Save Money With Free Software for Your Computer

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Looking to save money? There are ways to leverage great technology without burning a hole in your wallet.
Here are some safe, secure options — all of them free — that can help make your computer more productive, useful and fun:
* Firefox Browser:
( — Get onto the Internet with this alternative to Windows Internet Explorer that is compatible with both Macs and PCs. It is fast and secure and allows you to download lots of free plug-ins that provide information, social media integration and multimedia capabilities.
* TweetDeck:
( — This free program enables you to easily manage, monitor and post to all of your social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, from one place.
* Trillian:
( — Not everyone uses the same instant message service. You might use AOL while your friend uses Yahoo. Trillian lets you combine all of your instant message accounts — AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and IRC — into one program. Recently updated, it can integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts, too.
* LogMeIn:
( — The free version of LogMeIn lets you securely access your computer from anywhere in the world. Want to check your home computer while you’re on the road? Go to a web browser from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device, and log in to your account to instantly connect and access any programs, files, photos or music on your desktop.
* Windows Live Desktop:
( — Windows 7, which will be loaded on many new computers and mobile devices this year, does not include its own email program. Instead, Microsoft offers a mail program as a free download from this site, along with other programs, including a photo organizer and an application for creating videos.
* Picnik:
( — Picnik is a free alternative to Photoshop and offers photo-editing capabilities such as cropping, resizing, sharpening and red-eye reduction. You can add special effects, fonts, or various shapes to turn your precious memory into a work of art. Google’s Picasa is another good option for free photo-editing software.
Any or all of these programs will immediately add value to your Mac, PC or laptop — at absolutely no cost.
Do your homework first and check out product reviews from reputable technology sites such as CNET’s to find out more about free and safe software options before you install them on your computer.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Virtual Life

<b>How to Monitor Your Child’s Virtual Life</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Joe started to notice that his daughter, then 16, was behaving differently. “She had no desire to go to school in the morning, did not do her homework as she used to, and stopped going to the gym because she was always tired. When the family got together, or even when her friends asked her to go out and do something with them, she would rather stay home, alone.”

Desperate, Joe and his wife decided to install SpectorSoft’s Spector Pro, a monitoring software program, on their home’s computers. The software captures any keystrokes, chats and instant messages, e-mails, Web site visits, Internet searches and programs run by a child, so that parents can see every action performed, step-by-step.

Joe was shocked to learn what his daughter was doing online. “Our girl had met a married 42-year-old man during a chatting session, and they were sending provocative pictures to each other,” he says. His daughter was also visiting juvenile pornography and suicide Web sites, as well as planning to run away with the man she had met.

Joe and his wife put his daughter in counseling and contacted the FBI and local authorities about the online predator.

Pedophiles continue to use the Internet to target victims. It’s important for parents to monitor Internet activity and discuss the dangers with their children. According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, there are certain online behaviors that put children and teenagers at greater risk. These include:

– Posting personal information – Interacting online with strangers

– Making nasty comments

– Sending personal information to people unknown in real life

– Downloading images from file-sharing programs

– Visiting pornography sites

– Engaging in cyber-bullying

– Talking about sex online

If parents cannot supervise their children’s online activity, or if they suspect a problem, they should consider installing a software program that tracks online behavior. “I truly believe that we saved our daughter,” said Joe.

For more information, visit

Software Revolutionizes Capital Formation

<b>Software Revolutionizes Capital Formation</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – In a down economy, when investors do not want to take risks, entrepreneurs struggle to raise capital through the traditional venues. But some entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to raise capital.

New technologies help raise capital in new ways. Entrepreneurs are using software programs to organize and streamline their fundraising efforts.

One company that specializes in assisting start-up and early-stage companies raise seed, development and expansion capital through the issuance of securities, Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC, has created software that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to raise capital. The program, Financial Architect, substantially reduces the cost and time needed to raise capital.

