Indie Label Signs Hip-Hop Wunderkind Abie Flinstone

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – There’s no business like show business, so goes the saying, and Hollywood understands just how true that is.
In fact, the world of media is converging, as actors and actresses aspire to be rock stars, and rock starts seek to be in the movies.
Since a great deal of money can be made by cross marketing, Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. has acquired Big Jake Music, an indie music label based in New York.
For the Los Angeles-based independent motion picture production and distribution company, the acquisition was simply the next logical step, according to Peter Hoffman, CEO of Seven Arts.
“Major record labels have signficantly higher overhead and record production costs than independent labels,” said Hoffman. “By combining our efforts, both Seven Arts and Big Jake can focus on increasing revenue share and profits in our respective areas of expertise.”
Currently, Seven Arts has produced 18 films and acquired 25 others, with its most recent endeavor a large-budget film titled “Neuromancer.” With its latest purchase of Big Jake Music, the company believes it has now fully rounded out its business model.
According to industry sources, integrating several media of entertainment has been around for several years and is certainly the wave of the future.
To this end, it appears likely that entertainment companies will continue to expand to other markets through acquisitions and alliances with what some might consider unlikely bed fellows.
Indeed, with the explosion of cable networks, digital distribution for music, movie and television content, and the existence of countless niches, it would seem that entertainment companies would be remiss if they didn’t take advantage of this potentially lucrative revenue stream.
“Through digital distribution, we can distribute movies and music directly to our fans and customers,” said Hoffman.
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