Innovador Programa Educativo Compensa La Reducción de La Matrícula en Preescolar

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – La pandemia de coronavirus en curso continúa haciendo que muchos niños no asistan al preescolar a nivel nacional, debido a los cierres o a la preocupación de los padres con respecto a enviar a sus niños a clases de manera presencial.
Estos niños, que no están asistiendo al preescolar, ingresarán al jardín de niños el próximo año sin los beneficios de haber conocido la educación formal y sin las habilidades que contribuyen al logro académico. En Texas, por ejemplo, los datos indican que la matrícula en el jardín de niños se redujo de 8 a 12 por ciento, según un artículo del 5 de octubre de 2020 en el Dallas Morning News. Es una tendencia en muchos distritos escolares alrededor del país. Una encuesta del Education Week Research Center a casi 500 líderes y directores de distrito determinó que la mitad han notado una reducción en la matrícula del jardín de niños.
El cambiante escenario escolar ha llevado a revaluar la manera de proporcionar la educación infantil temprana y esencial.
Learning Without Tears, una empresa de tecnología enfocada en la educación que ofrece materiales de escritura y educativos para el nivel preescolar desde hace más de 30 años, ha desarrollado “Get Set for School” (GSS), un galardonado plan de estudios integral para preescolar, con el fin de satisfacer las necesidades de los niños de preescolar en entornos de aprendizaje en casa, híbridos y en la escuela.
El programa de dos idiomas inglés-español está diseñado para ayudar a que los niños en edad preescolar alcancen hitos de aprendizaje temprano importantes, sin dejar de lado la participación y la diversión al mismo tiempo. El programa combina juegos con propósitos, actividades multimodales-multisensoriales y aplicaciones digitales y herramientas de enseñanza.
“El preescolar debería ser divertido y entretenido y estar repleto de aprendizaje a la vez, para que los niños se sientan seguros de sí mismos y de sus habilidades,” dice la Dra. Elizabeth DeWitt, experta en infancia temprana del centro GSS.
Get Set for School se diferencia de otros programas de preescolar porque, en parte, es realmente adecuado para la edad, dice la Dra. DeWitt. “GSS es exclusivo, porque vamos más allá de donde llegan otros planes de estudios de preescolar con nuestro enfoque investigativo sobre el desarrollo de la motricidad fina de los niños pequeños,” explica.
“Los niños construyen y forman las letras a partir del desarrollo de los trazos de la escritura y usan cada día un medio diferente mientras aprenden cada letra, pasando de la construcción a la escritura antes de lo previsto o antes de que se les pida escribir en papel.” Readiness & Writing (preparación y escritura) es un componente de GSS que aborda las debilidades relativas a la escritura de las letras y los números, el aprendizaje del alfabeto y la relación entre los números escritos y las cantidades.
Además, con la aplicación interactiva del programa, Sound Around Letters, los niños pueden identificar, relacionar y nombrar las letras mayúsculas y minúsculas, además de recibir información al instante para estimular el progreso y reforzar la confianza. Los recursos multimodales permiten que los niños con diferentes estilos de aprendizaje usen e interactúen con la pantalla táctil animada para aprender la formación de los números y las letras.
“Estamos comprometidos más que nunca a asegurar que los niños aprendan, sea que estén en el aula o en casa,” enfatiza la Dra. DeWitt. “Para equipar y apoyar a los padres y los profesores, hemos agregado más videos y recursos de aprendizaje a distancia que asisten con el uso de nuestros materiales únicos y exclusivos, en cualquier entorno.
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Health and Safety Priorities as the Weather Warms Up

