Donate Cash for Greatest Disaster Relief Impact

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This past year, back-to-back hurricanes in Central America, the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Ethiopia have increased the need for international aid as well as people’s desire to help. Although many people want to support global disaster relief efforts, most people don’t know the most effective way to contribute, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI).

Solar Energy Company Supports Homeowners and Communities

Five words or less(NewsUSA) -Solar energy isn’t new, but like any worthwhile technology, it has been upgraded. When you think of solar panels, do you think of unsightly blocks marring the lines of your roof? Today’s solar energy panels are a clean and sleek source of renewable energy that increasing numbers of homeowners embrace as a way to save the planet and save on their energy bills.
Installing solar panels could save a homeowner as much as 35% on energy bills in the first year of use, according to Solar Energy Partners, a community-focused solar company based in California. “We strive to grant homeowners the peace of mind to live their lives without interruption through the power of Earth’s most renewable resource,” according to the company.
Solar energy is an environmentally sound energy source that reduces air pollution, reduces water use, reduces dependence on nonrenewable energy, and reduces energy costs to consumers.
The experts at Solar Energy Partners (SEP) act as true partners when it comes to helping homeowners enjoy the benefits of green energy, with a commitment to community and customer service that sets them apart. SEP offers not only a cost-free savings analysis, but also a computer-generated image to show potential customers exactly how their solar panels will look on their roof. SEP installers work flexible days and times to suit any schedule, they are committed to an unintrusive process that customers appreciate. Solar panels are durable and require almost no maintenance. The SEP panels are designed to generate power for 25 to 35 years, and can be installed on almost any type of roof. Although a southern-facing roof is ideal, SEP experts can create a workaround as needed
SEP’s service-oriented business model extends to the community at large; in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEP partnered with the Salvation Army through their California South Division to provide local families in need with groceries, school supplies, and assistance with rent and utility bills. SEP currently serves communities in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and New Jersey.
Visit to learn more the value of solar energy, and check out the company’s facebook page at

Your Local Subway Now Has Biggest Menu Changes in History

(NewsUSA) – What’s your favorite Subway sandwich? Well, it’s time to visit your local Subway® restaurant and try it again because it just got better. You might even find a new favorite. The company is making the biggest changes to the menu in the brand’s history, and your local Subway is ready to share all the new items and serve up a delicious sub sandwich, from the new Turkey Cali Fresh to the All-American Club™.The Eat Fresh Refresh menu updates include 11 new and improved ingredients, six all-new or returning sandwiches, and four revamped signature sandwiches. Whether you’re a classic sub lover, want to double down on protein or enjoy a flavor blast with a new MVP Parmesan vinaigrette, Subway offers endless customization and options for any appetite.Your local restaurant has been baking great bread for years, and it just got better. Tasty bread is the core to every sandwich. To that end, Subway is adding two new choices — Artisan Italian and Hearty Multigrain. A panel of world-class bakers spent two years working to perfect the recipes and baking techniques that set their sandwiches apart.Other new and improved ingredients in the Eat Fresh Refresh menu include new deli-thin sliced ham and turkey, hickory-smoked bacon, smashed avocado, artisan BelGioioso® Fresh Mozzarella from Wisconsin, and tangy MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette™.One thing that hasn’t changed: high-quality, premium 100% wild-caught tuna, sourced from leading global suppliers who remain committed to consistency and safety at every stage of the supply chain. As tuna has always been a fan-favorite, there will be no changes to this sub, as it remains an anchor of the menu with simple ingredients.You can explore all these new menu items by downloading the updated app available through the App Store and Google Play. The Subway app makes ordering and customization easier than ever with an enhanced dashboard and order tracking features. For added convenience, your local restaurant is rolling out a new Subway Delivery option in select areas for more accessibility and meal-time ease."Subway has been serving freshly made, customizable, and better-for-you sandwiches for more than 50 years, and we wanted to give our guests more new and improved flavors that are craveable as well as fresh and customizable," explains Paul Fabre, SVP Culinary Innovation at Subway. "Our new culinary team is delivering monumental updates to the entire core menu so that when our fans come in, they notice everything is better."Visit for more information about the Eat Fresh Refresh program, to place orders, or download the Subway app.

