Resolve to Get Organized in 2010

<b>Resolve to Get Organized in 2010</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Start 2010 with a bang: organize your home and work space! Take the first step by installing shelving that is specifically suited to maximize your space. To successfully clear out and keep out clutter, you need storage space. The folks who operate and have been providing shelving and storage fixtures for over fifty years. They know that one size does not fit all when it comes to maximizing your available storage space.

When measuring the space for your shelving project, go up as high as you can. If you have a 9-foot ceiling, use shelving units

that are 8-feet high. If you have large and bulky items to store, use shelves that are as deep as your space will allow. Shelving units that are 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch deep or even deeper provide much-needed room.

The more shelves you have in each unit, the greater your storage space per square feet of density. For example, a 24-inch-deep by 48-inch-wide shelving unit will occupy 8 square feet of floor space. If you erect a shelving unit 8 feet high and add eight shelves to the unit, you would create 128 square feet of shelving space in just 8 square feet of floor space. Think higher, deeper, wider and add as many shelf levels as possible if you want to get the most density out of your floor space.

Be organized (always), be practical (keep it simple) and get some functional shelving. Wall-mounted decorative shelving is a wonderful complement to just about any room, and they create shelving space where free-standing shelving wouldn’t be appropriate. Consider glass shelving for a more contemporary design, or wood grain shelves for a softer, warmer tone.

Whatever your interior design tastes, there are shelves that will satisfy your desire for form and function. With decorative wall-mounted shelving, you can display your prized items like trophies, pottery and pictures in frames. Your home and office should reflect your personality, so choose personalized displays. Using the right shelf will get you on your way to being organized.

An efficient home is a happy home. Start 2010 happy and organized with the help of The Shelving Store.

Visit their Web sites at and for more ideas on how to better utilize your existing storage space. They offer free shelving designs for any project.

Winter Pledge: Clearing Garage Floors Gets Cars Indoors

<b>Winter Pledge: Clearing Garage Floors Gets Cars Indoors</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – When a chill is in the air and clutter is in the garage, your car is often forced out in the cold.

“Like any other meaningful and valuable item in our life, cars need protection,” said Alan Taylor of Car & Driver Radio. “I’m often asked how people can make their cars last longer, and it’s not always just about the mechanics, it is also about protection and shelter. I tell them to get their car in their garage.”

Whether its colors are fading or it’s taking even longer to “warm” the car on those chilly winter mornings, Mother Nature’s elements take their toll on your car. As the mercury drops, now is the time to get the car back in the garage.

Rakes and shovels, gardening pots, tools, golf clubs, basketballs, footballs and other sporting equipment litter most garages, leaving little to no space to move within, let alone park a car.

“Getting the car in the garage starts with getting the garage in order,” says do-it-yourself expert Karl Champley. Champley points out that the first step to organizing the garage and getting the car back inside requires lifting the junk up off the floor and organizing it on the walls. The walls are storage space too often left unused. Plus, many people leave items on the floor, loosely stacked against the walls with no support, leaving the chance that if you bump them getting in or out of the car, they may fall onto the car and scratch it or cause other damage.

To clear the mess, get the car inside, and avoid damaging the car when it’s in its proper home — the garage — Champley suggests the following tips:

* From Garage Floor Sprawl to On the Wall. Clear every inch of floor space to make it clutter-free. Products are available from companies like Gladiator GarageWorks, which offers modular hooks, shelving and storage cabinets that allow you to organize what you have on the wall. You can even hang your bike, wheel barrow and ladders to clear additional floor space and prevent damage to the car when parked in the garage.

* Organize the Place with Tailored Space. Once you know what needs to go up on the wall, it’s time to create zones for your sports equipment, your workshop projects, your gardening center or other hobbies you’re passionate about. Items are not only off the floor but in a familiar place every time you need something.

* To Keep It Straight, You Must Create. As you accumulate more and more keepsakes or other materials that need a home in the garage, get creative. Use organization tools like Gladiator GarageWorks blueprint estimator ( which allows you to virtually organize your space online and then print out a plan to expand.