Are You Safe From Your Own Employees?

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – When Denise Edwards (not her real name) saw a text on her 11-year-old son’s phone that said, “Im gonna kill you 2mrw” from an unrecognized number, her heart stopped. She asked her son about it and was shocked to hear an older boy on his bus had been sending these types of texts for about two months.
Experts estimate that teens are at least four times more likely to say something hurtful or demeaning to another child when behind the veil of a phone or computer.
Tim Woda, a digital safety expert, explains: “Cyberbullies are often not the biggest kids on the playground or the meanest girls at school. If you want to protect against cyberbullying, parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing online and be willing to act quickly when they see a red flag.”
Here are a few tips for parents to prevent cyberbullying:
* Talk about it: The best defense is a good offense. Ask your child how they would respond if someone were mean to them online. What should they do? Is it okay to forward a text message making fun of someone?
* Spot it: Cyberbullying can cause kids to avoid using their phone or computer, or appear stressed when receiving an e-mail or text. They may act reluctant to attend social or school events or avoid conversations about school or friends. In extreme cases, the child will have declining grades, stop eating or have difficulty sleeping.
* Deal with it: Teach them to never respond, save the evidence and report the incident to an adult they trust. Next, engage school administrators to discuss their cyberbullying policy and develop a plan of action. Finally, talk about the situation with the bully and the parents. Sometimes a school guidance counselor can act as a mediator for this type of meeting.
* Prevent it: Stealing your child’s phone or their passwords to social networking accounts is not an ideal way to understand what’s going on in their digital world. Use a parental intelligence service, such as, that can alert you to dangerous behavior and cyberbullying. The best time to install parental monitoring software is the moment a child gets a social media account or mobile phone so kids accept it for the long run.

Enter “Win-a-Date” Sweepstakes for a Hollywood Premiere Fantasy Date

Can you envision yourself attending a Hollywood movie premiere with a stunning actress on your arm? Probably not – but some dreams can come true with a little help from a movie sweepstakes.

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Top Three Reasons Why TV Remote Controls Are Frustrating to Use

The average U.S. household has five remote controls. In fact, many households have 10 or more. But despite being introduced over 50 years ago, TV remote controls still maintain a basic design that can be frustrating to use.

Below are the top three reasons why TV remote controls are frustrating to use:

#3 – Commonly used buttons are too small, making their use awkward. The most commonly used buttons are frequently the smallest buttons. They also are usually surrounded by lots of other small buttons. This is especially problematic in low light.

Hold the Phone: Tips to Consider Before Buying Your Next Cell Phone

Businesspeople, students, kids, seniors – these days, everyone has a mobile phone. But phones are designed to suit different lifestyles and personalities, so you need to do your research and compare wireless phones before making your purchase.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help you find a cell phone that you’ll love: