Enjoy a Mediterranean Diet to Improve Vascular Health and Avoid Strokes

Approximately 795,000 strokes take place every year in the U.S., according to senior vascular surgeon at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospitals in New York, N.Y., Donna Mendes, M.D. As a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery, Mendes’ has firsthand knowledge of strokes and vascular health.

Improving your health and reducing your risk of a stroke are as simple as changing your lifestyle, particularly your diet. Avoiding a stroke means avoiding potential impairment and possible death. For instance, simply switching to a Mediterranean diet lowers your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is the “bad” cholesterol that’s more likely to cause fatty deposits to build up in the arteries.

Doctor’s Advice on Reducing Your Risk of Stroke: Good Sleep

Vascular surgeon Dr. David H. Stone of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center—also a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery—offers some critical advice to adults who are concerned with their risk of stroke: poor sleep is one factor that can lead to stroke.

“Research says less than six hours a night increases the risk of stroke symptoms four-fold among middle-age to older adults who had a normal weight and low risk for obstructive sleep apnea,” Stone explained. “Lack of sleep increases inflammation, blood pressure and the release of certain hormones, which create a greater stress response that increases stroke risk.”

Statin Drugs Can Improve Vascular Health

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