How to Navigate Constipation During Summer Vacation

For many Americans, it’s vacation season, which means long road trips and airport shuffles to visit family, friends and the exciting destinations in between. After finally checking into your hotel room, it’s time for pool lounging, leisurely conversations over dinner or sight-seeing with old friends and new. But, let’s be honest, not everything that comes with your vacation includes white sandy beaches and tropical drinks with the little umbrellas.

Sometimes traveling can be an ordeal—switching time zones, trying new foods and not staying hydrated. On occasion, those strains can lead to constipation for some folks.

International travel expert and best-selling author Joel Widzer, Psy.D, agrees, adding, “Even once travelers arrive safely at their destination, they often don’t anticipate the possible effects of different cuisines and local foods. I always suggest they bring along a laxative to be on the safe side.”

To avoid running into stomach aches and constipation troubles, keep the following tips in mind:

•    Stay hydrated.
•    Eat well-balanced meals.
•    Do not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement.

The advice isn’t only recommended for traveling, it’s also a good practice to follow at home. However, if you still happen to experience constipation, try Senokot tablets. Senokot products contain a natural vegetable laxative ingredient that provides gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation, plus they have been recommended by physicians and pharmacists for over 55 years. Senokot TO GO tablets, a small package of four tablets, are a must-have travel companion as we enter the vacation season. They’re convenient and subtle. Please read full product label before use.

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