New Website Caters to News Junkies, Political Right

For those political junkies that can’t seem to get their fill of what’s happening inside the Beltway, a new website may be just enough to satisfy.

Armstrong Williams, a self-described conservative columnist, television and radio host and political activist recently launched The site, Williams says, will offer full feature stories, opinions and commentary, well as fresh insight and perspectives from not only his niche audience (the Republican right or the African American minority perspective), but from all voices of society.

In addition, the website will allow for social media interaction, daily blogs from contributors, the latest articles and links on current trends and culture, and live streams of his radio and television shows.

Other contributors besides Williams are: Dr. Ben Carson, Director Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital, James Brown Host CBS NFL Sports, C. Boyden Grey, former counsel to George H.W. Bush, Al Sharpton, Entrepreneurs, Logan Delany, and former Baltimore Ravens President David Modell.

An oft-controversial media personality, Williams has never shied away from calling Washington legislators to the carpet. In a recent article on, titled the “District Needs its Own Tea Party,” Williams writes about the “latest shenanigans of elected officials running the District of Columbia,” taking D.C. City Council Chairman Kwame Brown to task for leasing not one, but two Lincoln Navigators at almost $2000 per month–a sum that Williams says D.C. residents struggle to make in two months.

Currently, Williams pens a column for the Washington Times, makes weekly television appearances, and has a radio broadcast on Sirius/XM Power Radio 169. For more information, visit You can also become a fan on or follow him on

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