Timothy Daniel Hogan, a former Wall Street Investment Banker, created Financial Architect with several goals in mind. First, Financial Architect teaches people how the real world of capital works through the e-book “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies.”

Second, Financial Architect helps entrepreneurs create a “Marketable Deal Structure” for the securities that investors want to buy, while enabling entrepreneurs to keep the vast majority of common ownership interest and voting control. Better yet, Financial Architect helps Entrepreneurs avoid falling into debt as well.

Financial Architect also helps businesspeople produce the required securities-offering documents so that they are fully compliant with federal and state securities laws.

Third, the software teaches entrepreneurs how to access real investors for personal introductions, which help get the job done.

In creating Financial Architect, Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC has taken one of the most complex, arduous and expensive processes and reduced it to a simple, easy and inexpensive system. Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC has borne 90 percent of the cost and has done 90 percent of the work involved in the process, allowing entrepreneurs to finish the process of capitalizing their companies.

You can get started by reading the abridged version the e-Book, “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies.”

To download a copy, visit, and enter promotional code 1492.

Finding Solutions to Fund Your Green Idea

<b>Finding Solutions to Fund Your Green Idea</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Americans with business-minded solutions to environmental issues need money before they can save the planet. But companies are creating new software systems that can help eco-conscious entrepreneurs.

For example, Timothy Daniel Hogan, a former Wall Street investment banker and the CEO of Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), wrote an e-book entitled “The Secrets of Wall Street -; Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies.” This e-book serves as the most comprehensive guide available in the world of raising capital.

CCA is a ten-year-old investment banking advisory firm serving the capital-raising needs of the entrepreneurial community. Business owners have successfully raised capital using CCA’s do-it-yourself Financial Architect System. Major universities use Hogan’s e-book in their course programs.

“This book is a complete primer that is straightforward, accurate, and practical,” wrote Raman Chadha the Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University. “It simplifies the legal and financial complexities of the funding process in direct language, and is focused on getting the entrepreneur to do what he or she does best -; take action.”

In addition to its capital-raising software, the CCA provides clients with access to accredited “angel” investors, private equity funds, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and many other sources of capital, around the world, that have an interest in funding start-up and early-stage companies.

The CCA software brings successful strategies used by major corporations to smaller ventures. “The company’s goal is to educate business owners; and to provide them with the legal documents and other tools necessary to develop effective deal structures, with the goal of attracting more investors,” wrote Freida J. Curry, Executive Director Center for Urban Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “Bottom line, their mission matches Center for Urban Business’s mission of helping small businesses to achieve the next level of significant growth.”

To download your complimentary-abridged edition copy, visit: and enter promotional code 1492.

Teaching Kids Safe and Ethical Downloading

<b>Teaching Kids Safe and Ethical Downloading</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Recent piracy lawsuits brought by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have parents and youths concerned about the risks and ethics of downloading copyrighted songs and videos. But piracy charges are just one of many dangers kids face when they download files illegally.

Downloading files or software can make computers vulnerable to harmful programs, like viruses and spyware. File sharing can allow other Internet users access to all of the files on your computer, which means that information, like bank details and personal documents, can be stolen. Peer-to-peer, or P2P, sites are notorious for lacing any downloadable files with sexually graphic or violent content.

To help parents protect their families and computers, a non-profit organization,, has developed resources to teach kids the safe and ethical use of the Internet and how to download safely. Before downloading, kids should understand the “3 KEEPs” for safe and honest downloading:

1. Keep safe your personal files. Don’t share your music, videos, games, or pictures -; especially pictures of yourself -; with strangers online.

2. Keep away from doubtful downloads. Files from peer-to-peer sites, social networking sites, or blogs of people you don’t know could have bad files attached to them.

3. Keep using common sense. If it’s not free in stores, it shouldn’t be free online -; that’s stealing from the creators, and it’s against the law.