BookTrib’s Bites: Mystery, Touching Memoir and Essential Health Info

(NewsUSA)The Imposter"The Imposter"
by David TempleDetective Pat Norelli proved to her co-workers, her family, and herself she had what it takes to become a first-class detective. In Norelli’s debut novel, "The Poser," she discovered the serial killer who murdered Meredith Johansen and several of Meredith’s close friends. She also unearthed a long list of victims who were murdered by the same deeply disturbed man.And while he may have escaped, Norelli cannot seem to get him — or the craftiness of his evil deeds — out of her head. Now, with the killer fleeing in the wind and her career stalling in place, Norelli decides to double down and stop at nothing to track him, then put him away for good–no matter the cost. Purchase at Feelings"Gut Feelings"
by Douglas A. Drossman, MD and Johannah Ruddy Med"Caution: This book may change your life!" This book is written for patients and their doctors by an internationally acclaimed gastroenterologist and patient advocate. It contains up-to-date knowledge on the science, diagnosis, and treatment of all the Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (formerly called Functional GI Disorders) and offers techniques to maximize the patient-doctor relationship.For the patient, it will help talk with your doctors –learn what to say, what to ask, and what to do when the visit is not going well. For the doctor, it will help you to acquire communication skills to better connect with your patients. Purchase at Made Clear"Medicare Made Clear"
by Keith ArmbrechtMedicare is crazy complicated, right?! Why do they want to treat us like children when we finally get to the age where we look to simplify our lives? We now turn 65 or retire, and here comes Medicare! Medicare is actually GREAT health insurance but now we have to dedicate all of our free time just to understand our choices.After all — God forbid we mess this up! The author has put this book together to help simplify the decisions that need to be made. He even included interactive videos that you can click on, and watch him explain your choices. GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE at Light in Rita Pearl"The Light in Rita Pearl"
by Rita ArreolaLife feels as if everything is going great. I am working full-time. I am an entertainer and have been booking good modeling gigs. I am talking to a country artist. There is something about him that makes me smile so much. I am selling the home I raised my son in and spoiling us a little with an upgrade.In minutes, my world gets flipped upside down. I am diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I enter a journey of uncertainty and fear. The biggest battle of my life takes me on a whirlwind of emotions. The fight is during the COVID-19 pandemic, protests, and more challenging times. I fall into darkness but somehow keep finding my way to the light. Purchase at BookBites is presented by

Remote Areas Embrace Satellite Internet to Work from Home

(NewsUSA) -The COVID-19 pandemic put the growing trend of working from home on fast-forward. Many people who had never worked from home found themselves scrambling for reliable internet access in order to work, manage distant learning, and participate in virtual social activities. Reliable internet also became a factor in allowing people to manage their health through virtual doctors’ visits, and buy groceries and other items online.Even as the pandemic wanes and more workers return to in-person settings, employers and employees recognize that the workplace model has changed, and the demand for internet service will likely remain high.However, reliable, affordable internet service remains a challenge in many parts of the country, notably in rural areas.Companies such as Viasat have stepped up to connect unserved and underserved areas, and they have optimized their network based on customer needs and overall increased demand. Satellite internet service helps bridge the "digital divide" by providing service in remote areas that fall outside the zones where terrestrial providers are unable to serve.Leading global consumer-technology media brand, CNET, recently named Viasat "best satellite provider" of 2021 for U.S. rural internet service because of its high speed, high data volume, and reasonable prices for Wi-Fi equipment rental costs. Many people living in remote regions before the pandemic, as well as those who moved from urban to rural areas seeking more space in the midst of the pandemic, discovered they can perform their jobs effectively without commuting when connected to reliable and quality internet.In a recent survey conducted by Viasat, users in these remote regions responded that email was the most important internet service they needed to work from home, followed by the ability to make video calls, and satellite internet supports these functions.In addition, many older residents in remote areas have discovered that reliable internet access brings safety and connection with family, friends, and medical care.Moreover, 66% of respondents in these remote regions said that they plan to work from home in the future if given a choice. Satellite internet service makes it possible for residents in remote areas to work and remain productive from home.For more information, visit

