Gadget-Free National Family Pajama Night Is a Must

Family dinners aren’t what they used to be – football games are blaring in the foreground, and parents must remind children to turn off their phones, and struggle to keep their own fingers from itching to check their email.

Internet technology has caused family dynamics to change rapidly across the country. Family structures aren’t the same, communication has been irrevocably altered and family time doesn’t look like it used to.

Five Simple Ways to Fulfill Your Resolutions This Year

Set yourself up for success, and you’ll ensure that your New Year’s resolutions don’t become end-of-year regrets. The beginning of the year is the time to get organized and re-stock your pantry and home office. Here are five simple tips to get your year started on the right foot:

•    Buy a 2011 Calendar.
Purchase a calendar and fill it with children’s school hours, your work commitments, family time, meal times, homework and other activities. Getting your calendar organized at the beginning of the year will help you make the most of work and play time.