A new children’s book and animated DVD, “Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download,” teach kids in a fun, non-threatening way the safe and ethical use of downloading. To further promote safety, parents can explain that file-sharing and illegal downloading of copyrighted materials is viewed as theft and can expose both you and them to legal action.

Parents should also check their computer’s browser history regularly -; evidence of P2P sites such as BitTorrent, Limewire, Joost, ANts, Gnutella, eDonkey or new icons and software on your desktop suggest illegal activity. Parents can also find suitable download sites for kids that are legal and free.

To preview the Faux Paw films and parent tutorials, and to find more information on critical Internet safety topics, visit

Software Moves from CD-ROM to Internet

<b>Software Moves from CD-ROM to Internet</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – As many companies have realized, buying computers is one thing, using them is quite another. Among IT staff, infrastructure needs, upfront product costs and upgrades, buying needed software can become an expensive proposition.

But some services allow companies to use important softwares -; like portals, customer relationship services, human resources and IT management applications -; on a subscription or pay-per-use basis.

Called Software as a Service, or SaaS, these applications help middle-market companies avoid steep software costs. Companies subscribing to SaaS networks avoid buying new technology, as SaaS services require nothing more than computers and Internet access.

With SaaS, buyers can access and license software as an Internet service. Companies do not need to buy, install, maintain and support expensive applications. SaaS providers update their offerings from a central location, so companies can always access the latest upgrades. But the SaaS model carries more potential than most companies have explored.

One company, EnterConnect, Inc. (, traded on the OTCBB under the symbol ECNI, is one of the first Internet or extranet portal providers to adopt the SaaS model. Internet portals, or Web sites that act as starting points for browsing the Internet, can index other Web sites and provide e-mail and other communication applications. In combining portal and SaaS technologies, EnterConnect, Inc. has created a software service that allows companies easy administration, content publishing, security, collaboration and flexible infrastructure. Easy-to-use, on-demand portal tools allow companies to better manage their business, drive productivity and communicate with employees, customers and partners. Businesses using EnterConnect Inc.’s services can easily, securely and cost-effectively connect and communicate with one another.

Considering America’s current economic troubles, the nation’s mid-size companies need to boost effectiveness without buying expensive software packages with vast technological requirements. Innovative, Web-based software services can help companies thrive.

Software to Save the Housing Market

<b>Software to Save the Housing Market</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Anyone who has recently picked up a newspaper, turned on the news or driven down a residential street knows that the housing market looks dismal. As fuel and energy prices increase, many Americans find themselves unable to pay their debts and mortgages, leading to foreclosures. The market’s flooded, prices are down and people feeling the economic crunch aren’t looking to buy.

To help revive the market, Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), a 10-year-old investment banking advisory firm, developed a patent-pending software called “Financial Architect.” The software can enable real estate professionals to raise substantial amounts of equity capital at a fraction of the standard cost.

The easy-to-use software generates securities-offering documents and investor leads, letting developers, contractors, real estate agents and property management companies raise and manage capital for acquiring properties.

“The goals of REIT Producer, the newest ‘Financial Architect’ module, are simple,” said Timothy Hogan, CCA’s chairman and CEO. “We want to help entrepreneurs involved in the real estate industry significantly lower the costs and increase the speed of raising equity capital. Just as important, we want to provide real estate developers and professional property-management firms with an easy-to-use expert system that will enable them to choose the right deal structure for attracting both equity and debt capital that they need to expand their operations and manage those funds in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations.”

Using the software, entrepreneurs can raise capital, acquire properties and conduct 1031exchanges to build a portfolio of holdings for development, fix-up or long-term investment.

“We believe there’s significant and growing demand among entrepreneurs for control over their financing strategies,” says Hogan. “The software components of Financial Architect are designed to meet this ‘do-it-yourself’ approach.”

To learn more, simply read the first two chapters of their complementary e-book entitled “The Secrets of Wall Street,” visit and enter promotional code 1492.