Fun Watermelon Recipes for Back-to-School Snacks, Breakfasts and Treats

Let’s be honest, not all parents are back-to-school professionals. There’s a lot of schedules, shopping trips and all-around chaos to contend with. Even planning nutritious school snacks can be stressful.

But, when done right, healthy school snacks are the easy part. Start with watermelon. It’s 92 percent water and a guaranteed crowd pleaser—equal parts hydrating and delicious.

The author of “Eat Your Way to Happiness,” Elizabeth Somers, who is also a registered dietitian, has a love affair with the juicy fruit. According to her, watermelon is low in or free of cholesterol, fat and sodium. Eating watermelon can even help maintain cardiovascular function because it increases free arginine.

Two Summer Watermelon Recipes With Major Health Benefits

Bathing suit season is rapidly approaching, meaning it’s only a matter of time before someone throws a pool party or suggests a family beach trip. If you’re looking to slim down or embrace a healthy figure, the clock is ticking. We recommend making it easy on yourself — for example, just eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

“Yeah,” you sigh, “as if I haven’t heard that one before.”