Adult Comedies Are Ripping Up the Box Office

The box office has recorded the results repeatedly – adult-rated comedies are making a comeback. Rated R comedies of the “bromance” variety in particular have been upstaging other films each year. The trend started in the late ’90s and has permeated the industry ever since. After “The Hangover Part II” recently dominated theaters nationwide, could “The Pool Boys” be next?

“American Pie” established the formula for raunchy, male bonding comedies in 1999. The original was a smash hit, followed by hugely successful sequels. The latest rumor is that an “American Pie 4” is in the oven at Universal Studios. Although it’s slated to be a theatrical release, audiences will simply have to wait with hungry anticipation.

After “American Pie” paved the cinematic road for funny, fraternal love, other comedies emerged to similar success. R-rated films like “Wedding Crashers,” “Knocked Up,” and “Superbad” performed quite well at the box office and beyond. However, the summer of 2009 revealed another buddy-love comedy that had crowds in stitches, “The Hangover.”

“The Hangover” debuted as the third biggest box office opening for rated R comedies with $44 million, and “American Pie 2” was second. In just three days, “The Hangover Part II” made a ridiculous $86.5 million. The blueprint has been laid, and other comedies are following suit.

On September 30th, Seven Arts Pictures presents the North American release of “The Pool Boys,” the next fraternal-comedy from the creators of the “American Pie” franchise. The film follows two cousins, a pool boy and a gardener, who try their hand in the escort business. The two male characters take an empty mansion, fill it with beautiful women and begin raking in the cash, until a series of hilarious hijinks throws their plans into comedic disarray. On October 3rd, the movie makes its next premiere “On Demand” – on TimeWarner Cable, FiOs, Comcast, Dish and DirecTV – and is available for immediate viewing by clicking “watch now” on a viewer’s television remote control.

The cast features comedy veterans Matthew Lillard, best known for his roles
in “Scream” and his soon-to-be-released costarring role with George Clooney in “The Descendants.” Familiar faces include Efren Ramirez from “Napoleon Dynamite,” Rachelle Lefevre from the “Twilight” saga and CBS’s “A Gifted Man,” and Brett Davern from MTV’s hugely popular “Awkward.” Then there is Tom Arnold, who helps drive the escalating mayhem when the “pool party” spins out of control.

Fans all over the Internet are excited about the movie’s “Win-a-Date” sweepstakes, where two winners get to attend “The Pool Boys” Hollywood premiere with actress Sheena Lee or Patricia De Leon, who also star in the movie. Enter to win online at or by sending the word DATE to 37619 via text message. Check out “The Pool Boys” trailer at

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