Find the Hidden Meaning Within a Gift of Jewelry

<b>Find the Hidden Meaning Within a Gift of Jewelry</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – In today’s day and age, it’s not enough to buy a nondescript bracelet or necklace for a loved one. Luckily, the perfect piece of jewelry is only a stone’s throw away. This holiday season, find a gem that has long been used to convey personalized messages.

But how do you know what individual stones mean? Is amber appropriate for a niece or a grandmother? What about agate or turquoise? The following tips will help you find the perfect stone for any of your loved ones:

– For a wife or girlfriend. Sapphire, which conveys sincerity and fidelity, makes an excellent choice for an engagement ring. The ancient Greeks associated emerald with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, so give emeralds to the woman who holds your heart. Garnet symbolizes loyalty, passion and love.

In China, couples who become engaged exchange jade statues, which represent, longevity and good luck.

– For a mother. Celtic and Greek mythology associates moonstone with the triple goddess (maiden, mother and crone). Moonstone was thought to protect women’s health, as well as promote nurturing.

– For a young daughter or niece. Historically, coral has been associated with children — in many European nations, red coral beads are a traditional baby gift. But harvesting coral — which is actually the exoskeleton of tiny marine animals — can destroy coral reef, which are already severely threatened by fishing practices and climate change. In fact, some scientists say that 20 percent of the world’s coral has already been destroyed, and that another 23 percent may be lost in the next 30 years. For this reason, Tiffany & Co. has pledged not to use coral in its jewelry. But you can still get the look -; the experts at Oceana (, a nonprofit organization devoted to ocean conservation, recommend buying imitation coral jewelry. If you must have real coral, look for vintage pieces, which have the added advantage of being truly one-of-a-kind.

– For a sister. Peridot brings the wearer good luck, prosperity and peace. Topaz can be used as an amulet against harm.

You may also want to choose a stone based on your loved one’s individual interests. For example, amber, or fossilized tree sap, has an ancient, enduring quality that any history lover will appreciate. A meditative type will enjoy cool stones, such as aquamarine. Amethyst is traditionally used in crown jewels, making it an appropriate gift for the “princess” of the family.

Prevention is the Key to Food Safety

<b>Prevention is the Key to Food Safety</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – By the time you finish a contaminated meal, it’s too late to save you from illness. Contaminated food can cause problems ranging from mild upset stomach to death. Experts estimate that 5,000 Americans die from foodborne illness each year.

Preventing food poisoning in the first place, rather than hoping to catch contamination upon inspection, could save thousands of lives. As newly appointed FDA head Margaret Hamburg said, “Prevention is the key to food safety.”

Whether targeting Salmonella or Listeria, preventing harm to the common food chain has replaced inspection as the FDA’s new attack. Strengthened food safety legislation is brewing in Congress from a number of sponsors — each variation touts prevention as its core.

Inspectors will rate farms, factories and food companies more often, and food companies will be held to higher standards of performance and documentation. Traceability protocols will be tightened. The power to recall bad food and levy stricter fines and penalties, including imprisonment, will be granted. Although, American food executives and legislators can rest a little easier than other countries — in China, contamination can lead to execution.

But government cannot always lead the way. Private industry must raise the bar and be held accountable. A new era of food safety will require new ideas, new services and new products such as iPura, an innovative food safety program based in California. The iPura company offers an organic processing technology that prevents contaminants from reaching dinner tables.

iPura uses environmentally friendly, science-based methods to destroy disease-causing bacteria, then seals the clean product, resulting in “The Highest Standard in Food Safety.” iPura started with seafood but will soon be cleaning poultry and produce. Shoppers can identify iPura’s foods by its seal of authenticity, which appears on every product bearing its preventive invention.

Couples Can Offer Hope Through Charity’s Gift Registry

<b>Couples Can Offer Hope Through Charity’s Gift Registry</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – When Helen and Ron Russell’s daughter Tara was born, they were filled with the hope that she would one day make a difference in the world.

When the Russells’ daughter announced her engagement to Dale Ethridge, the young couple was living and teaching in China; the Russells were retired in the Southwest; and the wedding was to be near Seattle. The task of planning for their only daughter’s wedding suddenly seemed like a hike up Mount Everest.

How would months of planning, showers and registering for fine china ever happen?

But the young couple had made a fast and clear decision: This wedding was not going to be a day for collecting “stuff.” It was to be a day of celebrating their love for one another with family and close friends.

They decided that gifts in honor of their special day would instead be donations to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that gives farm animals to struggling families, who in turn pass on the gift of the animals’ offspring to other families.

Suddenly, planning for the wedding from distant corners of the Earth became very simple. Along with their wedding invitation, they included their wishes regarding gifts and gave out Heifer’s “Passing on the Gift” DVD to guests at the reception. Guests were able to make donations of cows, goats, chicks, sheep and llamas on Heifer International’s online giving registry.

People can set up a registry through Heifer International’s Web site for milestones such as weddings and anniversaries, and for just about any reason that they would like to ask someone to join them in supporting the organization’s work.

Heifer’s registry functions like popular retail gift registries, but instead of china and kitchen appliances, the selections include chickens, cows water buffaloes and other farm animals.

The symbolic gifts, while honoring registrants, go to support Heifer’s efforts in the U.S. and around the world to help struggling families become self-reliant.

The Heifer Giving Registry lets you customize your own gift page, select honor cards and track donations. Visit to learn more.