Building Trust in the Science of Vaccines

(NewsUSA) – During the pandemic, Geraldine Bradshaw, a school principal in Durham, North Carolina, volunteered for a clinical trial that tested one of the COVID-19 vaccines. She says her students inspired her to do so and she in turn wanted to inspire African Americans like herself. "It gave me the power to help pave a way for these children to have a better future," Bradshaw says, "and show them how important it is that people who look like them aid in the progression of science."Now, Bradshaw can see how her participation paid off, as half of adults are fully vaccinated."Science is part of the solution to ending this pandemic," says Gary H. Gibbons, M.D., director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health.And at every step on the pathway to scientific discovery, safety leads the way. Safety always guides the scientific pathway toward vaccines and treatments. Safety steers scientific leaders like Gibbons, who review and fund research. Safety, and science also inform recruitment of volunteers like Bradshaw, who partners with researchers and participate in clinical trials, frames the rigorous and continuous oversight of studies, determines regulatory approval, guides engagement efforts in communities, and directs doctors and nurses who bring these discoveries to patients.Yet myths and misleading information have generated questions, confusion, and mistrust. This has spurred an effort for many communities, especially those hit hardest by COVID-19, to talk about why they should trust the science behind new vaccines and treatments."It is my passion to communicate the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, and how they work, to people in the community," says Ian Moore, Ph.D., a chief of infectious disease pathology at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also part of the NIH, who oversaw safety at the earliest stages of vaccine research in the lab.Moore’s in good company. "I can say with the utmost confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective," says Lisa A. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., a professor of medicine and public health at Johns Hopkins University, who reviewed and monitored Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial, which proved safe and 94% effective at preventing severe illness. "My role allows me to ease any concerns raised by family and friends and make sure they continue to trust the science."And for many others on the scientific pathway, it’s personal."Part of my role as an infectious disease physician is developing certain clinical protocols," says Katya Corado, M.D., a researcher at the Lundquist Institute. "I am able to confidently provide details to our communities which have been devastated by COVID. I no longer want to see my parents, my grandparents, or my cousins dying of COVID."This type of outreach only seems to help. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February, nearly 70% of all adults and 61% of Black adults planned to get vaccinated compared to 60% of all adults and 42% of Black adults polled in November.And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among the more than 123 million adults who were fully vaccinated in May, approximately 1,949, less than .001%, reported severe COVID-19 illness.As a trusted messenger within his community, Olveen Carrasquillo, M.D., M.P.H., a chief of general internal medicine at the University of Miami, shares this type of news through community-engaged outreach. "As a Latino physician, with more than 20 years of experience, it is very important to me that our hardest-hit communities receive the care and education they need and deserve," he says. "To ensure my community survives COVID-19, I educate my patients, family, and friends on the science surrounding COVID-19 and vaccine development."And Chyke Doubeni, M.D., a family physician at the Mayo Clinic and a vaccine trial participant, shares, "I now tell everybody with confidence, that getting the vaccine is safe. I know, because I was involved."To learn more about COVID-19 science and resources in your community, visit

Generar Confianza en La Ciencia de Las Vacunas

(NewsUSA) -Durante la pandemia, Geraldine Bradshaw, directora de escuela en Durham, North Carolina, trabajó como voluntaria para un ensayo clínico que evaluaba una de las vacunas contra el COVID-19. Dice que sus estudiantes la motivaron a hacerlo y, a su vez, quiso motivar a los afroamericanos, como ella. "Me dio la posibilidad de ayudar a allanar el camino para que estos niños tengan un futuro mejor", dice Bradshaw, "y mostrarles lo importante que es que personas como ellos contribuyan con el progreso de la ciencia".Ahora, Bradshaw puede ver cómo su participación dio frutos, dado que la mitad de los adultos se ha vacunado por completo."La ciencia es parte de la solución para poner fin a esta pandemia", dice Gary H. Gibbons, M.D., director del Instituto Nacional del Corazón, los Pulmones y la Sangre, que forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH, por sus siglas en inglés).Y a lo largo del camino, en cada paso hacia el descubrimiento científico, la seguridad está primero. La seguridad es una guía constante en el camino científico hacia las vacunas y los tratamientos. La seguridad marca la dirección para los líderes científicos, como Gibbons, que evalúan y financian la investigación. La seguridad y la ciencia, informa también el reclutamiento de voluntarios – como Bradshaw- quienes colaboran con los investigadores y participan en los ensayos clínicos, delimitan la supervisión rigurosa y continua de los estudios, determinan la aprobación reglamentaria, encaminan las iniciativas de participación en las comunidades y guían a los médicos, enfermeras y enfermeros que trasladan estos descubrimientos a los pacientes.Sin embargo, los mitos y la información engañosa han generado dudas, confusión y desconfianza. Esto ha dado lugar a esfuerzos para que muchas comunidades, en especial las más afectadas por el COVID-19, hablen sobre por qué deben confiar en la ciencia detrás de las nuevas vacunas y tratamientos."Informar a la gente de mi comunidad sobre la seguridad y la eficacia de estas vacunas, y cómo funcionan, es mi pasión", dice Ian Moore, Ph.D., uno de los jefes de patologías infecciosas del Instituto Nacional de Alergias y Enfermedades Infecciosas, también parte de los NIH, quien supervisa la seguridad en las primeras fases de investigación de las vacunas en el laboratorio.Moore no está solo. "Puedo decir con plena certeza que esta vacuna es segura y eficaz", dice Lisa A. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., profesora de medicina y salud pública de la Universidad Johns Hopkins, quien evaluó y supervisó el ensayo clínico de la vacuna de Moderna contra el COVID-19, la cual probó ser segura y tener un 94% de eficacia para prevenir el desarrollo de una enfermedad grave. "Mi función me permite disipar cualquier preocupación que planteen familiares y amigos, y asegurarme de que sigan confiando en la ciencia".Y para muchos otros que velan por la seguridad e integridad del proceso de investigación, es un tema personal."Parte de mi función como médica en enfermedades infecciosas es desarrollar determinados protocolos clínicos", dice Katya Corado, M.D., investigadora del Instituto Lundquist. "Puedo proporcionar información segura a nuestras comunidades que han sido devastadas por el COVID. Ya no quiero ver a mis padres, mis abuelos o mis primos morir a causa del COVID".Nuestros esfuerzos de alcance a la comunidad han ayudado. De acuerdo con una encuesta realizada por el Pew Research Center en febrero, aproximadamente el 70 % de todos los adultos y el 61 % de los adultos afroamericanos tiene previsto vacunarse, en comparación con el 60 % de todos los adultos y el 42 % de los adultos negros encuestados en noviembre.Y según los Centros de Control y Prevención de Enfermedades, de los más de 123 millones de adultos que fueron vacunados por completo en mayo, aproximadamente 1949, menos del .001 %, presentó un caso grave de COVID-19.Como mensajero de confianza de su comunidad, Olveen Carrasquillo, M.D., M.P.H., jefe de medicina interna general de la Universidad de Miami, difunde este tipo de noticias a través de iniciativas de alcance a la comunidad. "Como médico de la comunidad latina, con más de 20 años de experiencia, es muy importante para mí que nuestras comunidades tan afectadas reciban la atención y la educación que necesitan y merecen", manifiesta. "Para asegurar que mi comunidad sobreviva al COVID-19, debo instruir a los pacientes, familiares y amigos sobre la ciencia relacionada con el COVID-19 y el desarrollo de las vacunas".Y Chyke Doubeni, M.D., médico de familia de la Mayo Clinic y participante en el ensayo de la vacuna, expresa: "Ahora les digo a todos, con certeza, que vacunarse es seguro. Lo sé porque yo he estado involucrado."Para más información acerca de la ciencia y los recursos relacionados con el COVID-19 en su comunidad, visite

