Finding Your Fit in High-Efficiency Laundry

<b>Finding Your Fit in High-Efficiency Laundry</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – More than 80 percent of consumers said that energy — not water or time — is most important to them when it comes to appliance efficiency, and almost 60 percent understand what high efficiency (HE) means with regards to laundry appliances, according to a recent Whirlpool Corporation survey fielded by Harris Interactive. However, few consumers realize that they have a choice when it comes to the configuration — top-load vs. front-load.

Traditionally, consumers seeking high-efficiency laundry turn to front-loading machines. In fact, the survey uncovered that more than a third of consumers agreed that top-load washers use more energy than front load machines — a common misconception in today’s marketplace.

“Historically, front-load laundry pairs have led the industry in capacity and efficiency,” said Mary Zeitler, home economist, Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, “but nearly three-quarters of American households rely on top-load laundry configurations. Now, as more families look to save on energy, water and utility costs, it is important to understand that they can enjoy the best of both worlds.”

High-efficiency washing machines use up to 50 percent less energy than traditional models by washing clothes in a smaller pool of water. With less water in the cycle, the machine needs less energy to heat the clothes. Additionally, HE machines spin clothes at a faster rate and extract more water, thus reducing the amount of time required in the dryer.

“Now that high efficiency is available in both configurations, it is important that consumers understand the difference between a high-efficiency machine and other models,” said Zeitler. “Since an HE machine has such a tremendous impact on household energy and water bills, I recommend consumers seriously consider these models when replacing older machines. The savings add up fast.”

With proper maintenance on their HE machines, consumers can ensure peak efficiency and energy savings for years to come. It is best to use only HE detergent with HE washers to prevent oversudsing and build-up of residue. Futhermore, it is best to run full loads, but not overload the washer, to make sure clothes come out clean.

Whirlpool brand now offers two of the most eco-conscious top-load washing machines on the market — the Cabrio HE washer and an updated “Classic” conventional washer, in addition to the popular front-loading Duet model. All three models are ENERGY STAR qualified and use at least 50 percent less water and energy than conventional machines.

For more information on high-efficiency and HE laundry, consumers can log onto

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