Tips to Keep Your Smile Dazzling

<b>Tips to Keep Your Smile Dazzling</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – When it comes to making a great first impression, nothing’s more important than a friendly smile. But not everyone feels confident enough to truly dazzle — after all, few smiles appear Hollywood-bright.

Coffee, tea, nicotine, soda, some fruit juices, silver-colored fillings and age can all give teeth a yellowish cast. No wonder drug store shelves are lined with whitening products that promise lighter teeth.

But whitening products aren’t perfect. Many users experience tooth and gum sensitivity and gum irritation, and prolonged use can damage tooth enamel.

At-home remedies don’t provide a better alternative. Brushing with baking soda can scratch resins and porcelain veneers, making stains more likely to adhere to those surfaces. Stain-removing toothpastes, which should not be confused with “whitening” products, are abrasive, and should only be used under a dentist’s supervision.

So what can you do to preserve a younger-looking, whiter smile? Here are some tips to keep you smiling pretty:

* Watch what you drink. If a beverage can stain cups, clothing and carpets, chances are that it can also stain your teeth. Even if you cannot give up coffee or cola indefinitely, you can take steps to lessen their toll on your teeth. For example, drink coffee or soda in one or two sittings instead of sipping on them slowly throughout the day. Follow sugary or acidic beverages with water, which will wash away their residue.

* Snack healthy. Foods like celery, carrots, pears and apples trigger saliva-production. The more saliva in your mouth, the less likely you are to develop stains or tooth decay.

* Use probiotics. Oral care probiotics, such as those found in Oragenic’s EvoraPlus probiotic mints (, can help whiten teeth without causing sensitivity or irritation. The mints contain Probiora3, a patented blend of beneficial bacteria that, when allowed to colonize the mouth, prevent bad bacteria from establishing in the mouth and threatening tooth and gum health. The mints will whiten your teeth even if you continue to drink staining beverages — the bacteria constantly release low levels of hydrogen peroxide, a natural whitener, so your teeth are constantly being lightened throughout the day.

* Avoid using tobacco products. Nicotine stains teeth and leads to bad breath and gum disease, not to mention several types of oral cancer. Do yourself a favor and quit.

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