A Safety Deposit Box for Your Health

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As any financial consultant will advise, storing your finances and treasures in a secure bank isn’t just sensible, it’s imperative. People with means bank their savings, jewels, important documents and now, their stem cells.
“Think of it as a safety deposit box for your health,” says John Arnone, CEO of American CryoStem, one of the only adult stem cell banks in the world. “People rely on banks for financial security, and with the growing possibilities of stem cells and regenerative medicine, this concept allows people to bank for their future health, too.”
Fat tissue contains a surplus of viable adult stem cells, which are at the crux of regenerative medicine. While cosmetic surgeons have seen their patient numbers grow across the U.S., the focus has only been on extraction and reuse of the liposuction fat on a patient. Now because of American CryoStem’s method of processing and storage, fat tissue can be made into viable and useful adult stem cells. These stem cells can now be banked and used for better overall health in the future.
According to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services, medical technology is going through a revolution that could yield cures for diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, spinal cord injuries and more.
“American CryoStem has created a cryopreservation process that allows adults to store their stem cells now and retrieve them for treatment when necessary,” says Arnone. “This type of regenerative medicine could enable medical breakthroughs for any condition resulting from damaged or failing tissue.”
The stem cell extraction process is quick and painless,
taking place at any local American CryoStem provider’s office. The fat sample goes through a secure chain of custody until it is safely preserved in a FDA-approved facility. Banking ensures that a more youthful cell age is captured, and it also prevents any chance of cell rejections in the future.
To be notified when these services become available in your area, sign up at www.americancryostem.com/pre-enroll-now. To learn more, visit www.americancryostem.com or talk to your physician for more information.

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