Families Look to Tap More From Their Water

<b>Families Look to Tap More From Their Water</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – As more families become conscious of the importance of proper nutrition, they are seeking ways to proactively improve their overall health and wellness. It’s a quest that many are finding begins at home.

With that in mind, a new line of water care products have been created that turn ordinary household tap water into a healthy source of natural hydration and provide potassium, a naturally occurring mineral essential to wellness both inside the body and out.

Nature’s Own Potassium Cubes and Potassium Enriched Cubes restore water to the wholesome, holistic state of purity nature intended, with a blend of pure, high-grade elements for health, home and the environment.

Our bodies need a consistent flow of potassium, but we can’t produce it. Too little of this vital mineral can throw off the body’s natural rhythm, possibly leading to or contributing to poor circulation, hypertension, chronic fatigue, diabetes and a lower overall sense of well-being.

Nature’s Own Potassium Cubes help in meeting the average daily requirement of potassium (2,000 to 3,000 milligrams daily), essential in aiding blood pressure regulation, heart function and muscle building. Proper potassium intake is also crucial for the elimination of wastes and promotes faster healing of cuts, bruises and other injuries. In addition to the health benefits, the cubes are better for the world we live in, providing the essential potassium that lawns and houseplants need to thrive.

Potassium Enriched Cubes are another health-conscious alternative to traditional water conditioners. The exclusive, patented formula offers a healthy balance of potassium and sodium, helping the body to maintain its natural equilibrium. This unique blend is also environmentally friendly, keeps hair and skin free of mineral byproducts, and protects clothing, dishes, plumbing and appliances.

Potassium Cubes and Potassium Enriched Cubes are two in the complete line of Nature’s Own water care products, all designed with the unique needs of every home in mind.

Families who are concerned with proper mineral levels in tap water are encouraged to visit naturesownwatercare.com to learn more about Nature’s Own water care products.