Don’t Be a Slouch — Straighten Up to Avoid Back Problems

PostureChiroCRemember when your mom used to tell you to sit up straight? It turns out she was right.

Years of poor posture, according to experts, have been shown to put unnecessary pressure on the spine and supporting muscles and ligaments that can result in everything from back pain to muscle strain to degenerative arthritis. And most of us make things worse on a daily basis.

How so?

Research has found that stress, obesity, incorrect posture while sleeping, standing, sitting, working and—for the fashionistas in the group—wearing high heels can all contribute to poor posture.

Chiropractic Care on the Rise, May Be Best Career Option

Despite optimistic media reports that the economy is on the rebound and more robust than it has been in recent years, finding a job—never mind a career—is still difficult.

Consider this: fully 77 percent of positions added to the market this year have been part-time, according to economic analysts. Yet, there is one occupation that is on the rise.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs in chiropractic care will increase 28 percent by 2020—placing this field at a much faster rate of growth than other professions.

Research Suggests Type 2 Diabetes is a ‘Preventable Disease’

You can’t blame it on your parents anymore.

A new study by the Harvard School of Public Health makes clear that your genes “take a back seat” to behavioral and lifestyle factors when it comes to developing Type 2 diabetes, and that – where men are concerned – lifting weights for just 30 minutes a day, five times a week, can cut your risk by as much as 34 percent. Make that as much as 59 percent when weights are combined with aerobic exercise.