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Who hasn’t heard of the “Freshman 15”? According to Nick Rizzo at RunRepeat, “the ‘quarantine 15’ is the new ‘freshman 15.'” It refers to the excess weight gain that people experience during long bouts of isolation, stress, and reduced physical activity. Every person around the globe has been touched by the stress of 2020 in one way or another.
According to, “The ongoing stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty created by COVID-19 pandemic can wear anyone down, but children and teens may be having an especially tough time coping emotionally.”
Most people know the best way to combat depression and boredom is to feed your body healthy foods and be more active.
In today’s severely restricted world, there is a solution that includes eating comfort foods you love (and crave during stressful times). The Gianluca Mech Keto is based on offering the tastiest Italian keto food during ketosis to make this process easy and pleasant.
The company also offers Decottopia®, which is a five-century old method, secret of the Mech family, for extracting and storing active substances of at least 10 different plants in liquid form without the use of alcohol, sugar or preservatives.
“This will help you have a healthy ketosis and to reduce its side effects,” Mech says. “Comfort food doesn’t have to be junk food.”
With most schools still incorporating virtual learning, children are suffering from the lack of emotional and social interaction. Tim Murphy, CEO of Boomers Parks, which are open 25 percent to 50 percent depending on the location, says this has been a long year for children everywhere, but he is on a mission to ensure his eight parks exceed local and state health guidelines, creating an industry standard to ensure that guests and team members are protected.
Murphy not only takes this seriously, but implements this to his team members by holding daily briefings on health and safety protocols.
The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of watching what we eat and socializing safely. The approaches of Gianluca Mech and Tim Murphy demonstrate the ability of companies to adapt to a fast-changing world. Both Mech and Murphy know the lockdown doesn’t mean you have to abandon taking care of your minds and bodies.
“Look, there’s no reason why healthy food shouldn’t taste good,” Mech says.
Adds Murphy, “We’re all about unleashing fun and I want everyone to feel safe doing so.”
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Modern Engagement Rings are the New Classics

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Once upon a time, many people proposed to their significant other with grandma’s engagement ring. There’s something to be said for family tradition. However, whether or not you inherit a piece of heirloom jewelry, there’s something unique and personal about a modern, hand-made, custom engagement ring.
“Bold and beautiful; modern and contemporary,” says the website of award-winning jewelry designer Cornelis Hollander.
The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company has four decades of awards and testimonials for its dramatic engagement ring designs.
“Our diamond rings are exceptional because they are made uniquely for the wearer, making them exclusive, memorable, and personal. Your ring is the ultimate storyteller of your style and commitment,” according to Cornelis Hollander’s son, Walter Hollander, who inherited the company from his father.
The modern classics of Cornelis Hollander include styles for every taste, for example:
– Strong but sweet: The Burcht setting features an arc of pave diamonds that sits beneath a precious metal bridge holding a stunning center stone.
– Clean and classic: The Een is a best-seller with its clean setting and timeless appeal.
Four elongated prongs showcase a center stone, with two additional diamonds on each side, plus a row of bead-set diamonds along the band.
– Ultra modern and edgy: The Kader pushes the envelope of boldness in jewelry, perfect for those who embrace the unexpected.
The ring features a thick channel that holds an off-center stone in a way that maximizes its brilliance.
– Perfect fit: The Zwaar is “our boldest and most beautiful setting,” according to the company website.
The square design can accommodate most gemstone shapes, and a center stone between two walls that allows the matching wedding band to slide through the middle for a unique piece that catches eyes and turns heads.
In addition, if you want to design your own original modern engagement ring, the Cornelis Hollander team can help turn your vision into a reality.
Any Cornelis Hollander designs can feature moissanite or diamond as the center stone. The company remains in the hands of the Hollander family, and all designs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in their Scottsdale, Arizona, studio.
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Five Tips to Get On Track to Peak Fitness This Spring