Small Music Stand Makes a Big Difference

(NewsUSA) -With the reopening of in-person events and activities comes a reassessment of how to carry the necessary gear for those activities.For performing musicians or kids taking music lessons, the music stand has long been a sticking point. Many portable music stands are problematic, with sharp edges that can damage instruments, and pointy edges that poke through bags.The Wee Stand by Noisy Clan is designed to tackle the main problems of portable stands.Whether you are a musician on the go, or the parent of a music student, the Wee Stand’s unique features and smooth design may be music to the ears of those who need to transport music stands.The creators of Wee Stand are musicians and parents, and they were inspired to design the stand after frustration with the current options."Our kids had become experts at juggling it all – rucksacks, PE kits, instruments, music bags, and music stands – but it was always the stands that wouldn’t fit," the inventors say on the company website."As parents and as lifelong musicians, we didn’t want anything to get in the way of our children’s joy in playing music," they explain.Adult musicians will also appreciate the sleek design and features of the stand, which is durable, portable, and versatile. The stand is engineered to fold flat for easy packing into a bag or backpack, or even a pocket, with no rough edges.- Size matters. Not only does the Wee Stand weigh in at less than 20 ounces, it expands from a compact tabletop mode of 11 inches to full standing height of 49 inches, with intermediate height options of 18 inches, 25 inches, 33.5 inches, and 41 inches.- Easy reading. The Wee Stand includes sheet saver tabs to hold sheet music in place, but also features a pair of swing-out swivel clips that accommodate books or multiple sheets.- Steady and Ready. The Wee Stand is simple to assemble, and the carbon fiber legs are easy to extend and retract, with rubber feet to hold the stand in place. A combination counterweight and carrying strap allows users to add stability.Visit for more information about the product and the company’s kickstarter page

