Fresh PEI Mussels Harvested as a Year-Round Treat

Did you know that when it comes to seafood, freshness is consistently rated as one of the most important qualities customers are looking for? That’s just one reason mussels are growing in popularity across the U.S.

When it comes to freshness, Prince Edward Island (PEI) mussels from Canada are hard to beat. In fact, these tasty and nutritious shellfish are sold live at the store – you literally can’t get them any fresher.

You’re now able to buy them fresh at the grocery store all year round. Gone are the days of so-called mussel season, since farmed mussels are harvested throughout the year.

Fresh Mussels Make 2012 Wellness Goals Taste Great

Every January, our focus turns to kicking off the year with a renewed commitment to healthy eating. We join gyms and invest in the latest protein powders and high-fiber shakes in pursuit of a healthier life. But did you know there’s a delicious powerhouse food that’s easy to make and won’t break your wallet just waiting to help us meet our goals?

Fresh mussels are packed with important health benefits. They are rich in nutrients without adding significant calories or fat to meals,” says registered dietitian Lois Ferguson, as he explains the benefits of fresh PEI mussels compared to other proteins like meat and poultry. “This makes them the perfect food for people who aim to live a life of fitness and health.”