Bands Perform Child’s Lyrics

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<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Many young children cry when their loved ones pass, but few pen their emotions into song, much less make that song into a music video.

But when Alexandra Irving, age 9, lost her grandfather, she wrote a song, “All We Had,” in his memory. Several bands competing to play the OC Music Fest ’09, a three-day event to be held in May 2009, have recorded the song. One band, Roman Alexander and The Robbery, plans to make a short children’s video using Irving’s lyrics.

“I heard her keep repeating the same verse,” said Wayne Irving, Alexandra’s father. “‘One year ago, my heart became broken. Something made me uncomfortable… My grandpa’s smile is gone.'”

Alexandra, a precocious child who sings, dances and heads her gymnastic team, had a special relationship with her grandfather, who succumbed to a freak streptococcus bacteria infection at age 59. He coached her soccer team -; her optimism and sensitivity brightened his days.

When Wayne Irving, the founder of the Orange County Music Festival and E-CBS Records spoke of Alexandra’s song, he was surprised to find that many bands felt touched by Alexandra’s love for her grandfather and the song that she wrote after his tragic loss.

Several bands competing to play in the OC Music Fest ’09 “Be the Band Contest,” in which bands compete to perform at one of the festivals, approached Wayne about producing Alexandra’s song. Roman Alexander and The Robbery wrote a lullaby using Alexandra’s lyrics. Australian rock sensation Bedford play it in a tear-jerking and mesmerizing rock version. Genius, the only platinum-selling group to emerge from Romania, will sing the lyrics in a pop-blues style.

Word spread about the song, solicitations started coming in and an illustrator agreed to make a short music video based on Roman Alexander and The Robbery’s version. All three performances are available at Alexandra would like you to come vote for your favorite at

How does Alexandra feel about the attention? “I’m embarrassed,” she says. “I was just thinking about my grandpa, I miss him so much. I wish he was here so he could hear my song for him.”

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