staying or Going, Tech Advice to Relax This Summer

When summer fun calls, it’s nice to be able to answer without any worries or stresses eating at you. Whether it’s a day at the pool, an afternoon at the lake or a trip to a new exciting destination, relaxation is key. And despite the common mindset to “unplug,” technology can actually help.

Use the following tech tips to welcome a relaxing yet fun-filled summer season.

   Easy, Breezy Travel: If you or the family are traveling this year, get up to date on all of the latest travel apps before you start adventuring. Top travel apps are a plus for anyone who is flying. There are apps that can help plan itineraries and offer details on flight delays, layover times and airport amenities. Other apps can provide travelers with neighborhood guides for cities across the globe, and include a wealth of information to find cheaper accommodations or, if you’re so inclined, host other travelers.

    Stay Connected Rain or Shine: Summer fun usually involves something every phone fears — water. Be it rainstorms, sprinklers, bathtubs, pools, sweat or spilled drinks, estimates say nearly 100 million cell phones have been destroyed by liquids in the U.S. alone. Stop taking chances and relax with a waterproof smart phone from Kyocera’s Hydro Series. The Hydro Edge ($19.99* at Sprint [] and $149.99 without a contract at Boost Mobile []) and Hydro XTRM (U.S. Cellular, $29.99* []) Android smartphones are designed to withstand sprays of water and full submersion in three feet for up to half an hour. They also have advanced speaker technology that makes phone calls audible in extremely loud environments. With a sleek smart phone that’s both stylish and accident-proof, you won’t sacrifice anything except undue anxiety.

    Plug in Anywhere: From airport terminals and hotels to your own house, outlets are always in short supply. Plug in every crucial device using a mini surge protector with a USB charger. Some of these small tech gadgets can rotate 360 degrees to fit anywhere, and they offer five extra outlets. Imagine the serenity—Mom and daughters can get ready at the same time with multiple blow dryers and flat irons. Families can charge MP3 players, smart phones and e-readers at once. Problem solved.

One last thing—if you are traveling off and on this summer and your household has a Netflix subscription, consider putting the account on hold. There’s no reason to pay for a service while you’re not using it. Summer relaxation, here we come!

* For new customers or eligible upgrades with new two-year service agreement, rebates may apply.

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