America Says “Thank You” to its Skilled Tradesmen

Quickly fading are the days when a father handed down his trusted hand tools so the family plumbing business could carry on for another generation. This trend is affecting all of our lives in ways we never expected.

According to a 2012 Talent Shortage Survey by ManPowerGroup, Inc., “skilled trades” are the hardest jobs to fill. As Baby Boomers retire, more jobs for skilled workers open up, but there aren’t enough skilled tradesmen ready to meet the growing demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than one-third of skilled tradesmen are over the age of 50. In fact, for every three tradesmen who retire, there’s only one skilled person available to fill the gap.

Conquer Change: Make Shift Happen in Your Personal and Business Life

In business, there is a new mantra — “Shift happens.” For example, what would you do with a railroad boxcar full of Chef Boyardee pasta sauce?

“You just spent $5,000, which you did not have, to purchase something you did not need, in a boxcar you could not move. And you think you have problems?” recounts Jim Feldman, keynote speaker, ongoing entrepreneur and author of “Shift Happens: No Job, No Money, Now What?”

This is one of many unpredictable “You did what?” kinds of scenarios you can expect from the book by Feldman, a person who turned his first profit at the tender age of seven, realizing that critical thinking and problem solving weren’t just for grade school.

Business Do’s and Don’ts for a Prosperous Startup

Everyone has a dream — it’s the one thing they would rather be doing more than anything else (and are sure they could succeed at). Yet, it’s something entirely different from what it is they do to pay the bills.

What many fail to understand, however, is that enthusiasm for a product or service may not be enough to guarantee success when starting a business.

Computer Technology Grows New Career Opportunities

In personal and professional life, computer technology impacts even the simplest, everyday tasks. Whether through online bill payment or the seamless integration of global businesses, computer technology offers optimized productivity and the flow of commerce, making it a vital component of success for all businesses.

This unwavering dependence on computer technology has spurred the growth of related fields, making the present a great time to earn a degree in computer information systems (CIS). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field is projected to grow by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average of all occupations, opening the door for those with applicable skills to apply their talents and passion for computing and technology in the workplace.

Engineering Technology Fields See Continued Job Growth

Technology has become a seamless part of our everyday lives, from the time we wake up until we go to bed. Both at work and at home, we use technology to some extent in completing the majority of personal and professional tasks – from downloading music and playing games to communicating with clients and personal banking.

In this fast-paced world, relevance is fleeting, and new product launches make existing technologies obsolete seemingly overnight. The constant evolution of the industry means new job opportunities will continue to rise for professionals with relevant skills. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of computer software engineers is expected to increase by 32 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations, particularly for those with bachelor’s degrees.

Degree Completion: Removing Barriers to Career Success

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As the economy begins to improve, all industries will require the expertise of management professionals to help sustain financial growth and prepare for new organizational structure.
Many recent grads and working professionals consider earning a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) to set themselves apart. According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council (2011), 67 percent of employers expect to hire recently graduated management talent in 2012, and they plan to hire in increasing numbers.
It is important to remember, however, that there are no guarantees; it is important to determine the true value of an MBA in each unique career field.

