Tips to Allay Fathers’ Pregnancy Pangs

<b>Tips to Allay Fathers’ Pregnancy Pangs</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Having a baby – be it for the first time or the fourth – can be simultaneously awe-inspiring and overwhelming.

And while the responsibility of carrying a child to term lands squarely on the shoulders of the soon-to-be-mom, experts say that fathers go through an adjustment period of their own, with distinct yet valid issues and concerns.

These feelings can range from fear to high anxiety and are common for new fathers.

But, experts say, when fathers take an active role in the pregnancy, they feel closer to their partners, which in turn helps them to become emotionally and psychologically responsible and involved with the life of their growing children.

The following tips provide ways that both parents can alleviate the stress of having a baby, while still enjoying the experience:

* Learn as a team. There are numerous books on everything related to pregnancy and childbirth. Reading can be a joint exercise that provides closeness and understanding about this life-changing event.

* Join a pregnancy group. Such groups are not just for moms-to-be. Both parents can benefit from being around others who are going through the same experience.

* “Interact” with the baby. Both parents can bond with the unborn baby by rubbing the belly, talking to it, or playing sounds using a prenatal learning system like Baby Bee Bright (

This system includes a flexible, orthopedic support belt that is placed around the mother’s abdomen. The belt houses a CD player and stereo fetal speakers and places them in the ideal position for the baby to hear whatever is being played. It comes with five hour-long educational CDs filled with nursery rhymes, soothing nature sounds, lullabies and classical music.

* Make decorating the baby’s room a joint effort. Both parents can be involved in such decisions as what color to paint the room, what the theme should be and what toys to buy.

* Attend doctor’s appointments together. As much as possible, fathers should accompany their partners to the doctor throughout the pregnancy. Listening to the baby’s heartbeat for the first time or seeing the baby on an ultrasound can go a long way in making any new father feel like he’s a part of the entire experience.

* Have a couple’s shower. Buck tradition and shower the dad, too.