Medicine Shifts Toward Laser Technology

<b>Medicine Shifts Toward Laser Technology</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – If you are old enough, you may remember seeing science fiction comic books that used lasers to zap the enemy. It’s not unusual that ideas so noted and seemingly far-fetched become realities. We are more familiar with the military’s laser-guided missiles and LASIK than we are with low-level lasers in the form of healing light. But healing lasers are at our doorstep.

Our bodies are dependent on the health of our cells. In fact, studies show that only a 2 percent loss of cellular water can decrease our energy levels by as much as 20 percent. The health of our cells is dependent on energy. If they are exposed to excessive energy, they will be fatally damaged, and the body will die. On the other hand, if the cells receive insufficient energy, they will weaken and become sick or diseased.

Over the years, scientists and doctors have been fine-tuning low-level lasers to increase the body’s adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for cellular energy, resulting in exactly the right kind and amount of energy. What they have discovered is that lasers help in more ways than just boosting energy.

“What we have found is that low-level lasers stimulate the body to release pain-relieving endorphins, help the body heal damaged DNA and scar tissue and even help repolarize cell membranes for better nutrient absorption,” said Dr. Larry Lytle, author of the book “Universal Healer: Book I Osteoarthritis.” and developer of the QLaser.

Lytle’s QLaser was recently cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale and use in treating osteoarthritis in the hands. The Q1000 is a Class I laser device that has been classified by the FDA as a non-significant risk device as related to eye injuries, yet it helps the body release endorphins reduce inflammation, increase circulation, heal damaged cell membranes and boost cells’ energy levels, resulting in less pain and more healing. Keeping a personal laser, like the QLaser, at home can help patients address their osteoarthritis without turning to costly medical treatments.

For more information about the QLaser and to receive a free copy of Dr. Lytle’s book, “Universal Healer: Book I Osteoarthritis,” go to and enter the promotional code 5265 in the dropdown menu. To receive an information packet, call 1-800-597-9231 and use promotional code 5265. Dr. Lytle is available for interviews. To arrange an interview, please e-mail