On the Road to Greener Living With Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

For decades, we have been urged to be kind to Mother Earth, leave our environment better than when we were here, to live “greener.” This has gotten easier with the arrival of recycling.

After all, who doesn’t feel good about recycling their plastic water bottle? The problem, however, is that many of these bottles don’t make it to the recycling bin and instead end up in landfills that are already overrun with too much trash.

Enter Las Vegas-based Alkame Water, a company that is combatting this problem by creating a water bottle that is designed to be biodegradable in landfills, as well as recyclable with other plastics.

And while much has been written recently on the dangers of freezing plastic water bottles, or conversely, drinking water from a plastic bottle that has been sitting in the heat (to do so is to possibly ingest cancer-causing chemicals), Alkame bottles do not require special storage, will not break down by heat, light, moisture or stress, and are BPA-free as well as 100 percent recyclable.

To accomplish what few others have been able to do, Alkame has enlisted BioSphere—a company dedicated to “giving back to society through global awareness education”—to create its bottles by using a material that is structured in such a way that once the bottle is in a landfill or composter, it degrades from within as well as on the surface. This composition is designed to speed up the biodegradation process by increasing the overall area that can decompose.

“The qualifications in order to be considered biodegradable are that the material must be scientifically proven to break down completely and return to nature in a short time frame,” BioSphere notes on its website.

No doubt, biodegradable plastics will be but one way that companies can reduce their carbon footprint, which is part of Alkame’s overall philosophy of health, for both the environment and for the individual.

Alkame’s formula includes oxygenation that improves aerobic capacity and enhances energy, antioxidants that can boost the immune system, and mild alkalinity for more effective hydration.

Alkame Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: PINS) (OTCQB: PINS). For more information on Alkame Water and how you can get it delivered to your home or office, visit www.alkamewater.com.

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