Enjoy Spa Treatments Without Spa Prices

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<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – As the recession strains pocket books, little luxuries are falling by the wayside. Americans are brewing coffee at home, learning to cook, making do with last season’s jeans and foregoing days at the spa.

But Americans don’t have to give up small self-indulgences or the stress-relief that they provide. Many high-end spa treatments can be done at home for a fraction of the regular price.

Take body wraps. A staple of the day spa experience, body wraps involve exfoliating the skin, applying a specific blend of ingredients, like herbs, clay or minerals, and then wrapping the body in cloth to seal in body heat. Spa-goers may opt for either full-body wraps or partial wraps, which target specific areas.

Healthy diet and exercise play an important role in a holistic approach to weight and inch loss, and although this may not be the total cure-all, it can play a significant part in the process. Wraps draw out toxins trapped within the body and fat cells, detoxifying the body. Benefits may include lost inches, the reduced appearance of cellulite, smoother and tighter skin and improved body contours and curve definition. And it is by far a safer alternative to surgery or liposuction!

Sounds great, right? It does -; until it’s time to pay. A 45-minute wrap at the spa costs anywhere from $100 to $150, while a 60-minute session may run as high as $250-$300.

But some companies have created do-it-yourself body wrap kits that offer the same benefits of spa treatments without spa prices. For example, Slimmer Silhouette offers a kit with enough mineral blend and reusable bandages for either 12 full wraps or 24 partial wraps — at the much more reasonable price of $250. That breaks down to $21 per wrap.

The kit also includes an instructional DVD, an instruction manual, a body diagram chart, measuring tape and a rehydration bottle. The mineral blend provided contains all-natural ingredients that promote healing. Using the wraps also results in lost inches, not from dehydration, but through the loss of impurities.

“I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to use right in my own home,” writes one customer, Brittany, from British Columbia, Canada. “I also felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.” She adds that she lost 12 inches the first time she used the wrap.

Those on a particularly tight budget might want to order the kit with a friend. In fact, at-home wrapping parties with close friends are becoming popular and prove to be a relaxing, slimming and inexpensive alternative to a day at the spa.

For more information, visit www.slimmersilhouette.com.

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