Passport to the World Is the Ultimate Gift of Worldwide Discovery

The holidays are right around the corner, which means the race to find the perfect gift has officially begun. For those who want to give their loved ones the world, this year’s ultimate holiday offering from Flexjet 25, operated by U.S. air carrier Jet Solutions, and handcrafted by Abercrombie & Kent, is unmatched. Passport to the World is a completely private jet experience circling the globe. From the Forbidden City to the Taj Majal, travelers receive exclusive access to hidden wonders for a once-in-a-lifetime journey of global discovery.

If you need convincing that this is the must-have holiday gift, the June 2013 Flexjet Around the World survey, conducted by leading strategic consultancy Kelton Research, found that more than two-thirds of Americans agree that if money and time were no object, they would want to take a private jet trip around the world. And with Flexjet, the industry leader in exceptional private jet travel experiences, at the helm, who could possibly resist?

“Flexjet is thrilled to partner with Abercrombie & Kent to be the first to offer a customized private jet experience around the world,” said Deanna White, president of Flexjet. “With Passport to the World, guests will fly privately to seven of the world’s most famous cities and get exclusive access to legendary sights and landmarks. Plus, with a private jet, getting there will be half the fun.”

“Traveling by private jet makes it possible to visit some of the most inspiring World Heritage sites in just two weeks, which under ordinary circumstances would be difficult—perhaps impossible—to see on a single trip,” adds Geoffrey Kent, famed explorer and founder of Abercrombie & Kent. “By combining Flexjet’s exceptional travel experience with Abercrombie & Kent’s unparalleled global travel network—with more than 50 offices around the world—this remarkable worldwide journey is well within reach.”

This five-star Passport to the World experience for up to eight people includes a 14-day Abercrombie & Kent journey, traveling in world-class comfort and style with one’s own private party aboard a Challenger 605 aircraft. The spacious business jet features larger and higher windows, along with cutting-edge avionics, state-of-the-art studio and video systems, global Wi-Fi and leather seats that transform into beds—allowing guests more space to unwind and relax.

An expert flight crew provided by Jet Solutions will remain with the group throughout the journey, learning each traveler’s on-board preferences and anticipating their needs. Abercrombie & Kent will assist with expedited clearance through immigration and customs, wherever possible, to maximize time spent enjoying each destination.

Orchestrating each stop of the journey is an Abercrombie & Kent travel guide chosen from the ranks of its international coterie of professionals, who oversees everything from start to finish, relying on a lifetime’s worth of knowledge to reveal sights only locals typically know.

And last but not least, this journey also includes accommodations at the best landmark hotels reflecting the history and heritage of each extraordinary location, paired with incredible dining experiences at some of the world’s best restaurants.

For more details or prices for this incredible once-in-a-lifetime adventure, call 888-755-3491 or visit

Bon Voyage!

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