Public Safety and Business Security Turn to HD Technology

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Although cities are vibrant centers of culture and business, city dwellers must deal with public safety issues like theft, assault and vandalism. When law enforcement is stretched thin, who is held accountable for such crime, and how can individuals and businesses tighten security?
When a theft at his former business remained unsolved despite a significant investment in surveillance equipment, business owner Alexander Fernandes had a vision — build the world’s best surveillance systems based on emerging high-definition (HD) technology.
“Low-quality surveillance footage simply isn’t cutting it anymore. If the image is fuzzy and grainy, what kind of evidence is it? What kind of deterrent is it?” asks Fernandes, now the co-founder and CEO of Avigilon, a global supplier of HD video surveillance solutions. “Businesses, governments and other organizations need quality images that can be used to provide usable evidence in order to promote public safety, manage liability and ultimately detect and deter crimes.”
High-definition images can provide irrefutable evidence, which is revolutionizing security-monitoring systems for public transportation, government organizations and businesses on a global scale.
Despite the availability of higher-quality HD solutions most installed surveillance systems still use analog technology, which results in grainy footage because of low-resolution cameras and poor-quality recording equipment. The perceived higher cost of HD is a reason why some organizations are not jumping to upgrade. Buyers won’t, or can’t, pay a premium for better technology. Related is the fact that new HD components must be compatible with existing analog surveillance equipment and IT infrastructure.
Avigilon has responded to the demand and barriers of adopting HD surveillance by architecting a complete system that delivers the best image detail, yet also eases the burden of cost, installation and support. To-date, Avigilon systems have been installed in more than 80 countries as organizations recognize the advantages of HD technology.
“We can cover 50,000 spectators in a stadium with 10 of our cameras and get facial recognition and valid, usable evidence,” says Fernandes. “It could literally take over a thousand analog cameras to get that extreme detail.”
Many other valuable non-security uses for HD surveillance are also emerging, such as analyzing traffic flow and staffing productivity.
Learn more about using HD digital surveillance systems to protect and enhance your business or community by visiting

Make the Right Moves With Your Start-Up Business

Maybe it’s something you’ve been dying to do for years. Or maybe – like so many others these days – the idea of starting your own business only suddenly became attractive after you’d either lost your job or felt about as secure as a politician caught sexting in the one you now have.

Whatever the reason, know that while your passion for your product or service may be your best secret weapon – “The Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook” says it’s “often the difference that hooks customers, lands deals and attracts investors” – that alone won’t guarantee success.

Sex Sells in New Comedy The Pool Boys

For adult-rated movies, sex and comedy go together like football and cheap beer. You can have one without the other, but each feels slightly incomplete without their counterpart.

Sex comedy  is a popular subgenre that originated in the 1980s with classic films like “Caddyshack” and “Risky Business.” Both movies were career-starters that overflowed with raunchy humor. Recently, director Judd Apatow has laid some claim to the category with his blockbusters, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up.” But it’s hard to think of sex comedy without thinking of a certain father-son duo and a severely molested apple pie.

Avoid Tax Season Pitfalls For Your Small Business

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Tax season tends to be people’s least favorite time of the year, which is only compounded for small businesses. Don’t live in fear under the ever-nearing tax thundercloud, make sure your business is prepared to meet the daunting season. Here are five basic rules to keep your business ahead of tax season.
1. Regularly update accounting records. Knowing the intricacies of your company’s financial situation throughout the year makes tax season much less intimidating. Plus, if all records are up-to-date and exact, your accountant has more time to spend on finding ways to save the business money instead of organizing information.
2. Triple check your tax bracket. Marginal tax rate analyses help guarantee that your small business isn’t needlessly pushed into a higher tax bracket. This is especially beneficial if your business is teetering on the edge. Recognize income when your tax bracket is lower; pay deductible expenses when the bracket is higher.
3. Take inventory of supplies, equipment and other potential write-offs. Equipment might be damaged or too outdated to maintain productivity. Replacing office supplies and obsolete assets before the new year gives the company added deductions. For costly technology, confer with your accountant to see whether an immediate or depreciable write-off is preferable. Financial planners like On Call Accountants help maximize deductions and increase expenses to prevent owing exorbitant fees. Learn more about possible deductions at
4. Contribute to a retirement plan. If you haven’t set up a retirement plan yet, do it before the year-end to reduce this year’s income. Qualified retirement plans afford tax deductions for all contributions. Find an appropriate plan for your business, and explore contribution limits. A retirement savings opportunity will also garner loyalty among employees.
5. Look into business tax credits. Small businesses may be eligible for numerous tax credits, as listed on the IRS website. Examples of possible credits are Low-Income Housing, Credit for Increasing Research Activities and Disabled Access Credit.