Are Probiotics a Potential Way to Maintain Healthy Weight?

<b>Are Probiotics a Potential Way to Maintain Healthy Weight?</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Could the use of gut flora-boosting probiotics be an effective tool in the battle of the bulge? Studies on the relationship between probiotics and weight suggest that probiotics might play a significant role in helping manage metabolism. For the millions of people struggling to lead a healthier, leaner life, these potential benefits are welcome news.

In a study at Imperial College London, scientists watched how mice metabolized bile acids — acids that emulsify fat — with and without probiotic treatment. Mice with the “good” digestive bacteria absorbed nutrients differently, leading the scientists to conclude the probiotics could influence fat absorption. A separate study from Japan showed that probiotics aided rats on high-cholesterol and high-fat diets.

In another promising study on the topic, the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that a probiotic supplement may help gastric bypass patients to lose a higher percentage of weight after surgery. Current theories are that satiety, aided by probiotic therapy, plays a significant role in helping patients eat less and feel more satisfied, thus leading to weight loss.

How do probiotics influence weight loss? According to the most recent theories, probiotics help the body absorb more nutrients, producing feelings of satisfaction. Because the body can eat less food for the same amount of nutrients, people taking probiotics stop eating sooner, thus leading to weight loss.

All of this work is very promising for scientists who are looking to explore potential applications for probiotics. There is much more research required before they can determine the true nature of the relationship between probiotics and metabolism, but initial results are promising. Meanwhile, equipped with this limited but useful knowledge, consumers can test this prospective theory without a lab by conducting their own hands-on research by taking a chewable probiotic formulation like Vidazorb. Requiring no refrigeration and available in a number of formulations, Vidazorb is a very convenient way for everyone to get some “good bugs in their belly,” and weight management could be an added bonus.

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