BookTrib’s Bites: Unexpected Twists, Small-Town Drama, Food for Thought

(NewsUSA)Rene Descartes Does Not Exist"Rene Descartes Does Not Exist"
by A.R. LaBaere One reviewer describes this most unusual work: "An audacious experiment in Cosmicism and disoriented terror. It repeats, falls over itself, reinvents, creates layers of complex meaning and uses grammatical mistakes in a creative way. At first it is truly maddening and seems as if it goes on forever, but by the time one is in the section about the King in Yellow, it really takes off and puts the reader in an absolutely cosmic sense of despair.""This is for advanced readers in the Lovecraft-Chambers tradition, who will understand the subtle references and be able to read an unending stream of consciousness mode. I fell in love with it after a whole series of challenges to my sanity and ability to suspend disbelief." Purchase at Stephens"Ryder Stephens"
by Veronica L. VenturaRyder Stephens is a popular girl who tumbled through her 13 years with effortless ease — until her center fell. After witnessing her mother’s death, Ryder takes to the streets to right the wrongs thrust upon her by an unjust world. Hardships lead to foolish decisions. Starving and failing, pieces of Ryder’s shattered ego spill onto the NYC streets. All is lost until that one freezing morning, she spots Jack.Inviting her into his home, Ryder makes a decision: no more flashbacks, no more grief. With one click, she deletes her past. As different and complicated as Jack’s family is, a fake family is a good deal better than no family at all. Then, the unthinkable happens. Purchase at"Legacy"
by Chris CoppelIn this spine-chilling, time-traveling horror, Craig Edmonds and his young family are awoken at 2 a.m. by someone banging at their front door. On their doorstep they find an unexpected delivery… a large crate with a generic label addressed to his family. Craig, a sheriff in southern Utah and former elite Marine sniper with psychological scars, opens the crate to discover an intricately carved wooden mirror.Now Craig must fight an enemy and battle against the embodiment of evil in a desperate attempt to save his family. His mission will take him 25 years into the past and 6,000 miles from home in order to defeat the reanimation of a 16th century English witch. Purchase at on the Run"Rascal on the Run"
by Howard Tate ScottDrawn into a web of small-town secrets, family drama, and the rusted tentacles of the Dixie Mafia, a young lawyer is forced to confront his own notions of justice, freedom, love, and sobriety. When an episode of Unsolved Mysteries leads to the capture of a murder suspect on the run for 25 years, the ominous pattern of facts drags a4ttorney Critter Stillwell into a hidden corner of his father Guy’s past.Attorney Guy had defended a black woman charged with the murder of a KKK thug. By the time it was over, Critter’s world and the sleepy town of Athens, GA, were in flames. Now an older, wiser Critter discovers stunning connections between Guy’s case and his own. He must choose between his duty to the law and an unwavering loyalty to his flawed but charismatic father. Purchase at BookTrib’s Bites is presented by  

Planning Your Financial Future with A Professional You Can Trust

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Financial planning can be complex, so when you seek guidance in planning your financial future, it’s essential to work with someone you can trust.
A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional makes a commitment to CFP Board to act as a fiduciary, which means acting in their clients’ best interests at all times when providing financial advice. You should want a financial adviser who makes this commitment directly to you. Therefore, whomever you choose as your financial professional, including a CFP® professional, you should consider getting a written engagement that requires them to have a fiduciary obligation to you.
Professional standards are important to protect consumers. CFP Board’s Code and Standards sets forth the commitment that all CFP® professionals make to CFP Board. This includes duties to maintain the confidentiality and protect the privacy of client information.
In addition, CFP® professionals commit to CFP Board to disclose any conflicts of interest that might affect the professional relationship and compromise the CFP® professional’s ability to act in their clients’ best interests.
Approximately one year ago, CFP Board updated its Code and Standards to mandate that all CFP® professionals commit to CFP Board to act as fiduciaries for their clients when providing financial advice.
“Simply put, someone acting as a fiduciary should deliver financial advice that is clear, specific, objective and thorough,” says Dan Candura, a CFP Board Emeritus® member and Founder of Candura Group, LLC.
Professionals who follow CFP Board’s Code and Standards commit to fulfilling three key duties as part of their fiduciary duty:
– Duty of Loyalty. This means putting their clients’ interests first.
“Your interests should be placed above the interest of the CFP® professional and the CFP® professional’s firm,” according to CFP Board’s website.
– Duty of Care. This means being careful, acting with prudence and diligence in making recommendations to clients.
For example, if you receive a sudden windfall of money that you want to delay investing, a CFP® professional who abides by a commitment to CFP Board will review the reasonable options and consider factors such as risks and interest rates in making the best recommendation.
– Duty to Follow Client Instructions. This means complying with all objectives, policies, restrictions, and other terms on which you have agreed, and “all reasonable and lawful directions of you, the client,” according to CFP Board.
“Meeting these three duties enables CFP® professionals to honor their commitment to CFP Board to act as a fiduciary, in the client’s best interest. Certainly, that is what every client deserves,” Candura says.
To learn more about how CFP Board’s Code and Standards for CFP® professionals help protect consumers, visit