Labels Shine Much-Needed Light on the Perfect Bulb

PerfectBulbCIn today’s world, it seems as if we check the labels on everything from clothes to comforters to food. The one thing many consumers often do not bother to check is the label on light bulb packages. To avoid selecting a bulb that does not provide the kind of light you want and expect, it pays to examine the valuable information provided with every light bulb.

“The labels on light bulb cartons are mandated by the Federal Trade Commission, and like food labels, they are designed with the consumer in mind,” says Terry McGowan, director of engineering and technology for the American Lighting Association (ALA).

Subtle Lighting Makes Big Design Impact in Homes

BigDesignImpactCWhen you walk into a home that’s warm and inviting, it’s not always clear why. However, much of it may have to do with the lighting. The right lighting can make a sofa more appealing, the architectural accoutrements more impressive, and the kitchen more cozy.

In this way, bigger does not always mean better. In fact, according to the American Lighting Association (ALA), adding or changing a few small fixtures, such as portable lamps, can completely transform a room’s ambience and design scheme.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With a Lighting Update

KitchenLightingUpdateC    The kitchen is the most typical gathering place for friends and family. So, it stands to reason that it should have the best lighting in the house. However, that’s not always the case. A simple, inexpensive lighting update can transform this room from dull to dynamite.

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), good lighting design makes kitchens more functional, enjoyable, relaxing and, thus, suitable for entertaining.

“Good lighting is vitally important in the kitchen,” says Jeff Dross, corporate director for education and industry trends for Kichler Lighting. “Perhaps more work in the home is done in the kitchen area than in any other room, and having improper lighting would be tantamount to candles in a warehouse or flashlights on a factory floor.

Stop Squinting — Find the Right Light for Your Aging Eyes

LightingAgingEyes_SOCGood lighting becomes more important as people age. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA) , with each passing year, everyone requires more light and less glare to see properly.

Terry McGowan, director of engineering for the ALA, says, “Older eyes experience two important changes.”

First, McGowan explains, the amount of light required to sustain visual performance increases as you get older. Research shows that a 60-year-old person typically requires twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year-old.

Welcome Your Holiday Guests With Warm, Inviting Lighting

InvitingLightingCThe holidays are just around the corner, which means that everyone is starting to spruce up their homes for entertaining. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), it’s simple to make your home warm and inviting by updating your ambient lighting.

Start with the exterior.

    The holidays typically entail celebrating and hosting friends and family, which means your outside lighting plays an important part in giving your home an inviting feel.

“Landscape lighting can solve a lot of different problems,” says Joe Rey-Barreau, education consultant for the ALA and associate professor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Interior Design.

Stay Cool Without the AC on National Ceiling Fan Day

PowerDownACCIt’s that time of year when cooler weather prompts you to open your windows, power down the air conditioner and rely a little more heavily on your ceiling fan to save energy and money.

This September 18 is the second annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD). To encourage consumers to celebrate the date, more than 20 ceiling fan manufacturers, the American Lighting Association (ALA)  and leading energy-conservation groups are inviting everyone to join the fight to reduce energy use by turning off their central cooling systems and, instead, stay cool with ceiling, floor, desk and wall fans to save trillions of kilowatt hours of energy consumption.

Stylish Ceiling Fans Breathe New Life, Cool Air Into Homes

StayCoolFansCThe ceiling fans of decades past were simply an economical way to help cool a home. Now, homeowners  no longer have to choose between comfort and design, because today’s ceiling fans offer sophisticated styling, designer finishes and glamorous accents.

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), ceiling fans have now become a unique home cooling option that blends both form and function to improve comfort while enhancing home decor. In fact, with so many ceiling fan models to choose from, you can make one the centerpiece of a room or a simple accent without sacrificing cooling air movement.

Saving Energy, Dollars Is a Breeze With Ceiling Fans

As summer turns to fall, it’s likely that you’ll be able to open your windows to cool your home—but for much of the country, we’re not quite there yet. Until then, you might think about saving some dollars (and energy) by turning off the air conditioner and turning on the ceiling fans.

To this end, more than 20 ceiling fan manufacturers, the American Lighting Association (ALA) and leading energy conservation groups are asking everyone to join the fight to reduce energy consumption by turning off their central cooling systems and rely solely on ceiling, floor, desk, and wall fans to save trillions of kilowatt hours in the first annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD) on September 18.

The Energy Upgrade Every Room Needs

Ceiling fans are more than pure decorative elements. They cool down rooms in warm weather and maintain comfortable temperatures during the winter. But besides offering powerful environmental effects for every room, the right fan often helps complete the look of a room.

The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers the following reasons to consider a new ceiling fan.

1. Ceiling fans help you stay comfortable. Rooms with ceiling fans enjoy a breeze that makes the ambient temperature feel eight degrees cooler than reality because of the increased airflow (otherwise known as CFM or cubic feet per minute). That bit of airflow can save homeowners as much as 40 percent on energy bills, specifically air conditioning. CFM, which ranges from 2,000 to 10,000, may be more important than motor size. Choose a 48- to 52-inch-wide fan with about 4,500 CFM.

ALA Brings Light to Revised Bulb Legislation

Confused about changing light bulb technology and new regulations affecting the types of bulbs stores sell? The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers information to help simplify the process of selecting efficient, economical and effective light bulbs.

    Are certain types of light bulbs being banned?

The word “ban” is incorrect. While it is true that the 100-watt incandescent bulb will no longer be manufactured after January 2012, it is not a ban as much as it is a replacement. Products in every industry go through a similar process where something that is no longer efficient is replaced in the marketplace by a new model.