Software to Save the Housing Market

<b>Software to Save the Housing Market</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Anyone who has recently picked up a newspaper, turned on the news or driven down a residential street knows that the housing market looks dismal. As fuel and energy prices increase, many Americans find themselves unable to pay their debts and mortgages, leading to foreclosures. The market’s flooded, prices are down and people feeling the economic crunch aren’t looking to buy.

To help revive the market, Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), a 10-year-old investment banking advisory firm, developed a patent-pending software called “Financial Architect.” The software can enable real estate professionals to raise substantial amounts of equity capital at a fraction of the standard cost.

The easy-to-use software generates securities-offering documents and investor leads, letting developers, contractors, real estate agents and property management companies raise and manage capital for acquiring properties.

“The goals of REIT Producer, the newest ‘Financial Architect’ module, are simple,” said Timothy Hogan, CCA’s chairman and CEO. “We want to help entrepreneurs involved in the real estate industry significantly lower the costs and increase the speed of raising equity capital. Just as important, we want to provide real estate developers and professional property-management firms with an easy-to-use expert system that will enable them to choose the right deal structure for attracting both equity and debt capital that they need to expand their operations and manage those funds in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations.”

Using the software, entrepreneurs can raise capital, acquire properties and conduct 1031exchanges to build a portfolio of holdings for development, fix-up or long-term investment.

“We believe there’s significant and growing demand among entrepreneurs for control over their financing strategies,” says Hogan. “The software components of Financial Architect are designed to meet this ‘do-it-yourself’ approach.”

To learn more, simply read the first two chapters of their complementary e-book entitled “The Secrets of Wall Street,” visit and enter promotional code 1492.

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