Spring Is the Season for Auto Care

<b>Spring Is the Season for Auto Care</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – After a season of winter driving, a springtime check-up for your car might be in order. Most anyone can do routine automotive housekeeping chores: Remove unneeded winter gear from your trunk, clean out trash and clutter, and wash and wax your car to remove accumulated grime and salt deposits. The experts at the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offer the following advice for more ambitious automotive projects:

• Read the owner’s manual and follow the recommended service schedules.

• If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, look for an orderly repair shop with modern equipment in the service bays and qualified automotive technicians as evidenced by trade school diplomas, certificates of advanced courses and ASE certifications.

• Have engine performance problems — hard starts, rough idling, stalling — corrected now, before summer’s demanding stop-and-go vacation traffic.

• For comfort in hot weather now’s the time, too, to have a marginally working air conditioning system serviced.

• Flush and refill the cooling system according to the service manual’s recommendations. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically. (Make sure the engine has cooled down before removing the radiator cap.)

• A qualified auto technician should check the tightness and condition of belts, clamps and hoses, but you can look for signs of wear, cracking, or fraying.

• Replace other filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) as recommended in the service manual.

• Check the condition of tires, including the spare. Let the tires “cool down” before checking their pressure. Uneven wear, “cupping,” vibrations, or “pulling” to one side indicates problems with your tires or suspension system. If applicable, have snow tires pulled and replaced with seasonal tires.

• Change the oil and oil filter as specified in owner’s manual. Often neglected, this simple service is one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your vehicle.

ASE was founded to improve the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive technicians. ASE-certified technicians wear blue and white shoulder insignia and carry credentials listing their exact area(s) of certification. Their employers often display the blue and white ASE sign. Visit www.ase.com for more car care tips.

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