Medical Foods Improve Treatments Without Dangerous Side Effects

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – For those seeking effective treatment without the harmful side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs, it’s easy to think there aren’t enough options.
Although there is a shortage of effective choices, medical foods offer efficacy without the side effects.
For instance, a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive found that 83 percent of Americans report not getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. However, a majority of the sleep deprived who were surveyed — some 71 percent — wish to avoid prescription sleep aids.
“Most Americans who have trouble sleeping would rather not take prescription drugs because of the adverse side effects,” said Dr. Fred McCall-Perez, Ph.D., Vice President of Medical Affairs at Targeted Medical Pharma.
But the hesitation to take pharmaceuticals exists for a large variety of diseases, not just sleep-related disorders.
Targeted Medical Pharma is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company which develops prescription medical foods for a variety of diseases and chronic conditions, such as pain syndromes, hypertension, obesity and sleep disorders.
Since pharmaceutical drugs and medical foods work along different pathways in the body, medical foods are often recommended as a complementary medication to a reduced dosage of a drug, thereby minimizing the potential forharmful side effects associated with traditional, high-dose medications. By focusing on safety and effectiveness, Targeted Medical Pharma’s innovative medications represent a novel approach to the effective management of many disease states.
Medical foods help patients meet the increased nutritional requirements of chronic disease, including pain syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, obesity and cognitive disorders. Medical foods have been prescribed for many years to help a wide scope of patients: veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression to severe anxiety as well as seniors receiving long-term care in nursing facilities.
Medical foods are regulated by the FDA and can only be obtained with a prescription. The efficacy of these medications is supported by numerous clinical studies in humans and are essentially side effect free because their ingredients are generally recognized as safe.
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