Gift of a Cow Brings Promise of a Future

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – If you’re busy watching the machination of Wall Street playing with your pension, you might be missing out on the thousands of small- to mid-sized companies that are usually excluded from the capital market system.
Even though you probably know the companies and owners around town and their ability to generate job growth and energize the economy, most investors have no way to efficiently access these companies.
There are an estimated 26 million American businesses, but only 18,000 are public. Out of that relatively small group of publicly traded companies, the majority of Wall Street points investors toward the even smaller group of 3,500 actively traded stocks currently seen on the primary exchanges.
As is, the capital market is unable to support small- to mid-growing companies — the companies around your neighborhood, which employ the community. But Entrex, the leading “entrepreneurial exchange,” provides a capital forum for these companies and their investors through “revenue certificates,” which offer investors a monthly cash-flowing, inflation-adjusted security from individual portfolios of “neighborhood companies.”
The same way you might buy a “slice of equity ownership” of a company, Entrex works with the regulated brokerage community to provide about $800 million a month of “slices of revenue ownership.” These revenue slices are called TIGRcubs or Top-Line Income Generation Rights Certificates. TIGRcubs provide investors a monthly slice of revenues similar to a royalty while limiting various tax consequences.
Today, the $800 million a month is typically from individual companies offering TIGRcubs, according to Entrex CEO Stephen H. Watkins. This year, nearly 20 “funds” have been started. Recently, the first has been deploying $50 million into 17 companies, which provide investors a diversified basket or portfolio of TIGRcub Issuers.
This is similar to the way Fidelity or Vanguard Funds invest in NASDAQ and NYSE companies. However, these YourStreet Funds provide a basket of yield instrument helping to provide a monthly annuity you might actually drive by in your neighborhood.
By partnering with investment advisors, financial entities, fund managers and angel groups, Entrex is able to build a series of funds that support local businesses in various industries. And most importantly for investors, the funds are designed to produce monthly cash returns.
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