Three Ways the Oil Spill May Threaten Human Health

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has many people fearing the environmental impact of pumping 210,000 gallons of toxic oil into a large marine ecosystem. But if the oil rig’s fluid-control systems fail, the expanding oil slick may also become a human health threat.

Little attention has been given to preparing for the worst-case scenario – a catastrophic failure of the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead and fluid-control systems. Right now, the leaking oil pipes slow the amount of oil released by the rig. Should they fail, the oil slick could increase by 60,000 to 160,000 barrels per day – that’s the equivalent of one Valdez every two days.

Tips to Safely Ship Large Items

<b>Tips to Safely Ship Large Items</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Transporting large, valuable items often creates anxiety. Will you open the box only to find an antique vase in shards? Will the package even reach its destination?

To ensure that items arrive safely, you have to pack them correctly. Make sure that you have a variety of packing materials on hand, including boxes, bubble wrap, loose fill and packing tape.

Bulky or irregularly shaped items, like furniture, exercise equipment, paintings and sculptures, require special consideration. The experts at Pak Mail, a shipping company with 500 plus stores in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Panama and Japan, offer the following tips:

– Wrap it. Before packing an item, you’ll need to protect it from scratching or breaking. Wrap items in bubble wrap, tissue or plastic. If shipping several items in the same box, wrap each item individually. Use non-acidic paper to protect artwork.

– Pack it. Use foam or rubber as a second layer of packaging -; this will help absorb shock and vibration during shipping. Make sure that items are packed securely in their boxes. Most damage occurs when items have room to move or shake.

– Make it secure. Choose a hard, puncture-resistant surface, like plywood, for the outer layer of your package.

– Hire a professional. For items that prove especially cumbersome, consider hiring a shipping company that specializes in custom packaging and large items. For example, Pak Mail builds custom crates for unusually awkward or large items. You don’t even need to bring the items to a Pak Mail location -; the company will pick up your item, pack it safely and then ship it. There are no size, weight or piece limits. The company has successfully shipped everything from precious art works to dinosaur fossils.

– Get a guarantee. Declare and cover the value of your items. Make sure that you have each item’s tracking numbers so you can watch their progress.

For more information or to find Pak Mail locations, call (800) 778-6665 or visit

For a Fantastic Getaway, Stay at Mexico Villas

<b>For a Fantastic Getaway, Stay at Mexico Villas</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Looking for family fun or a romantic getaway? Just go to Mexico. Whether you’re a large family or two honeymooners, you can experience cultural immersion, fine dining, spa services and beachfront relaxation at The Villa Group Resorts in Cabo San Lucas.

A cluster of villa properties located on prime beaches offers a selection of special packages.

* Have fun with the kids and treat yourself, too, at Villa del Palmar. Enjoy the family-friendly environment including air-conditioned suites with private balconies and complete kitchens to make you feel right at home. For recreation, cool off in the swimming pools and whale waterslide, relax at the new Desert Spa, exercise at the fitness center, play tennis or try out your skills on the putting green, and take pleasure in viewing themed dinner shows every night.

* Explore a romantic escape for two at Villa La Estancia. Relax in a one-bedroom suite with sparkling wine and strawberries and a moonlight massage to start out your vacation as a “just-married” couple. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and unrivaled hospitality on lushly landscaped grounds that include dancing fountains and whirlpools. Deluxe studios and spacious penthouses also are available.

* Many options for families and couples are available to choose from at Villa Del Arco Beach Resort & Grand Spa. Oceanfront suites, waterfalls,

spa tubs, children’s areas, and activities such as kayaking and snorkeling are just a few of the highlights. Don’t forget to try a signature facial, body wrap or other therapeutic service to fine-tune your mind, body and soul.

* Discover a variety of treatments at The Desert Spa. “The Desert Spa Discovery” features three nights in a deluxe one-bedroom oceanview suite, two 50-minute aromatherapy massages, a men’s facial therapy for him, a lemon-lime facial for her, and unlimited access to the fitness center and spa facilities for the entire stay. In addition to these amenities, “The Desert Spa Adventure” includes a his-and-hers experience in a spa suite for two with a hydrotherapy session, a personal training session for two with a U.S. certified personal trainer and a light spa cuisine lunch for two at Villa Del Arco’s oceanfront La Perla restaurant.

For more information about Mexican vacation opportunities in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, visit

Disastrous Honeymoon Proves Lucky After All

<b>Disastrous Honeymoon Proves Lucky After All</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – A honeymoon is supposed to be the celebration of a couple’s new life together, but Lynn and Steven Curran’s honeymoon was more like an episode of “When Animals Attack.”

The newlyweds from Chester, Md., had enough close encounters with wild critters to fill the storylines of several “nature run amok” movies. Because of their beast-plagued honeymoon, the couple recently won the grand prize in Thrifty Car Rental’s 10th annual Honeymoon Disasters Contest.

Things started off mundanely enough for the Currans on their trip to Cancun, Mexico: They got the usual sunburns. That’s when the couple decided that a moonlit swim in the ocean might be the perfect antidote for their lobster-red skin.

“No one was looking,” said Lynn, “so off went the bathing suits.” As the skinny-dippers frolicked in the water, it wasn’t long before they realized they had company. Soon, the couple found themselves wrapped in the loving arms of a large jellyfish.

“We ran out of the water screaming,” said Lynn, “which told everybody on the beach, ‘Hey, look at the idiots running naked on the beach!'”

The day trip to the zoo was not much better. Swimming through a cavern, the newlyweds took a wrong turn and missed the “closed for repairs” sign. That’s when they found themselves in a pool of algae, surrounded by


“One swam right past me,” said Lynn. “We had to climb up a 30-foot ladder to get out of the water, and we were covered in goo.” That night, the couple ate dinner and went to bed without speaking to each other.

The next morning, when Steven woke up with a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge, Lynn was forced to go snorkeling alone. A first-time snorkeler, she was entranced by the beauty of the underwater landscape. Then, from out of nowhere, she encountered a barracuda and the boat’s drivers had to rescue her from her new swimming companion.

Lynn played it safe by swimming in the hotel pool the following day. When she snuck up on her husband to goose him on the backside, however, she soon realized that it wasn’t Steven: It was another man wearing identical swimming trunks. The couple later decided to cancel a scuba trip when they found out Steven’s “double” would be accompanying them.

“The only thing we did from that point on was sit around and eat,” said Lynn. “I gained 10 pounds in one week and came home with a lot to talk about.”

For surviving their postnuptial trauma and winning the grand prize in the Honeymoon Disasters Contest, the Currans will receive roundtrip airfare to a destination of their choice in the continental United States, three nights’ hotel accommodations, a four-day car rental from Thrifty Car Rental and $500 in spending money.

To enter next year’s contest online or to read about other

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