Grill Up a Heart-Healthy Meal With Tasty Veggie Sliders

Grilling season is here, and there is an easy way to put a healthy twist on your summertime cookouts – without sacrificing taste.

For a healthy alternative to the American grilling classic, the burger, consider adding unique ingredients such as California Raisins to add flavor and nutrition.

A good source of potassium and fiber, raisins are an all-natural, no-sugar-added ingredient and are fat- and cholesterol-free. As if that weren’t enough, raisins may support heart health according to new research.

A study at the Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Center suggests that eating raisins three times daily may significantly lower blood pressure for adults with prehypertension.

How to Prep a Fruitful School Snack

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – A healthy diet is a necessity for individuals of all ages, but getting enough nutrients is especially important for school-age children. Not only are children learning and developing eating habits that will follow them throughout their adult life, they also need the right kind of fuel to stay focussed during the school day.
At times, children can be tricky. They may not always agree to eat celery sticks and peanut butter as a school-day snack. However, natural sugars, like those in fruit, instead of processed and value-less candy and potato chips, can play a key role in getting children to snack healthily — especially when they may be short on time.
Fruit offers fiber and minerals to improve performance in class, provide energy for sports and curb appetites. Encouraging children to eat fruit as their snack may also help reduce their risk for cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and strokes later on in life.
Get creative during the school year with your afternoon snack preparations. One way to go is to stuff different fruit concoctions in whole wheat tortilla wraps to add a hearty twist to a sweet snack. For example, try this quick and easy Banana and Raisin Wrap recipe from La Tortilla Factory:

Revamp Your Pantry For Healthier Meals

<b>Revamp Your Pantry For Healthier Meals</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – In an ideal world, you’d shop every day for the freshest ingredients to make gourmet meals for your family. However, family obligations keep you so busy that dinner often means fast food or take-out.

Fortunately, there is a happy medium between healthfulness and convenience. With a well-stocked pantry, it’s easy and less expensive to create healthy meals in minutes without extra trips to the grocery store.

Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and nutrition book author, provides these tips for creating the perfect pantry:

* Keep supplies for healthy last-minute meals on hand. Pantry staples like whole-wheat pasta, eggs, tomato sauce, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, canned salmon and canned beans (such as black beans and garbanzos) can make quick and healthy sandwiches, soups, omelets and more.

* Stock up on natural foods. Many common pantry supplies, like canned soups, crackers and sugary cereals, contain large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats and sodium. Choose more nutritious alternatives. For example, start off your day with a healthy breakfast including Mom’s Best Naturals ( cereals. This line comes in delicious family favorite varieties, and unlike a lot of natural/organic cereals, this brand is affordably priced so it’s a good, budget-friendly option for families.

* Choose whole grains. Oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice are healthy staples, but you can also create quick, easy meals and side dishes from grains like bulgur wheat, buckwheat, quinoa and whole wheat couscous. Snack on popcorn (a whole grain) instead of fatty chips, and make a delicious trail mix with whole grain cereal, dried fruit and nuts.

* Spice it up. With a well-stocked spice rack, you can prepare simple dishes such as beans and rice with an Indian, Mexican or Mediterranean flare. Stock dried rosemary, thyme, tarragon, dill, cumin, cinnamon, sage, chili powder, turmeric, bay leaves, curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder and black and red pepper. Toss dried herbs and spices after a year, as their flavor fades.

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Hardworking Remedy For the Generations

<b>Hardworking Remedy For the Generations</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Country music superstar Trace Adkins, known for his baritone voice, rugged good looks and chart-topping songs, will now be known for something else. Trace has become the new face and voice of BC Powder.

“I’m very particular about attaching my name to products or causes, unless it’s something I use or believe in,” said Adkins. “My relationship with BC Headache Powder is personal and runs deep. I still remember when my grandfather gave me my first BC. I even remember the product advertising jingle from the ’70’s. I am proud to be representing BC, especially on tour in front of thousands of fans.”

BC Powder (, which was first introduced in 1906 by Bernard and Commodore Council, offers temporary relief for discomfort associated with headaches, minor body aches and fever. Because BC is a powder, it gets into your bloodstream fast to provide fast, effective relief.

As a spokesperson for the next two years, Adkins will record radio ads, be included on BC’s Web site, perform songs at exclusive events, and conduct a BC Headache Powder sponsored concert tour in 2010 that will include more than 80 national concert stops. Currently, Trace is sponsored by BC Headache Powder for 38 tour stops on the “Shine All Night” Tour with Martina McBride.

“Regular, hardworking people will now share the spotlight with Trace Adkins to tell the story of how good and fast BC works on headaches and tough body pain,” said Darren Singer, VP Marketing BC Powders. “Once we heard Trace’s personal history with BC, which has spanned three generations, we had to make him another member of our storytelling team. He is a tremendous asset to us and a huge draw for people who work hard for what they have.”

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