Tired of Doggy Breath? Prevention Is Key to Protect Pets From Oral Disease

Your pet is a beloved family member. You buy him comfy pillows and squeaky toys, premium kibble and trips to the groomer. But if you’re like most pet owners, you’re neglecting a major part of your cat or dog’s medical care – his mouth.

Oral disease, including periodontal or gum disease, is the most common disorder in cats and dogs. The internal research team of Banfield, The Pet Hospital, supports findings that 68 percent of cats and 78 percent of dogs over the age of three display signs of oral disease, including bad breath, pain while chewing, weight loss, yellow teeth, red or swollen gums, missing teeth, nasal discharge or tearing or swelling below one eye. In advanced cases, gum disease can lead to bone infections.

Meeting Pets’ Needs on a Budget

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<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – It is possible to care for, even pamper, your pet on a budget or fixed income. By planning carefully and making smart shopping decisions, you can save money on food, toys and treats.

– Save money on everyday essentials, such as pet food, by shopping at deep discount stores. Forty percent of the money Americans spend on pets is for food. You will find savings on name-brand pet food at a deep discount store such as Dollar General. Remember that you can save even more by buying private label food. Many private label products are equivalent to the national brands.

– Find lower-cost medical care. Local humane societies often sponsor free or reduced-price clinics for routine vaccinations or spaying or neutering. Learn about clinics offered in your area, which can save you from expensive vet visits. And, you don’t always have to visit the vet for some medical treatments. Dewormer, ear mite treatment and other medications are available over-the-counter.

– Enjoy the great outdoors with your favorite animal -; which doesn’t cost anything. For outdoor or indoor fun, your pet will need a few basic accessories like a leash, collar and water bowl. All of these inexpensive items are available at deep discount stores.

– Skip the pet day spa and groom your animal at home. You can save a lot of money by bathing and grooming your animal yourself. All you need to set up your own pet spa are shampoo, conditioner, a brush or comb, a hair dryer and nail clippers.

– Potty training and maintenance for pets can also be affordable. Deep discount stores such as Dollar General offer cat litter, litter pans, scoops and liners. Puppy pads are available for puppies that are being trained.

While buying the basics for your favorite animal, don’t forget to pick up a toy or treat. Dogs love toys, snacks or rawhide bones. Cats enjoy exercising on a scratching post or munching on catnip.