(NewsUSA) – With the cold weather retreating and some lifting of COVID restrictions across the nation, more seniors are feeling hopeful about getting back to their normal routines of life, including exercise. If you’re one of those individuals wanting to get on the fast track to peak fitness, here are five ways to charge up your fitness routine now.1. Set your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight, increase your muscle mass, or improve your flexibility or balance? Write down one or two key goals so that you know where to focus your time and energy to achieve the results that are most important to you.2. Establish a weekly routine. Explore information about which exercises will best help you achieve your fitness goals, then set a weekly routine that incorporates them into your workouts. If your fitness goal, for example, is to gain strength, there are many instructional videos that will show you step-by-step how to do various exercises to improve lower body, upper body, and core strength. For instance, check out this short instructional video from the Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise Program that shares tips on strengthening the lower body: Other videos can help you improve balance, flexibility, cardio health, and more.3. Start small to work up to national guidelines of 150 minutes per week of exercise. If you’re just starting a new exercise routine, start with 10 minutes three times a day and progress from there. For best results, mix things up. Incorporate cardio exercises like walking, biking, or dance, along with strength training exercises, such as wall, countertop, or floor pushups, chair squats, and supported lunges. For a more advanced workout, add resistance bands or light weights to your routine.You can find a wide range of 30-minute classes to get you started at: Find a routine that motivates you to stick with it. Data shows that a high number of people who start an exercise program drop out pretty quickly. Here are some keys to success. 1). Do exercises that you truly enjoy. Whether it’s a daily bike ride, a walk in the park, or an exercise class, do what you love. 2). Enlist an accountability partner to help you stay on track. Walk with a friend. Use a fitness device that tracks your activity. Or sign up for a gym class or online class with an instructor who inspires and motivates you. Many gyms across the country are now open and have COVID-safe workout options in place and live instructors who can help you stay accountable. If you opt for an online workout class, comment each time you tune in to show the group that you’re there. Your online comments can start conversations with others who attend, so you can develop virtual accountability partnerships with those attendees. Explore class options like those offered through the Silver&Fit® program, which premieres daily public Facebook Live and YouTube exercise classes catered to senior fitness. These half-hour classes include cardio, strength/bodyweight, yoga, dance, tai chi, mixed formats, and flexibility and balance, all available at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Classes premiere Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT but you can view exercise videos any time.5. Don’t delay. Take the first step to peak fitness today. Even if you’re not ready to take the big plunge to a 30-minute or longer class today, just get going. Try 10 minutes of exercise and work up to your goals. Just getting started will give you a big sense of accomplishment, and can eventually result in real health improvements. As always, before you start any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor to discuss your goals and what types of exercise might be safest for you.Spring is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to begin working on your peak fitness goals.To view the Silver&Fit workouts, visit or

Tax Prep Tips You Need Now from Financial Pros

(NewsUSA) –Tax time is just around the corner, and although many people still face various degrees of financial upheaval in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the IRS now says that taxes are due a bit later this year — on May 17, 2021. If you haven’t started organizing your tax materials, the time is now."CFP® professionals are uniquely qualified to guide you through these uncertain times," according to the website of CFP Board, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting professional standards in personal financial planning.A CFP® professional can provide financial advice and support as you organize and prepare your finances for tax filing.Here are pro tips for tax planning as April approaches:

BookBites: A CIA Thriller, Dog Tales, and Ramblings of Wisdom

­­­­(NU“The Beirut Protocol ”
by Joel C. RosenbergTrapped behind enemy lines. Brutally tortured and threatened with death. And the worst is yet to come. Special agent Marcus Ryker has spent his whole life protecting others, but this time his own life is in danger.When a routine advance trip along the Israeli-Lebanese border goes wrong, American operatives are ambushed and captured by a rogue Hezbollah special forces team. If Marcus and his colleagues are tortured and executed on live television, the president will have to enter another war he likely can’t win.Marcus faces a life-or-death battle, and the odds of survival are narrowing. Escape seems impossible. Rescue is a fading hope. This is the CIA’s most valuable operative as you have never seen him before. Purchase at“First Dog on Earth”
by  Irv Weinberg“Heartwarming story about relationships among people and dogs.”At the dawn of civilization, a wolf dog befriends an old hunter and revives his alpha powers among his human tribe. Together with the animal’s pack, they discover a new way of life — a shared odyssey of survival and trust that grows into the most successful partnership the Earth has ever known, changing dogs and humans forever.This is the poetic story of how civilization progresses all because of the abilities the dogs bring the tribe. How does the greatest love story in history begin? With a leap into the unknown. “Like no other book you’ve read!” Purchase at“How to Train Your Hooman: A Field Guide”
by  Gwen RomackThis is the lighthearted and funny read we so desperately need in these not-so-light-hearted times – and the perfect Mother’s Day gift for those dog-loving moms. Follow this unique story told by an extraordinary dog, Finn. He’s irreverent, funny, and full of sass. Based on his real life, join Finn as he issues weekly reports back to K9 Rescue Headquarters on the strange behaviors and rituals of his rescue-“hoomans.”With sarcastic wit, he observes the curious world around him, heroically saves his unwitting hoomans from dangers (see also: evil electric toothbrush), and shares his musings about the often-lackluster level of service he feels he receives. Purchase at“Waxing Pathetic ”
by M. B. ClarkWaxing Pathetic is a sardonic, often hilarious, raging stream of consciousness from one mad American woman. From the pathetic to the political, the lunatic to the poetic, Clark’s memoir is a masterwork of dry wit and piercing observation. From Been Down This Road, where she relates her high school dating history, to This is Real…and Surreal, where she takes down some pathetic politics, Clark merges real events with dream-state fiction that evokes deeper truths hidden in memories. Waxing Pathetic will leave you breathless as you are taken down roads not taken by most American women. Purchase at is presented by

