Quick Fixes for Your Slow Computer

Computers are indispensable, but as soon as they slow down and problems arise, computers become a confusion-ridden technological beast.

The doom-signaling hourglass or pinwheel may not be so intimidating for computer-savvy individuals, but the majority of computer owners don’t understand them. PCs and Macs alike can slow down after a few years of use, and knowing what steps to take in that situation can save money on repairs and diagnostics. When troubleshooting a slow computer, there are a number of possible issues you can eliminate by going through a few steps.

Be Proactive With Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance and virus protection are the pillars supporting computer health and longevity. Identity theft is the number-one crime in America, meaning someone’s identity is stolen every two seconds. The chances of becoming an online victim are one out of four, which makes the possibility much closer to home than some people realize.

Viruses and spyware can steal information and relay it to dangerous sources or entities. It doesn’t matter what you use your computer for, personal or business-related information needs to be secure. Malicious software can download in moments and begin damaging your computer, its processes and its content.