Protecting Your Kid’s Identity Is Every Parent’s Responsibility

Child identity theft is on the rise and can go largely undetected for years. With the Gabriel app, you don’t have to worry about your children’s future because your children’s ID is protected from any third party and will remain safe and secure.

Content:    If only we could protect our kids from the world around them. Along with the normal worries any parent has for his or her child, you can add child identity theft to the list as well.

IdentityTheftFacts. com,  a website devoted to identity theft education, reports that on average, victims of child identity theft incur roughly $12,000 worth of fraudulent debt. To that point, it is imperative for parents to treat their children’s information in the same way they treat their own information in order to prevent identity fraud.

In addition, a recent Child Identity Fraud Report, sponsored by the Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC) and conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that 1 in 40 households with minor children (under the age of 18) had at least one child whose personal information was compromised by identity criminals. All of this is to say that, clearly, this is a problem that parents need to pay attention to.

Combine all of this with breaches affecting children in the commercial sector, such as that of VTech Holdings, Ltd., a Hong Kong-based digital-learning toy manufacturer, and you have a recipe for future financial disaster that could go undetected for years. In that case, the company admitted that in December of 2015, names, genders, and birth dates of 6.5 million of its child users were exposed in a data breach. About 2.9 million were U.S. children, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the story.
“It’s a predatory crime that affects families,” Virginia State Police Lt. Robert P. Chappell Jr., of Roanoke, Va., told the Deseret News in a phone interview. “I know how to recognize it and the steps to prevent it, as well as how to deal with the emotional aspects of it,” he said.

One such way that parents can protect their kid’s identity is by keeping their digital footprint and information safe and secure. And now there is a simple, cost-effective way to do that with the Gabriel app.

The Gabriel app, available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, was designed and built with personal privacy and security as its foundation by VirnetX, an Internet security software and technology company.

For only $50 per year for five users, family members are assured that their communications—be it talk, video, chat, text, email, or if they share photos or documents – are safe and secure.

No one will be able to see, hear, or intercept your communications, other than the party you are in contact with because Gabriel does not transmit or store its data with any third party, not even VirnetX. It is person-to-person, end-to-end encryption that all but eliminates opportunities for hackers.

Other benefits include:

• Making free voice or video calls or sending IMs (instant messages) to other Gabriel users.
• Receiving spamless email.
• Sharing pictures or files that are immune to interception.

For more information, or to download Gabriel, please visit

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