World’s Most Expensive Sneakers Will Order Your Pizza

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – March Madness returns this year, after a pandemic-imposed hiatus in 2020.
As a result, basketball fans, sneaker fans, pizza fans, and anyone else might be feeling a little extra crazy.
How crazy? Enough to consider a 2.2-million-dollar basketball shoe supported by Pizza Hut that not only looks stylish and feels great, but actually helps the wearer order pizza via cellphone.
The Pizza Hut Pie Tops hit the market in 2018 as part of a March Madness promotion from Pizza Hut. The company enlisted renowned “Shoe Surgeon” Dominic Chambrone to design approximately 50 pairs of a very limited-edition custom sneaker.
During the 2018 March Madness basketball tournament, the few individuals wearing the Pizza Hut Pie Tops could press one button inside the tongue of one shoe that would pause the game they were watching, press a button on the other shoe to order their favorite Pizza Hut pizza, and then resume the game.
Impossible? Apparently not. The shoes were made available in two color schemes, all red or wheat brown with red (or as Pizza Hut puts it, “marinara”) highlights.
According to a description on the uber-shoe website, Godly Soles, “Atop a completely rubberized sole, the upper of the wheat iteration consists of a tumbled nubuck, while in contrast, the red version consists of mostly full-grain leather with hints of suede on the toe cap and heel.”
In addition, “A patent leather splash of ‘marinara’ accents the medial and lateral while white translucent webbing, or ‘cheese grater mesh’, cages the emblazoned PIZZA HUT lettering.”
The iconic Pizza Hut logo appears on an embossed hangtag, as well as on the lace lock, tongue, heel, and ankle collar. Even the insoles and laces reflect the pizza theme.
Guess what? Drake, the Toronto-based global rap star and sneakerhead, does not have a pair of Pizza Hut Pie Tops II in his collection. But you can.
Godly Soles is offering a new, in-the-box, unworn pair of the wheat Pizza Hut Pie Top IIs in a men’s size 11. They can be yours for $2.2 million dollars, and you can claim ownership of the most expensive sneakers in the world.
With that, your purchase would top Drake’s custom OVO x Air Jordan 10’s, which are considered the most expensive sneakers in existence with a worth of $2.1 million dollars.
Godly Soles is offering these sneakers for sale through StockX. Visit for more about the world’s most expensive sneakers, and how to get them.

Gold and Silver makes Digital Debut, Public Exchange Listing in Blockchain Era

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Silver and gold, long-time staples in the global economy, are entering the age of digital finance.
Gold and silver have a history as safe-haven investments, trusted units of account, and affordable media of exchange, according to the LODE Project, a company constructing a blockchain-powered gold and silver payments platform.
“LODE has utilized the innovative application of blockchain technology to give these metals a role in the digital economy,” says Nick Prouten, an Ambassador at the LODE Project.
Both precious metals and cryptocurrencies have increased in popularity in recent times, as global uncertainty rose in the face of the pandemic. To hedge against the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, investors have sought these alternative assets to diversify their holdings and protect their wealth. Now, a solution has emerged that combines the two worlds.
LODE is mining the value of gold and silver by offering gold-backed stablecoin (AUX) and silver-backed stablecoin (AGX). Both products will make their debut on the Hotbit exchange in the second quarter of 2021, adding a new type of liquidity option to the precious metals market. Hotbit is a leading exchange with more than $46,800,000 in trading volume, according to Coin Market Cap.
Each AGX Coin represents one gram weight and measure of verifiable silver bullion, and each AUX Coin represents one milligram weight and measure of verifiable gold bullion, both securely held and independently audited in the LODE reserves.
The AGX and AUX Coins are developed and minted on the Syscoin blockchain platform, and their listing on the Hotbit exchange will facilitate gold and silver digital trading on a global scale. This development comes at an opportune time, as investor interest in metals and concerns of supply shortages are on the rise.
LODEpay also offers an app, the LODEpayWallet, to make digital transactions of gold and silver more accessible. The app allows users to send, spend, and store funds backed by digital silver and gold. In addition, users of the LODEpayWallet can obtain virtual credit cards that they can use to spend AGX and AUX anywhere that credit and debit cards are accepted.
Visit to learn more about metals-backed digital assets, and to test digital gold and silver by downloading the LODEpay Wallet via Google Play or the App Store.

With All Eyes on Our Eyes, Targeted Wrinkle Solutions in Demand

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – A combination of stress, lack of sleep, and increased time squinting at screens as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means that our eyes are working harder than ever.
Although there is cause for optimism, video meetings and face masks will likely be with us for some time. That means that all eyes are on our eyes and the wrinkles surrounding them, especially that stubborn spot between the brows, where vertical wrinkles known as “elevens” develop over time. These wrinkles can be some of the most challenging to address, and many eye-care products don’t do the job.
“Wrinkles in the eye area are a concern for many of our patients, especially now that everyone is paying more attention to each other’s eyes for communication while wearing masks and attending video meetings,” says Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, board-certified New York dermatologist and founder of Entiere Dermatology.
“The eye area can be difficult to treat, but the right products and sun protection can make a difference,” Dr. Levin says.
An upgraded eye-care product from StriVectin is specifically formulated not only to improve the appearance of stubborn elevens, but also crow’s feet and under-eye- lines and puffiness.
The new Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles PLUS has demonstrated visible improvement in wrinkles and skin puffiness around the eye area, starting in just five days. The cream also includes ingredients to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.
Key ingredients include a patented form of niacin known as NIA-114 that has been shown to strengthen the skin barrier, plus horse chestnut flower extract to target skin collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The skin around the eye area is uniquely delicate compared to other parts of the face, so a cream designed specifically for this area can have a noticeable impact on appearance.
In addition, arctic marine ferment, sourced from the Arctic Ocean, promotes hydration and helps neutralize the visible effects of blue light exposure to skin — a valid concern given how much time people are spending in front of their screens due to the pandemic.
The cream is fragrance-free, ophthalmologist-tested, and non-milia inducing, and is designed for use on clean skin in the morning and evening.
StriVectin® Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles PLUS is available at department stores, specialty stores, Ulta, and
For more information about the cream and other StriVectin products, visit

Why Women Benefit from Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) – As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we take time to reflect on the important contributions women of different backgrounds have made to our country and on the importance of diversity and inclusion in our communities and economy.We should also celebrate the women serving their communities as financial planners and emphasize that gender diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession is very good for business.Attracting and retaining an inclusive, gender-diverse financial planner workforce that better reflects the United States population’s shifting demographics has been a central, profession-wide focus in recent years, particularly following the 2015 launch of the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning. The Center is driven to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession, working to provide financial planning advice to all Americans who need it — regardless of their background or personal financial situation.Here are some reasons why women benefit from financial planning and why more women need to become financial planners:* Financial planning helps women achieve their financial goals. Talking to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional is a smart investment for women at any stage of life. If you are just beginning your career, a financial planner can help with paying your bills, managing debt and saving for your future. As you get older and your financial life becomes more complicated, a financial planner can help you determine your financial priorities and juggle competing needs. Whether buying a house, navigating a career transition, saving for your kids’ education, or enjoying a fulfilling retirement, a sound financial plan grows with you and can be adjusted as your needs and goals change.* Financial planning gives women confidence. All women should have access to a competent, ethical financial planner who can provide guidance for making complicated financial decisions, so you can have less stress, more confidence and more time to focus on other things. No matter who you are, financial planning can provide financial security for you and your family.* Financial planning should reflect women’s increased buying power. Women are an increasingly important demographic for the financial services industry. They compose 51 percent of the U.S. population, and not only outnumber men in graduating from college, but also represent the majority of the workforce. Women now have increased buying power and make most consumer purchasing decisions for their families. Additionally, the economic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the importance of competent, ethical financial planning.Women today recognize the need for financial advice and the benefits of working with a CFP® professional. This need will go unmet unless the population of CFP® professionals more closely reflects the demographics of the public they serve.We are making progress. By the end of 2020, the number of female CFP® professionals increased to an all-time high of 20,633 – 23.3 percent of all CFP® professionals — reflecting growth of 3.1 percent since 2019. It’s a significant milestone, but we will continue to work hard to achieve gender diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession.To find a CFP® professional near you, visit today to get started.Jocelyn D. Wright, CFP® is special advisor for gender diversity for the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.